University Calendar

Academic Year 2014-2015

October 1-2 PUP 110th Foundation Anniversary
6-11 Final Examinations, Graduating and Non-Graduating Students
12 Final Departmental Examinations
13 First Semester Ends
14-18 Checking/Encoding of grades (SIS)
15 Submission of subject offerings for Second Semester, 2014-2015
18 Last day for Graduating Students to clear their deficiencies; Deadline of completion of Incomplete (INC) marks of First Semester 2013-2014; Integration Period/Round-up activities; Submission of pink card grades from Dean's Office to the OUR (non-SIS)
20 Submission of First Semester 2014-2015 gradesheets to the Dean; Submission of First Semester 2013-2014 gradesheets to the OUR
20-Nov 3 Online Registration for Second Semester (View Schedule)
21 Distribution of classcards (non-SIS)
30 College Faculty Meeting


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