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Providing access to quality distance education is OUr Commitment

The PUP Open University (PUP OU), also known as the "Pamantasang Bayan", is a fresh and innovative system of delivering higher educational services in a manner that differs from the formal, highly structured, and classroom-oriented traditional approach.

Message from the OU Director

Welcome to the Open University Website!

OU DirectorIndeed, the PUP Open University has come along way and has more than 2 decades of experience in offering courses at a distance. I am extremely proud of our ongoing tradition of excellence in the Open University. From the early 70’s forward, PUP Open University has been known throughout the country as the leading open and distance education provider. Today, we consistently provide ongoing measurable outcomes to substantiate our legacy of quality open and distance education.

I am grateful to the Mother University, for sharing with us their expertise and facilities, helping us in our endeavor in trying to blend with traditional education while striving to meet the challenge of constantly changing learning theories and evolving technologies in distance education through our offline (face-to-face) and online sessions. The Open University mission is met under the guidance of the administrators and subject specialists committed to excellence in student support services and teaching, sustained scholarship and relevance in a dynamic, global environment.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of distance education for learners is the flexibility it offers. As a distance learner, you will have access to university credit courses without having to leave your home or your job to go to a class on campus. For many people, distance education provides an opportunity to maintain, complete, or continue university study while working, caring for a family, or sustaining a busy life. Although distance education implies some separation of distance between learners and the teacher, you, your classmates, and your subject specialists, in fact may just as easily be located across the campus, across the city or across the world from one another.

Distance education provides options in terms of where and when you learn. You may study independently, with the guidance of a teacher or a tutor who grades and comments on your work or you may study online, communicating with your teacher and other students in your “online” classroom.

To our dear students, congratulations for your decision to enroll in our OU. I want to say thank you for trusting us and allowing us to help you to grow professionally and in turning your dreams into reality in spite of the limitations in time and space. May you continue to allow us to serve you more excellently for the glory of GOD. More importantly, my salute to the present and past presidents of the university for the support they have and are extending to the unit, as well as to the men and women who pioneered and unselfishly served our Open University through the years.

My sincerest appreciation and gratefulness to those who believe in us, in the open and distance education of PUP. PUP Open University is the education of today. Be educated through this pioneering endeavor of the most populous university in the country.

Please visit the rest of our Website to learn more about our school of distance education and feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Carmencita L. Castolo, DEM

OU Sphere

The Open University Sphere, the official newsletter of the PUP Open University, is now online. Read the latest from the country’s leading open and distance education provider. 2014 issues: April-June, Anniversary Issue

Open University Sphere

Schedule of Activities

June 9-14 (Sat) Registration Period-Registration Period Graduate Programs: Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM), Master in Public Administration (MPA), Master in Education Management (MEM)
June 11-17, 21 (Wed) Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Information Technology (PBDIT)
June 14 (Sat) Registration Period -Master in Communication (MC)
June 9-Aug. 16 (Mon) ETEEAP and NTSP Registration Period, all Courses
June 12 (Thu) Independence Day
June 14 (Sat) Orientation of New Students, Baccalaureate, Post Baccalaureate and Masters Programs
June 21 (Sat) OU Faculty meeting
June 21 (Sat) First Semester Classes Start, Baccalaureate and Post Baccalaureate Programs
June 22 (Sun) Classes Start, Master’s Programs, Manila Center
June 16- 30 (Mon) Adjustment Period, Manila Center
June 25 or July 2 (Wed) 9:00 AM-5:00 PM: Interview of Incoming Freshman - Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT), ICT Office Phase 2 JDV Room, PUP Sta. Mesa, Manila Campus
June 16-July 5 (Mon) Registration Period, Other OU Learning Centers
July 1-July 31 (Tue) Filing of Application for September 19, 2014 OU Comprehensive Examination
July 5 (Sat) Last Day of Payment of tuition Fees Without Fine
July 6 (Sun) Start of Class and Orientation, Graduate Programs, other OU Learning Centers
July 15 (Tue) Last Day of Payment of Tuition Fees With Fine/SIS closed for Registration Deadline for Submission of Adjustment (ACE) Forms (Same with traditional)
Aug. 1- 31 (Fri) Filing of Application for Graduation, Mid-Year 2014-2015
Aug. 18-23 (Mon) Mid-Term Examinations
Aug. 25 (Mon) National Heroes Day
Sept. 19 (Fri) OU Comprehensive Examinations
Oct. 12-18 (Sat) Final Examinations
Oct. 19 (Sun) First Semester Ends
Oct. 20-Nov. 3 (Mon) Submission of Pink Card to the OU Registrar’s Office Round-up Activities/Distribution of Class Cards
Oct. 27-Nov. 8 (Mon) Submission of 1st Semester 2014-2015 Grade Sheets to the Director’s office
November 6 (Thu) OU Academic Council Meeting
November 7 (Fri) University Academic Council Meeting
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