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Publications Office


The Publications Office: A Looking Back and a Looking Forward

In January 1983, then University President, Dr. Pablo T. Mateo expanded the Office of Media and Community Relations into the University Public Relations Office. Corollary to this, the University Publications Office (UPO) initially served as an advisory/supervisory office for student publications, particularly the defunct The Businessman, renamed The Catalyst (official newspaper of PUP students), and the Memorabilia (official yearbook of graduating students), and other student publications. The UPO was relieved of this function in School Year 1987 when the Student Publications Office was created. Nevertheless, the UPO continued to provide technical assistance and advice to other campus publications, such as newsletters and other periodicals being published by various campus organizations, both faculty and student.

The UPO was in charge of organization and publication of various scholarly journals, as well as the preparation of annual accomplishments and other significant reports of the University. It also provided immediate supervision in the production of some other printed materials connected with the University activities, such as graduations, anniversaries, special celebrations, seminars and the like, etc.

With the assumption to the presidency of the biggest state university in the country, Dr. Ofelia M. Carague caused the overhauling of the University Organizational Structure.

Placed directly under the Office of the President was the Public Affairs Office. The Publications Office was transferred to the newly formed Office of the Vice President for Research and Development where it has been attached up to this date.

Highlights of Accomplishments

The year kept the Publications Office busy with its publication of the Graduate School Faculty Manual, the Graduate School Educatorsí Digest, the OVPRDís University Research Manual, and Eureka, a quarterly magazine showcasing the accomplishments of the offices under the OVPRD.

The first in a series of books to be launched in preparation for the University Centennial, Paglalakbay sa Buhay at Ibang Tula by Regent Dr. Paulina Bautista, kicked off together with other publications like the CB Journal, Braso, the Open University Journal, Bits and Pieces, and Eureka.

The PO launched two volumes of Cast Away the Myths, a collection of essays and speeches of President Emeritus Dr. Nemesio E. Prudente. It also continued the production of Eureka and the Presidentís Annual Report.

The Office assisted various colleges/offices in the publication of their journals/newsletters where the research outputs of these local units were contained. Among them were the Mabini Review, OU Modules on Educational Statistics and Educational Planning, OU Chronicle, DEFL Updates, Sinag and Braso. The Office also assisted in the launching of The Revolutionists by Dr. Nemesio E. Prudente, PUP President Emeritus.

The PO continued to support the publication requirements of the OVPRD in particular, and of the University, in general. It edited articles and published official journals: PUP Journal of Research and Exposition, Demograhic Profile Motivation, Graduate Forum (1999-2002), and OU ED 624 Module.

The PO closely collaborated with the RDU in the editing of 100 monographs whose printing it also monitored. Ditto with the publication of the CTD Journal Training For Power and Excellence:The PUP Experience and the PUP Through the Years. The souvenir program for the Comedy Sino ba Kayo? was also produced..

The PO organized a panel of consultants/correspondents to help in the preparation of the college prospectuses. The final drafts of each of these were submitted to the proper channels for approval. The Office likewise took charge of the proofreading and editing of the write-ups contained in The PUP Officials at Its Centenary.

The PO started the year by sending the 2004 Presidentís Report to the printer. It edited two volumes of the R&D On-Line, printed the prospectuses of six colleges, edited the 2005 executive summaries of all the VP offices. The Director read her paper Breaking the Silence of the Centuries: The Filipino Woman Writer Expresses her Angst in Poetry during the 2nd National Research Conference sponsored by the OVPRD.

The Office has been responsible in the performance of its duties by working on the completion of the final layout of the programs, certificates and IDs of the different colleges for the January and February Accreditation.  It edited articles for the PUP website and the Graduate Forum (2003 Issue).  The office likewise prepared the documentation of the PUP Management Strategic Planning and the souvenir program of the Investiture of Dr. Dante G. Guevarra as PUPís 10th President.

The year kept the Office busy with the completion of the final layouts of the programs for the different activities of the University.  It was also responsible for the editing and layout of the NALLRC Manual of Operation.  Likewise, it also edited the Journal of Science and Technology, Education Review, Total University Dreams & Visions, Mabini Review, University Student Handbook, the Office of the International Affairs brochure and Web Materials of the College of Cooperatives and the College of Languages and Linguistics.  It has also started on the preparation of the materials for the Honoris Causa Memorabilia.  Ditto with the publication of the R&D Newsletter, Campus Journal, and the 2007 University Annual Report.

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