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The feverish submission of research proposals to outside funding agencies like the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) and other private organizations resulted in the JICA-Fujitsu funded collaborative survey by the Philippine Computer Society and the OVPRD on the proposal “A Survey of the Attitudes of the Faculty and Personnel of CHED-Supervised SUCs on the Use of IT by Their Institutions”.

The Unit produced the University Research Manual that spells out the procedures and policies in the submission of research proposals and the actual conduct of approved research projects.

The RDU organized the First University-Wide Research Colloquium featuring research papers of eleven faculty members of the University. RDU completed two researches: (1) “The Extent of Sexual Harassment Experienced by PUP Students”; (2) “Rationalization Study of PUP Researches for the Period 1994-1998”, which were incorporated in the paper of Dr. Villa, “Building and Reinforcing the Culture of Research: The PUP Experience” and published in the PUP Journal of Research and Exposition.

The RDU concluded its Research Colloquium II focusing on the institutional researches of the Institutional Planning Office (IPO).

The 3rd Research Colloquium was held which the VPRD described as “an intellectual fiesta where we will take a sumptuous meal of something that can satisfy the body and the spirit better than food ... intellectual nourishment coming from our creative, intelligent and dynamic paper presentors.”

The 4th Research Colloquium featured the results of the “Graduate Tracer Study” with seven (7) deans and directors composing the first batch of presentors. The 2nd series focused on the tracer studies of three (3) colleges and one (1) extension campus.

The RDU held a series of meetings and consultations with the other units of the OVPRD and the college deans to update the research agenda of the University. This resulted in the preparation of the draft of the University Research Agenda.

The 4th University Research Colloquium Graduate Tracer Study focused on the presentation of two branches and six colleges.

The RDU was actively involved in the different projects for the centennial celebration: (1) 81 monographs of speeches, essays and researches; (2) the PUP History Coffee Table Book; (3) The 50 Women of PUP; (4) The Thematic Research Essays on the Family, Sexuality and Reproductive Health; (5) the PUP Journal of Research.

The RDU spearheaded the staging of the 1st PUP-sponsored National Conference on Research in Higher Education in December 2004. It also took the lead in the editing and publication of over a hundred articles for the PUP Centennial Monograph Series which, together with the three-volume Graduate Tracer Studies and the OVPRD Through the Years, were presented during the Centennial Exhibits in September 2004. Two institutional researches and three research essays were completed, three of which were read in national and local conferences. RDU represented the University in the DLSU-based CHED-Zonal Research Center as lead institution for the HUSOCOM group and a member of the Teacher Education group.

The RDU finished four (4) researches: (1) “Adolescent Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors: Results from a University Cohort”; (2) “Ego-Integrity of Institutionalized and Co-Resident Older Adults”; (3) “Profile of the PUP PGMA Scholars”; (4) “Research Status and Management at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Part 1” published in the 2005 PUP Monograph Series. This paper served as a major basis for formulating the RDU Two-Year Strategic Plans and Must-Do Programs presented during the Institutional Planning Seminar-Workshop in May.

The RDU coordinated the Pasig River Ferry Service Project Feasibility Study (PRFSP), a P1-Million research project which the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) authorized PUP to conduct. The RDU sponsored a seminar on “Preparing Effective Research Proposals for Grant-In-Aid Funding”.

The first quarter of 2006 saw the RDU hosting the highly successful 2nd National Conference on Higher Education with the theme: “Strengthening Research Culture in Higher Education Institutions” held February 17-18, 2006. The conference was attended by more than 100 delegates from different parts of the country.

The RDU actively participated as a member of the organizing committee of the 2nd Metro Manila Urbanization Conference sponsored by the CHED-ZRC NCR 1 held March 8, 2006 at the Adamson University. The RDU started to work on two new researches and completed one research essay.

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