Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Student Information System : Faculty Module


Important, read carefully!

  • Use MOZILLA FIREFOX v3.5 or higher or GOOGLE CHROME v1.0 or higher when accessing your SIS account.
  • Ask for your SIS username from your Chairperson or Academic Head.
  • CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD if you have not yet changed from the default password to avoid the likelihood that someone else will access your account without your knowledge and permission.
  • For your own security, WE DO NOT GIVE OUT USERNAME/PASSWORD VIA PHONE. If you have a problem on your username/password, please go to the ICTC or coordinate with your Campus Director.

  1. Before starting to enter your students grades, please
    1. Check under the FACULTY LOAD page whether the classes indicated in the SIS are the actual classes that you are handling – For any correction/addition, please call 716-7832 local 613 and look for Ms. Elaine or Ms. Lyn of the ICTO.
    2. In each class, verify whether the information on the following items are correct:
      • Section Code, Subject Code, Schedule (Day/s and Time)
  2. When entering your students’ grades:
    2. The remarks "PASSED" and "FAILED" will automatically appear as remarks in the official grade sheet printed copy. For "INC" final rating, the reason for giving the mark should be selected from the REMARK dropdown.
    3. Computed Rating is system-generated and is the average of the encoded grades in the 1st and 2nd grading period. PUP Laboratory High School has a different formula for the computed rating.
    4. The cut-off passing Computed Rating in undergraduate courses is 3.125. That is, Computed Rating lower than 3.125 will automatically have a final rating of 5.0 (Failed)
    5. Students officially enrolled in your class but whose names do not appear in the class list are most likely irregular students. A separate (manually produced) grade sheet should be prepared for them.
  3. After entering your students’ grades:
    1. Encoded grades are automatically saved in the system. Saved grades can already be viewed by students but you may still change the grades as long as the "Finalize Grade" button is not yet pressed.
    2. To check the entered grades from a paper, you may print a DRAFT copy of the grade sheet by clicking the "Printer-friendly format" button found at the upper left corner of the grade sheet page.
    3. For security reasons, do not leave grades not finalized for too long.
    4. Finalize students’ grades by clicking the FINALIZE GRADE button found at the upper left corner of the grade sheet page. Finalized grades are no longer editable.
      NOTE: To change/correct finalized grades, faculty member has to submit a copy of the fully accomplished Change of Grade/Completion of Grade Form and a certified photocopy of your class record to the Office of the University Registrar and the ICTC.)
    5. After grades are finalized, PRINT ONE COPY of the class grade sheet, sign and submit to your College. Your College will endorse the copy to the Office of the University Registrar.

For deadline for submission of gradesheets to the Office of the College Dean or Campus Director, please see your Program Chairperson, Dean, or Director.

For other inquiries regarding SIS:

  • For Metro Manila Campuses: Contact PUP ICT Center 716-7832 local 613, 736, or 777 anytime from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Saturday (except legal holidays)
  • For Campuses outside Metro Manila: Coordinate with your Campus Registrar or email sisconcerns@pup.edu.ph