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Office for Scholarship and Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Awarding of Financial Assistance to Qualified Students

The University awards financial assistance to qualified students. This assistance is classified as:

  • Service Grant-in-Aid

  • Work-Study Plan

Service Grant-in-Aid

Service Grant-In-Aid is a financial assistance granted to students for rendering their special talents to the service of the University. The following students are qualified recipients of financial assistance in the form of tuition discount, stipends, and other privileges:

  • PUP Student Council Officers

  • PUP Publication Staff Members

  • PUP Athletes

  • Cultural Group Members

  • PUP Laboratory High School (PUPLHS) Choral Group Members

PUP Student Council Officers Service Grant-In-Aid
To qualify for this financial assistance, the applicant must:

  • Be a duly elected officer of the PUP Student Council

  • Be a full student carrying a minimum load of 15 units

  • Have a weighted average of at least 2.5 with no failing grade in any subject.

Full tuition discount is awarded to the officers elected to the four highest posts in the Council. To the other elected officers, a partial tuition discount is granted.

PUP Publication Staff Members Service Grant-in-Aid
To qualify for this financial assistance, the applicant must:

  • Have at least two semesters of residence in the University

  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate degree course, carrying a minimum load of 15 units

  • Have satisfactory academic performance with a grade of at least 2.5 without any failing grade

  • Have passed a competitive examination

  • Not have been placed on probation during the semester immediately preceding the competitive examination

  • Not have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or adjudged guilty in any college or university proceeding of an offense for which the penalty imposed is one-month suspension or more.

Full tuition discount is awarded to students who have garnered the top positions in the editorial staff namely:

  • Editor-in-chief

  • Managing editor

  • Associate editor

  • News editor

  • Sports editor

Partial tuition discount is awarded to the rest of the editorial staff.

Stipends for the staffers are granted according to their positions.

PUP Athletes Service Grant-in-Aid
To qualify for this financial assistance, the applicant must be a full-time student and must:

  • Have participated in citywide, provincial, regional, or national athletic competitions

  • Meet the requirements set by the coach of the particular event such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, track-and-field, cycling, chess, etc.

Cultural Group Members Service Grant-in-Aid
To qualify for this financial assistance, the applicant must be a member of a cultural group such as:

  • Banda Kawayan

  • Guhit Sudlungan

  • Rondalla

  • Polysound

  • Brass Band

  • Sining-Lahi Polyrepertory

  • Bagong Himig/Serenata

  • Maharlika Dance Artists/Contemporary Dimensions

  • Lente Photoclub

  • Ramp Artists

  • LHS Choral Group

  • LHS Lyre and Drum

To become a member of any of these groups, the applicant must:

  • Be a bonafide student of PUP

  • Possess the profile required

  • Pass the audition conducted by the director of the cultural group concerned

Note: A member of a cultural group must comply with the requirements and standards of the group, e.g., rehearsals and performances.

PUPLHS Choral Group Members Service Grant-in-Aid
To qualify for this financial assistance, the applicant must be a member of the PUPLHS Choral Group. To become a member, the applicant must:

  • Not have a failing grade in any subject
  • Pass the auditions, which usually consist of two renditions: one in English and one in Filipino (with minus one), pitch-finding test, and monologue.

A PUPLHS Choral Group member is entitled to:

  • Exemption from attendance in music classes
  • Financial aid in the form of free tuition which may be full or partial, depending on the adviser’s recommendation.

Procedure for Application/Approval of Scholarship or Service Grant-In-Aid

The applicant for scholarship or service grant-in-aid shall:

  1. Fill out an application form obtained from the OSFA to be submitted in the same office together with other pertinent documents, at least two weeks before the start of regular classes.

    Note: Every application is subject to the University President’s approval. If the application is rejected, the applicant may submit to the OSFA a petition for reconsideration. After determining the reasonableness of the cause, the OSFA endorses the said petition to the University President for reconsideration.
  2. Enroll for the semester immediately following the examination in which he qualified. Note: Except for cause, no deferment shall be allowed.
  3. Sign the agreement with the University obliging him to pursue his course for the minimum period of time he enjoys the scholarship/service grant-in-aid.

Responsibilities of a Grantee

A grantee shall:

  • Comply with all academic and University requirements
  • Maintain exemplary deportment and avoid violation of any University policy, rule and regulation
  • Report to the OSFA any change of the schedule or dropping of any subject
  • Avail himself/herself of only one grant at a time
  • Reimburse the amount received in connection with scholarship/service grant-in-aid if he/she abandons the award without justifiable cause or refuses to render service to the University.

Grounds for Termination of Scholarship/Service Grant-In-Aid Privileges

Any of the following causes shall be considered valid for termination of grant-in-aid privileges:

  • Failure to comply with the normal load requirements of the course
  • Failure to maintain the grade average required by the grant
  • Acceptance of any form of scholarship/service grant-in-aid other than the one being granted
  • Having part-time or contractual jobs
  • Violation of any rule or regulation of the university.

Work-Study Plan or Student Assistantship

This financial assistance refers to an employment term of not more than 24 hours a week for a compensation of PhP 20.00 per hour.

Note: This amount may be changed from time to time as the University may permit.

To qualify for student assistantship, the applicant must:

  • Be a bonafide student of the University who has had at least one year or two semesters of residence
  • Not have incurred any failing grade, incomplete, unofficially dropped, or withdrawn in the previous semester
  • Have a weighted average of at least 2.5
  • Be certified by the University physician as physically fit to render service
  • Be certified by the barangay as belonging to a low-income family or present Income Tax Return (ITR) of parent or guardian
  • Pass the personal interview by the OSFA Chief and the head of unit where he will be assigned
  • Pass the psychological test, personality test, and IQ test given by the Guidance and Counseling Office.
  • Secure official Daily Time Record before starting to work in the office where he is accepted as required by the HRD director.

The privilege of being a student assistant is good for one semester, but is renewable according to the needs of the University provided the student assistant is duly recommended by the head office concerned and he/she meets the requirements given above.

Steps in Applying for Work Study Plan or Student Assistantship:

  1. Present letter of recommendation from office in need.
  2. Accomplish and submit the following forms at the OSFA:
    1. Personal Data Sheet (PDS) to be accomplished in duplicate copies; one for file copy of OSFA and the other copy to be given to the Guidance Office
    2. Class Schedule Form
    3. Summary of Grades Form of the previous semester prior to the time of application.
  3. OSFA evaluates the grades of the previous semester of the applicant. It should conform to the grade requirements for Student Assistantship. Likewise, his time schedule should allow at least a 24-hour per week work schedule.
  4. Upon accomplishment of a, b, c, the applicant goes to the Guidance Office for a psychological test.
  5. The Guidance Office provides the OSFA the psychological test result of the applicant.
  6. The OSFA evaluates the test result of the applicant.
  7. If the applicant passes the psychological test, the OSFA chief or the branch director interviews him to determine his potentials, skills and abilities for the job where he/she will be assigned.
  8. After passing all the requirements stated above, the applicant is endorsed by OSFA to the President’s Office for approval to secure a Special Order (SO).
  9. Upon receipt of the SO, the S.A. will be assigned to the office that has recommended/ requested him/her as S.A.

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