Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Contact Information

Phone line connecting all offices in PUP A. Mabini (Main) Campus, Sta. Mesa, Manila:
(+63 2) 716-7831 to 38

Long distance fees (international and local rates) may be charged by your telephone service provider if you are calling outside Metro Manila.

Executive Officials

Office/Department Direct Line Local
Fax E-Mail Officials
Office of the President   200
  president@pup.edu.ph Emanuel C. De Guzman, PhD
Head Executive Assistant   201   es@pup.edu.ph Malaya Abadilla Ygot
Presidential Management Staff   202     Susan C. Luna
Office of the University Board Secretary 716-6308 213
  boardsec@pup.edu.ph Atty. Merito Lovensky DR. Fernandez
Office of the Executive Vice President 713-1509 622
  evp@pup.edu.ph Manuel M. Muhi, D.Tech.
Assistant to the EVP       aevp@pup.edu.ph Marlon M. Lim, MIT
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs 716-6307 207   vpaa@pup.edu.ph Samuel M. Salvador, Ed.D
Assistant to the VPAA       avpaa@pup.edu.ph Norberto V. Caturay, MBA
Secretary/Staff   206      
Office of the Vice President for Administration 713-8979 706   vpa@pup.edu.ph Alberto C. Guillo, MS (Stat) MA (Econ)
Assistant to the VPA   211   avpadmin@pup.edu.ph Rosita E. Canlas, MIT
Secretary/Staff   707
Office of the Vice President for Student Services 715-7760 209   vpss@pup.edu.ph Juan C. Birion, DPA
Assistant to the VPSS   210   avpss@pup.edu.ph Edgardo A. Latoza, Ed.D
Secretary/Staff   210      
Office of the Vice President for Finance 713-6344 711   vpf@pup.edu.ph Marissa J. Legaspi, CPA
Assistant to the VPF       avpf@pup.edu.ph Virginita C. Tadeo, CPA
Secretary/Staff   260
Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, Planning and Development 713-3532 233
  vprd@pup.edu.ph Manuel M. Muhi, D.Tech.
Assistant to the VPREPD 713-3547 302   avpred@pup.edu.ph Mely R. Luya, MBA
Office of the Vice President for Branches and Campuses 310-0418 710   vpbc@pup.edu.ph Joseph Mercado, DEM, DCRIM/PhD
Secretary/Staff   205      

Office of the President

Office/Department Direct Line Local
Fax E-Mail Officials
Communication Management Office 716-6486 743   commcenter@pup.edu.ph Anna Ruby P. Gapasin, DEM
Creative Media Services   398   creativemedia@pup.edu.ph Kristine R. Viray
Staff   313    
University Legal Counsel Office 713-6803 220
  legal@pup.edu.ph Atty. Araceli G. Linatoc
Internal Audit Office   326
  internalaudit@pup.edu.ph Realin C. Aranza
Information and Communications Technology Office 310-0414
736 310-0414 ictcenter@pup.edu.ph Marlon M. Lim, MIT
Remedios G. Ado, MCE
Help Desk: SIS Concerns, PUP iApply   613 sisconcerns@pup.edu.ph  
SIS Support for PUP Branches and Campuses, PUP WebMail, Computer Laboratory Operation, Fees   737   mailadmin@pup.edu.ph  
Network and Systems Administration   738      
Web Administration and Systems Development   739   techsupport@pup.edu.ph  
Main Building Network Operation, Technical Support 284  
Student Records Archiving   231      
Special Programs and Projects Office 731-1488 262   spo@pup.edu.ph Malaya A. Ygot
Sports Development Program Office   331
  sportsdev@pup.edu.ph Reynato G. Unso
Alumni Relations Office 713-1511 298   alumnirelations@pup.edu.ph Ria S. Fajilago
Bids and Awards Committee 522-7252 397   bac@pup.edu.ph Manuel M. Muhi, D.Tech.
Community Relations and Extension for Development Office   212   communityrelations@pup.edu.ph Roseller R. Luciano
Community Relations and Coordination Section   212   Aga Khan R. Lavares

Office of the Executive Vice President

Office/Department Direct Line Local
Fax E-Mail Officials
Open University 713-1505 251   ou@pup.edu.ph Carmencita L. Castolo, DEM
Office of the Academic Program Heads   729     Carmencita L. Castolo, DEM (MEM)

Sanjay P. Claudio, DPA (MPA)

Benilda Eleonor V. Comendador, MSIT MSGITS (MSIT)

Engr. Guillermo P. Bernabe (MSCM)

Anna Ruby P. Gapasin, DEM (MC)
Registrar’s Office 310-0409 325     Flordeliza E. Alvendia, DEM
Learning Management Section   203     Benilda Eleonor V. Comendador, MSIT MSGITS
Undergraduate Programs 713-1506       Jerome P. Dumlao, MBA (BSEM)
Anna Ruby P. Gapasin, DEM (BBRC)
Office of International Affairs       internationalaffairs@pup.edu.ph Maria Teresa C. Villar
Office of the ETEEAP, Non-Traditional / Transnational Education 713-1505 733
  eteeapnontrad@pup.edu.ph Raquel G. Ramos, DBA

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Office/Department Direct Line Local
Fax E-Mail Officials
Quality Assurance Center 713-5574 242   qac@pup.edu.ph Dr. Adela Cristeta J. Ruiz
PASUC Office for NBC 461 Evaluation   323     Ben B. Andres, DEM
National Service Training Program Office   305     Rovelina B. Jacolbia, DEM
Civic Welfare Training Services   305      
Reserved Officers Training Course   310      
Literacy Training Services          
Ninoy Aquino Library and Learning Resources Center 310-0416 246   library@pup.edu.ph Divina T. Pasumbal, PhD (Comm)
Administration Unit   247      
Archives   240      
Computer Room   248      
Circulation   244      
PUP-CLFI E-Learning Center   250      
Filipiniana   245      
Periodicals   243      
Reference   292      
Technical Services
Graduate School 716-0933
    gs@pup.edu.ph Emanuel C. De Guzman, PhD
College of Law 716-6306 621
  cl@pup.edu.ph Atty. Gemy Lito L. Festin
College of Accountancy and Finance   364   coa@pup.edu.ph Sylvia A. Sarmiento
Department of Banking and Finance   263
    Bernadette M. Panibio
Department of Basic Accounting   365     Lilian M. Litonjua
Department of Business Law   365     Pearlito B. Campanilla, LLB DEM
Department of Higher Accounting   365     Gloria A. Rante
Secretary/Staff   365      
Faculty Room   225      
Accenture Ideas Exchange Lab   703      
College of Architecture and Fine Arts 713-9304     cafa@pup.edu.ph Archt. Ted Villamor G. Inocencio
Department of Architecture         Archt. Jocelyn R. Lutap
College of Arts and Letters   270
  cal@pup.edu.ph Josefina U. Parentela, PhD (Educ Mngt)
Department of Humanities and Philosophy   268     Virgilio A. Rivas
Department of English and Foreign Languages   277     Evangelina S. Seril, PhD (Educ. Mngt.)
Department of Filipinology   229     Marvin G. Lai, MAF
Department of Theater Arts   268      
Secretary/Staff   217      
Faculty Room   346      
College of Business Administration   267   cba@pup.edu.ph Leopoldo Francisco T. Bragas, PhD (Commerce)
Department of Entrepreneurial Management         Zenaida D. San Agustin
Department of Management         Marilou B. Mondana, PhD
Department of Marketing         Angelina G. Goyenechea
Department of Office Administration         Dolores J. Alcantara, MBE
Secretary/Staff   324      
Faculty Room   345      
College of Communication 713-7653
    coc@pup.edu.ph Edna T. Bernabe, DEM
Department of Advertising and Public Relations         Edna T. Bernabe, DEM
Department of Broadcast Communication         Ara Pia C. Ariraya, MMC
Department of Communication Research         Racidon P. Bernarte, DEM
Department of Journalism         Cherry C. Pebre, MC
College of Computer and Information Sciences 716-4032 264
716-4032 ccis@pup.edu.ph Gisela May A. Albano, MIT
Department of Computer Science         Michael B. dela Fuente, MSGITS
Department of Information Technology         Angelito G. Pastrana, MSIT
Faculty Room   605
Server Room 713-0345        
Laboratory   718      
College of Education 715-7764 252   coed@pup.edu.ph Milagrina A. Gomez, Ed.D
Department of Business Teacher Education         Rovelina B. Jacolbia, DEM
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education         Jennifor L. Aguilar, Ed.D
Department of Library Science          
Secretary/Staff   215      
Faculty Room   344      
Technician Shop   221      
College of Engineering 716-6273     ce@pup.edu.ph Engr. Guillermo O. Bernabe
Department of Civil Engineering 713-8350
  713-6009   Engr. Noli B. Sibayan
Department of Computer Engineering          
Department of Electrical Engineering          
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering          
Department of Industrial Engineering          
Department of Mechanical Engineering          
Department of Engineering Sciences          
College of Human Kinetics 716-4035 331   chk@pup.edu.ph Remus M. Laglagaron
Department of Professional Programs, Sound Room (Gymnasium)   333     Angelita O. Vibar
Department of Service Physical Education   332     Ma. Victoria T. Caringal
Department of Sports Science, Accreditation Center   604      
College of Political Science and Public Administration 714-0593 731   cpspa@pup.edu.ph Sanjay P. Claudio, DPA
Department of Political Administration   732      
Department of Political Economy          
Department of Political Science   223     Henry V. Pascua
Faculty Room   351      
College of Science   269   cs@pup.edu.ph Theresita V. Atienza, DEM
Secretary/Staff   394      
Department of Biology         Liwayway M. Cruz
Department of Food Technology   230     Susan P. Arevalo
Department of Math and Statistics   239     Emelita A. Isaac
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics   603     Esperanza SJ Lorenzo
Department of Physical Sciences   276     Romeo G. Castro
Faculty Room   281      
Laboratory 6/F   318      
Laboratory Storage Room          
College of Social Sciences and Development   316   cssd@pup.edu.ph Nenita F. Buan, PhD
Department of Cooperatives and Social Development   303     Rebecca E. Palma
Department of Economics         Norie L. Maniego
Department of History   362     Raul Roland R. Sebastian
Department of Psychology   347     Nicolas T. Mallari, PhD
Department of Sociology   363     John Dominic B. Dalisay
Secretary/Staff   334      
College of Tourism, Hospitality and Transportation Management 715-1426     cthrm@pup.edu.ph Sheila M. Sison-Ganchero, MBA
Department of Hospitality Management         Jesusa T. Castillo, MPA
Department of Tourism and Transportation Management         Lizbette R. Vergara, MEM
Institute of Technology     716-9153 itech@pup.edu.ph  
Office of the Dean 716-9153       Engr. Dante V. Gedaria
Department of Engineering Technology 716-9095       Raymond L. Alfonso
Department of Computer and Office Management 716-9095       Josephine M. Dela Isla
Registrar and Admissions Office 716-9284       Nimfa M. Del Rosario
Laboratory High School 715-7765 214
  lhs@pup.edu.ph Cristalina R. Piers
Dental Clinic   357      
Faculty Room   353      
Medical Clinic   358      
Staff   355      
Registrar   356      

Office of the Vice President for Administration

Office/Department Direct Line Local
Fax E-Mail Officials
Human Resource Management Department 716-4034 445   hrmd@pup.edu.ph Adam V. Ramilo
Secretary/Staff   280      
Personal Welfare and Benefits Section   301     Joel M. Munsayac
Medical Services Department   385   medical@pup.edu.ph Ma. Liza T. Yanes, MD
Medical Services Section   312     Mary Grace R. Roxas, MD
Dental Services Section   311     Maria Rachael B. Jamandre, DND
Procurement Office 713-1504 387   procurement@pup.edu.ph Juan L. Publico Jr.
Staff   391      
General Services Office          
University Canteen Services   348
    Josephine N. Flores
Transportation and Motor Pool Section   361     Sergie D. Quimpo
Assets Management Office   392   property@pup.edu.ph Virgilio T. Mauricio
Property Office Extension   282      
Campus Development and Maintenance Office 716-6256
  cdmo@pup.edu.ph Engr. Antonio Y. Velasco
Sounds   336      
Electrical Maintenance, G/F   228      
Electrical Maintenance, 3/F   226      
Electrical Maintenance, 5/F   227      
Illustrators, Painters   309      
Welding Shop   360      
Water Tank   657      
M.H. Del Pilar Campus 716-0930
      Joseph M. Lardizabal
Physical Planning and Development Office 731-1488 204
  ppdo@pup.edu.ph Archt. Sherwin N. Nieva
Safety and Security Services 716-8981 320
  security@pup.edu.ph Valentin P. Espina
Central Records Section   386   records@pup.edu.ph Grace C. Udaundo

Office of the Vice President for Student Services

Office/Department Direct Line Local
Fax E-Mail Officials
Office of the University Registrar 716-6308 389   registrar@pup.edu.ph Zenaida R. Sarmiento
Admission Services 716-8980 287
  admission@pup.edu.ph Engr. Adelio O. Sulit
Student Records Services   238
  srs@pup.edu.ph Elena R. Abeleda
Student Records Services (Posting Clerks)   285      
Student Records Services (Receiving Section, W-116)   343      
Data Management Section   208      
Computer Operation   237      
Office of the Student Services   352   oss@pup.edu.ph Armando A. Torres, DEM
Scholarship and Financial Assistance Services 716-8980 309
  scholarship@pup.edu.ph Lailanie G. Teves
Guidance, Counseling and Testing Services   321   guidance@pup.edu.ph Barbara P. Camacho
Career Development and Placement Services 714-0593 340   cdpo@pup.edu.ph Florinda H. Oquindo
Student Council   338      
University Center for Culture and the Arts 713-7369 290   ucca@pup.edu.ph Bely R. Ygot
Music Section       music@pup.edu.ph Rossini I. Calabig
Visual Arts Section       visualarts@pup.edu.ph James Brian K. Ona
Drama and Performing Arts Section       dramaperformingarts@pup.edu.ph  
PUP Banda Kawayan   366   bandakawayan@pup.edu.ph Siegfredo B. Calabig
C.M. Recto Theater Control Room   274      

Office of the Vice President for Finance

Office/Department Direct Line Local
Fax E-Mail Officials
Accounting Department 715-7637 295   accounting@pup.edu.ph Helen R. Alcantara, CPA
General Accounting Section   286
    Emilia DG. Salvador
Student Records Section   259
  accountingss@pup.edu.ph Isabelita G. Paraiso
Payroll Section   294
  payroll@pup.edu.ph Teresita DG. Halog
Branch/Campus Accounting Section   286     Armi C. Roncal
Budget Services Office 713-8996 279   budget@pup.edu.ph Florenita E. Imperial
Budget Operations Section   222     Arturo F. Perez
Fund Management Office 704-8605 297
  fmo@pup.edu.ph Josefina G. Concepcion
Cash Disbursement Section   299     Catherine C. Oposa
Cash Receipt Section   288     Merlita L. Palma
Resource Generation Office   350   rgo@pup.edu.ph Lualhati A. Dela Cruz
Business Development Section         Ma. Theresa Balasa
Business Maintenance Section          
Provident Fund Office   335   providentfund@pup.edu.ph Emilia DG. Salvador

Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, Planning and Development

Office/Department Direct Line Local
Fax E-Mail Officials
Research and Extension Management Department   235
  remd@pup.edu.ph Racidon P. Bernarte, DEM
Intellectual Property and Commercialization Office   395   ipco@pup.edu.ph Elmer G. De Jose
Innovations and Technology Support Office   219   itso@pup.edu.ph Ofelia B. Villamor
Center for Entrepreneurial Development   234   ced@pup.edu.ph Apolonio A. Duque, PhD
Institutional Planning Office 713-1488
  ipo@pup.edu.ph Tomas O. Testor
Planning Section         Criselda M. Ligon
Monitoring and Evaluation Section         Anita H. Irinco
Institute for Data and Statistical Analysis       idsa@pup.edu.ph Lincoln A. Bautista, PhD
Databank Section         Norie L. Maniego
Publications Office   224   publications@pup.edu.ph Angelina E. Borican
Institute for Cultural Studies   314   ics@pup.edu.ph Virgilio A. Rivas
Center for Social History   314   csh@pup.edu.ph  
Center for Creative Writing   327   ccw@pup.edu.ph Merdeka D. Morales
Center for Philosophy and Humanities 716-4033     cph@pup.edu.ph Jeffrey L. Bartilet
Institute for Labor and Industrial Relations Studies   304   ilirs@pup.edu.ph Roseller Luciano
Institute for Science and Technology Research   283   scitech@pup.edu.ph Lourdes Alvarez
Center for Engineering Research       ces@pup.edu.ph  
Center for Life Sciences Research       clsr@pup.edu.ph Ruthela P. Payawal
Center for Physical and Mathematical Sciences Research       cpmsr@pup.edu.ph Evelyn Matchete
University Printing Office   317      
Institute for Social Sciences and Development 716-4030 704   issd@pup.edu.ph Hilda F. San Gabriel
Center for Peace and Poverty Alleviation Studies   266   cppas@pup.edu.ph Raul Sebastian
Center for Environmental Studies   349   ces@pup.edu.ph Joey Pinalas
Center for Human Rights and Gender Studies 716-4030     chrgs@pup.edu.ph Hilda F. San Gabriel
Center for Public Administration and Governance Studies   306   cpags@pup.edu.ph Antonius C. Umali

Office of the Vice President for Branches and Campuses

Office/Department Direct Line Fax E-Mail Officials
Metro Manila        
Parañaque City (Director's Office) 553-8623   paranaque@pup.edu.ph Aaron Vito M. Baygan
Quezon City (Director's Office) 952-7818
  quezoncity@pup.edu.ph Pascualito B. Gatan
San Juan City (Director's Office) 724-6322   sanjuan@pup.edu.ph Jaime P. Gutierrez, Jr.
Registrar's Office 497-4460      
Cashier's Office 497-4459      
Faculty Room 497-4464      
Taguig City (Director's Office) 837-5858   taguig@pup.edu.ph Sharon Joy F. Pelayo
Registrar's Office 837-5859 837-5859   Liwanag L. Maliksi
Administrative Office / Student Services 837-5860      
Central Luzon        
Cabiao, Nueva Ecija (Director's Office) (44) 486-5492
  cabiao@pup.edu.ph Rosemariebeth R. Dizon, DEM
Mariveles, Bataan (Director's Office) (45) 935-7019
(45) 935-7018
  bataan@pup.edu.ph Leonila J. Generales
Pulilan, Bulacan (Director's Office) (44) 676-2863   pulilan@pup.edu.ph Edelyn M. Mariano
Sta. Maria, Bulacan (Director's Office) (44) 641-1681
(44) 641-0281
  stamaria@pup.edu.ph Jose M. Abat
South Luzon        
Bansud, Oriental Mindoro (Director's Office) (43) 298-7022   bansud@pup.edu.ph Fernando F. Estingor
Calauan, Laguna (Director's Office) (49) 568-2011
(49) 566-0623
  calauan@pup.edu.ph Arlene R. Queri
Gen. Luna, Quezon (Director's Office) (42) 394-7003
(42) 394-7081
  genluna@pup.edu.ph Adelia R. Roadilla, DEM
Lopez, Quezon (Director's Office) (42) 302-5249
(42) 841-1149
(42) 841-1890
  lopez@pup.edu.ph Rufo N. Bueza
Maragondon, Cavite (Director's Office) (46) 412-1931
(46) 412-0798
(46) 412-0047
  maragondon@pup.edu.ph Denise A. Abril
Mulanay, Quezon (Director's Office) (42) 319-7599   mulanay@pup.edu.ph Adelia R. Roadilla, DEM
Ragay, Camarines Sur (Director's Office) (54) 714-1074   ragay@pup.edu.ph  
Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro (Director's Office) (43) 458-0152   sablayan@pup.edu.ph Laurence P. Usona
San Pedro, Laguna (Director's Office) (43) 869-9800
(43) 869-0059
  sanpedro@pup.edu.ph Marissa B. Ferrer, DEM
Sta. Rosa, Laguna (Director's Office) (49) 534-3590   starosa@pup.edu.ph Charito A. Montemayor
Sto. Tomas, Batangas (Director's Office) (43) 778-3586
(43) 778-3584
  stotomas@pup.edu.ph Frederick O. Ramos
Security (43) 778-3585      
Unisan, Quezon (Director's Office) (42) 549-8367
(42) 549-8400
(+63) 9193039864
  unisan@pup.edu.ph Edwin G. Malabuyoc

Other Offices and Function Rooms

Office/Department Direct Line Local
PUP Multipurpose Cooperative 715-0650
COA Field Office   261
Janitorial Services   307
PUP Alumni Association 354-4841  
PUP Faculty Association   328
PUP Administrative Employees Union   278
Operator   101
Dr. Pablo T. Mateo Conference Room   720
Dr. Zenaida A. Olonan Conference Room   723
Dr. Ofelia M. Carague Conference Room   715
Accenture Ideas Exchange Lab   703
Campus Ministry   337