Master's Programs

Master of Arts Degrees

Master of Arts in Economics
The Master of Arts in Economics (MAE) is a graduate program offered to students who wish to pursue a professional career in economics. The program provides quality theoretical foundation and practical knowledge necessary in preparing its graduates for advanced work in the economics profession.

Master of Arts in Filipino
The Master of Arts in Filipino (MAF) is designed for teachers of the Filipino language and those who want to expound their learning in the Filipino language.

Master of Science Degrees

Master of Science in Engineering
The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) program is a graduate professional degree that provides students with comprehensive preparation for advance work in the engineering profession. The program is a research-oriented degree designed for the professional development of engineers. The program requires mastering of a field of specialization through coursework and a thesis demonstrating original thought and contributing to knowledge in a field of specialization courses are transportation engineering and structural engineering, electronics engineering and computer engineering.

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management
The Industrial Engineering and Management Program is a Master of Science program which gives the students profound knowledge within both technology and business. This unique combination enables the students to become the link between technicians and business economists.

The MSIEM program focuses on the development and management of processes within or between companies to optimize their performance. Acquisition of up-to-date knowledge of scientific theories allows students to analyze and optimize processes in organizations and apply their findings. The aim is to gain an understanding of the relation between process development, process control and the relevant achievement indicators.

Master's Degrees

Master in Applied Statistics
The program is designed in answer to the pressing need for statistical expertise by those engaged in scientific research in gathering science-based information for decision making. The program shall prepare professional and practicing statisticians to become competent managers, planners and decision-makers.

This program is offered in consortium with the National Statistics Office (NSO). The National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are implementing the HRD Assistance Packages for the Union of Myanmar and Cambodia, respectively, through acceptance of scholars in this program from these countries.

Master in Business Administration
The Master in Business Administration (MBA) program is designed to develop capable, socially responsible and mature managers and leaders in today’s global marketplace. The program focuses on those skills needed by business professionals; such as analytical reasoning, communication, leadership, and strategic thinking. The curriculum emphasizes applications currently in demand by Asian and multinational corporations and integrates global trends and computer and information systems application.

Master in Communication
The Master in Communication (MC) program is a graduate communication offering which responds to the growing demand for a more innovative, creative, and skills-oriented curricular program steeped in research, technology, culture and management.

It addresses the need for a more balanced Philippine communication environment by preparing communication managers and decision-makers to be more attuned to the challenges of information society and global competition.

Master in Information Technology
The Master of Science in Information Technology (MIT) program emphasizes the acquisition of concepts and technologies preparing and enabling the student for the industrial practice of systems integration, systems administration, systems planning, systems implementation and other activities that maintain the integrity and proper functionality of a system and its components.

MIT is built upon depth and guided research with emphasis on publication of research and development outputs. Areas of specialization must be based on current trends in IT. This program aims to develop among its students the knowledge of information technology (IT) concepts, techniques and principles of organizations and society.

Master in Psychology
The Master in Psychology (MP) is a practitioner’s degree. The Field Practicum should focus on an applied program/project that the student will undertake in his/her chosen area of practice. At the end of the practicum period, the student should write a Final Report detailing, among other things, the objectives of the program/project, the activities undertaken to meet the objectives, the student’s involvement in the program/project in his/her area of practice.

Master in Public Administration
The Master in Public Administration (MPA) is a graduate degree program offered to students and professionals whose interest is to work for, engage in and lead towards the development, promotion and advancement of effective, efficient, and efficacious public organizations and administration.

The program is designed to provide excellent foundation for existing and potential public administrators. Students of the program are exposed to theoretical and praxiological understanding and appreciation about the needs, concerns, issues, trends and problems of contemporary public organizations and administration.

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