PFA Youth Congress discusses social media implications on mental health

Ron Simon B. Lomibao, News, Communication Management Office

“It is claimed by Doctor Dumdum that social media is a double-edge sword for it is a good source of information and tool for awareness but could also turn as avenue to self-destruction and bullying,” uttered Janelyne Tuyan, one of keynote speakers, during the 11th Annual Youth Congress of Peers Facilitators Association at the Bulwagang Balagtas, Ninoy Aquino Library and Learning Resource Center (NALLRC) on January 31, 2019.

Headed by Guidance Counselling and Testing Services and College of Social Sciences and Development, the seminar revolved in the theme, “Eyes Wide Open: Exploring the Implications of Social Media Use on Mental Health Today,” which was participated by different universities and colleges from Metro Manila and provinces nearby.

“To fight social media addiction, we must accept self-addiction, focus on limiting ourselves from using it, get a new hobby and spend time with our loved ones,” suggested Professor Erickson Amion as he gives engaging advice to mitigate psychosocial impacts of social media to the youth.

Moreover, he also mentioned that it is the unpredictability aspect of social media which causes individuals to continue browsing and updating their newsfeeds until it turns out as a habitual behaviour.

“As stated by Sacyat, cellular phones are used [and without], parental guidance, people may thrive on wrong indoctrinations,” Tuyan, of RGO Psychology Review Center stressed on her lecture.

In addition, Tuyan also provided some keys and takeaways on how to ace the Psychometrician licensure examination in October 2019.

Cassandra Joy V. Mallari, chairman of the board of PFA, spearheaded the said event.

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