Institute for Culture and Language Studies

The Institute for Culture and Language Studies fosters research and/or research-based and workshop-led outputs and activities across divisional and disciplinary boundaries.  The Institute promotes and engages with interpretative (or hermeneutic), historical, social and political researches as well as theoretical works in the Arts and allied disciplines.

The major areas of study in the Institute generally include philosophy, arts and humanities, sociology, social history, politics, anthropology, culture and literature.  The ICLS highlights, interprets and often tries to interrogate current theoretical frames and contemporary social conditions through research and creative production.  The ICLS’s newest initiatives and directions are in the fields of literary practice and language studies.

The ICLS produces the following journals and publications:  Mabini Review, Education Review, and the Entrada Journal. 

Message from the Director

Joseph Reylan B. Viray, LL.BThe Institute for Culture and Language Studies (ICLS) of the Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension and Development had gone through a lot of changes since its inception in 1986.  These changes certainly contributed to the blossoming of an Institute that accentuates the importance of theoretical, philosophical and analytical reading of history, culture, arts, society and politics.         

The Institute was built, cultivated and developed by the people whose intellectual contributions to the ever-expanding body of knowledge in the fields of philosophy, history, sociology, literature, aesthetics, anthropology, culture and politics are undeniably important. 

The Institute is far from what it is today without the efforts of intellectual and literary giants who steered the Institute at various moments of its history.  People like Dr. Nemesio E. Prudente (President Emeritus of the University/Founding Director of the defunct ISH), Prof. Domingo C. De Guzman (Palanca Laureate/Long-time Director), Prof. Virgilio A. Rivas (distinguished Filipino philosopher and writer/Former Director) and other personalities whose contributions to the growth of the Institute were securely etched in its history.

The Institute will continuously maintain its course.  To veer away from the original objectives of its establishment would never happen.  ICLS shall continue to deliver academic and research services to its clientele through seminars, lectures, research capability building activities, research production and dissemination, journal publication, academic networking, and others.  It shall continue to motivate the students, researchers and faculty members to participate in intellectual discourses relating to various disciplines that the Institute endeavours to explore. 

Should there be any help that the ICLS can provide, feel free to contact the management of the Institute and we are willing to serve you. 

God bless. 

Joseph Reylan Viray

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