Polytechnic University of the Philippines http://www.pup.edu.ph/ News and articles from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Copyright 1998-2023 Polytechnic University of the Philippines. All rights reserved. en-ph Thu, 08 Jun 2023 22:46:06 GMT https://www.pup.edu.ph/rss/news/ PUPWebSite 10 InfoCore Engine 3.0 PUP Communication Management Office webmaster@pup.edu.ph CSSD, PSU collaborates for cultural heritage and advance research in the field of Philippine studies Melanie Jimenez, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>The College of Social Science and Development (CSSD) proudly celebrates Heritage Month by fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange with Palawan State University (PSU). The partnership between CSSD and PSU aims to promote cultural heritage and advance research in the field of Philippine studies.</p> <p>Under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), CSSD and PSU have joined forces to create a platform for academic cooperation and intellectual growth. The MOA solidifies their commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of the country’s diverse heritage and cultural roots.</p> <p>The collaboration kicked off with a significant event held on May 3, 2023. CSSD hosted a Lakbay-Panayam, a guided tour and research presentation, at the renowned Presidential Car Museum. Mr. Ryan Tan, curator of the museum and part-time faculty member of the Department of History, led the tour, providing valuable insights into the historical significance of the preserved presidential vehicles.</p> <p>Following the tour, esteemed faculty members from CSSD and PSU took the stage to share their research findings. Mr. Gregorio Caliguia III delved into the role of researchers in art auctions, highlighting the importance of conserving, contextualizing, and connecting artworks. Ms. Eula Marayan-Permejo presented her research on the experiences of theater actors during the pandemic, shedding light on the resilience and creativity of the industry. Dr. Edelyndon L. Enriquez discussed the cultural practices and rituals of the ancient Tagalog communities.</p> <p>The collaboration between CSSD and PSU showcases the vibrant and diverse academic community dedicated to preserving and promoting Philippine heritage. By providing a platform for faculty members and students to exchange ideas and research findings, both institutions contribute to the enrichment and development of the field of Philippine studies.</p> <p>“The College of Social Science and Development is honored to welcome the BA Philippine Studies program of Palawan State University,” expressed Dean Raul Roland R. Sebastian. “This collaboration signifies our collective commitment to celebrating and preserving our rich cultural heritage. We are excited to further strengthen our partnership with PSU and explore more opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.”</p> <p>CSSD and PSU’s collaborative efforts not only contribute to the advancement of research but also foster a deeper appreciation for the country’s history and heritage. Through such initiatives, both institutions strive to cultivate a greater sense of cultural identity and instill a profound understanding of the diverse cultural tapestry that makes the Philippines unique.</p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=%2f%2fnNrpXvKrQ%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Wed, 31 May 2023 14:31:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=%2f%2fnNrpXvKrQ%3d PUP admits 20,000 students for AY 23-24 Angelo Acedera, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) is pleased to announce the release of the results of the College Admission Evaluation (CAEPUP) for Sta. Mesa, Manila (Main Campus) for the academic year 2023–2024.</p> <p>A total of 172,608 applicants were received across the various branches and satellite campuses of PUP. PUP Sta. Mesa Campus received the bulk of the applications with 82,282 applicants. Today, only 20,000 applicants have been admitted and will have an opportunity to pursue their chosen programs for the upcoming academic year.</p> <ol> <li>The top five course choices among the successful applicants include:</li> <li>Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA)</li> <li>Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSPSY)</li> <li>Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE)</li> <li>Bachelor of Science in Biology (BSBIO)</li> <li>Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BSARCH)</li> </ol> <p> </p> <p>It is worth noting that the academic excellence exhibited by our students has been recognized in previous licensure examinations. Recently, PUP produced two top notchers in the April 2023 Civil Engineering Licensure Exam and six top notchers in the April 2023 Electronics Technicians Licensure Exam, among other licensure examinations where PUP graduates have consistently secured top places.</p> <p>These outstanding achievements reflect the commitment of PUP to providing quality education that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen fields.</p> <p>All CAEPUP passers are advised to promptly process their applications based on their respective schedules, which will begin on July 25, 2023, until August 23, 2023. CAEPUP results of other branches and satellite campuses are set to be released from May 29, 2023, to June 9, 2023.</p> <p>Detailed instructions and guidelines regarding enrollment procedures will be provided to successful candidates through subscribed email addresses and announcements via PUP’s official Facebook page.</p> <p>For more details, please contact Angelo G. Acedera, <em>Media Relations Officer</em>, via email at <a href="mailto:agacedera@pup.edu.ph">agacedera@pup.edu.ph</a>.</p> <p><img alt="PUP admits 20,000 students for AY 23-24" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/whwWJjN/2023-05-31-pup-admits-20000-students-for-ay-23-24.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=ySmGmMrBbe4%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Wed, 31 May 2023 13:53:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=ySmGmMrBbe4%3d CAF studs clinch top spots in CPA exam Melanie Jimenez, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>In a resounding achievement, 184 graduates from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) emerged triumphant in the recently concluded Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Licensure Examination. With a commendable passing rate of 66.43%, these newly minted CPAs have proven their competence and dedication to the field of accounting.</p> <p>Five graduates from PUP have also secured top spots and achieved an impressive passing rate, affirming the university’s commitment to academic excellence and professional development. Arnel A. Reyes, Jr., Queen Ernna F. Vergara, and Jefferson Ivan M. Villanueva clinched the top three ranks with an impressive score of 89.00%.</p> <p>Ghelou G. Gonzales also secured the fifth spot with a remarkable score of 88.67%. Notably, Mariah Zephaniah E. Felix secured the seventh spot with an outstanding score of 88.17%. Their stellar performances highlight the academic excellence and rigorous preparation they underwent during their time at PUP.</p> <p>The CPA Licensure Examination is known for its demanding nature, testing candidates on various subjects related to accounting and financial management. The exceptional achievements of these PUPians demonstrate their proficiency in these areas and their commitment to upholding the highest standards of the accounting profession.</p> <p>PUP, renowned for its strong emphasis on practical knowledge and skills, has consistently produced exceptional graduates who excel in various fields. These recent accomplishments further solidify PUP’s reputation as a leading institution in the fied of accounting.</p> <p><img alt="CAF studs clinch top spots in CPA exam" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/9ZrYYb5/2023-05-31-5-caf-studs-clinch-top-spots-in-cpa-exam-1.jpg" /><br /> <sub><strong>Photo source:</strong> PUP College of Accountancy and Finance Facebook Page.</sub><br /> <br /> <img alt="CAF studs clinch top spots in CPA exam" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/dkM8xst/2023-05-31-5-caf-studs-clinch-top-spots-in-cpa-exam-2.jpg" /><br /> <sub><strong>Photo source:</strong> PRC.GOV.PH Facebook Page.</sub></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=M3h4DDgzW8c%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Wed, 31 May 2023 11:25:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=M3h4DDgzW8c%3d PUP OUS and DENR collaborate to provide professional development opportunities for government employees Dr. Jerielyn V. Reyes, News, PUP Open University System <br/><p>Employees from various regions of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) have successfully completed certificate courses in Human Resource Management and Financial Management at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Institute for Continuing and Professional Development (PUP ICPD).</p> <p>The collaboration between PUP OUS and DENR allowed 50 pilot scholars to undergo intensive training in the two disciplines. The certificate courses aimed to enhance the employees’ competencies and leadership skills, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and practices in their respective fields. The program, which commenced in September 2022 and concluded in April 2023, saw 25 trainees completing each course.</p> <p>During the closing ceremony, Mr. Augustus D. Dela Peña, DENR Undersecretary for Organizational Transformation and Human Resource, acknowledged the challenges faced by the agency in transforming itself to better serve its purpose. He highlighted the importance of leading a multigenerational workforce in the Human Resource Department and managing resources judiciously in Financial Management. Public servants were encouraged to be responsive, relevant, and resilient in their service to the country.</p> <p>Expressing her gratitude, Ms. Margarita M. Villas, the class representative of Human Resource Management, thanked DENR and PUP for the opportunity given to them. She emphasized the valuable learning experiences gained over six months, which enhanced their competencies and aligned them with their professional duties. Ms. Kristine Joyce P. Manzano, the Financial Management class representative, echoed the sentiment, pledging to inspire others and deliver their best in their respective roles.</p> <p>The graduates view this achievement as a time of enrichment, as they have acquired a solid theoretical foundation to support their everyday practice. Furthermore, they believe that their newly acquired knowledge and skills will increase their chances of promotion to higher positions within the organization.</p> <p>Looking forward, PUP OUS and DENR expressed their commitment to continuing their collaboration, aiming to provide further professional development opportunities for DENR employees. By equipping their workforce with updated competencies, they strive to better serve the country and fulfill their mandate effectively.</p> <p><img alt="PUP OUS and DENR collaborate to provide professional development opportunities for government employees" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/Jmxv316/2023-05-26-pup-ous-and-denr-collaborate-to-provide-professional-development-opportunities-for-govern.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=3PdS0M%2fd50k%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Fri, 26 May 2023 20:08:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=3PdS0M%2fd50k%3d Virtual career fair empower students to forge opportunities amid pandemic Jane Pulma, News, Alumni Relations and Career Development Office <br/><p>The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) recently organized a successful Virtual Career and Internship Fair, providing students with valuable networking and internship prospects amidst the ongoing pandemic. Held on May 5, 2023, the event took place via Zoom and was livestreamed via the PUP Career Center Facebook Page.</p> <p>Participating industries ranged from manufacturing and education, to logistics and financial services, with employers sharing insights about their company background, culture, internship processes, and requirements during the plenary session.</p> <p>In breakout rooms, industry recruiters engaged with non-graduating and graduating students, fostering meaningful connections and exploring potential internship opportunities. Despite the virtual format, over 300 students from various courses participated, along with 14 industry partners.</p> <p>Engr. Florinda H. Oquindo, Director of Alumni and Career Development Office and Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services, emphasized the importance of expanding networks and gaining industry knowledge beyond the classroom, highlighting how the pandemic has taught students to adapt and strive for success.</p> <p>The event served as a testament to the resilience and determination of PUP’s students in pursuing their career goals despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.</p> <p><img alt="Virtual career fair empower students to forge opportunities amid pandemic" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/S7KHm61/2023-05-19-virtual-career-fair-empower-students-to-forge-opportunities-amid-pandemic.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=%2bmrHca7Z8AI%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Fri, 19 May 2023 17:55:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=%2bmrHca7Z8AI%3d ARCDO holds f2f job fair Jane Pulma, News, Alumni Relations and Career Development Office <br/><p>The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), through the Alumni Relations and Career Development Office (ARCDO), recently held its first face-to-face job fair titled, “2023 Career Fest” after a two-year hiatus. The event took place in the PUP Gymnasium from February 20-22, 2023, attracting over a thousand students and featuring 41 industry partners.</p> <p>Open to both graduating and non-graduating students, the fair provided employment and internship opportunities. In addition to exploring job prospects, students attended a career development seminar where various topics such as resume writing, power dressing, interview tips, personal branding, and more were discussed by industry representatives.</p> <p>The fair’s success was attributed to the support of enthusiastic industry partners and the implementation of strict health regulations to ensure everyone’s safety amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. PUP expressed gratitude to organizations such as DOLE, PESO, and other PUP Offices for their assistance in organizing the event.</p> <p>“We must put in place processes and stringent health regulations to ensure that our students, industry partners representatives, and other stakeholders won’t contract COVID-19 and they can return to their families safely; hosting this activity now is completely different from all the pre-pandemic Job Fairs we conducted. Additionally, we appreciate DOLE, PESO, and other PUP Offices for their support throughout the preparation process and up until the activity’s success” said Engr. Florinda Oquindo, ARCDO Director and Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services.</p> <p>The participating employers include:</p> <ol> <li>Agribusiness Rural Bank Inc,</li> <li>Bank of Commerce,</li> <li>Bayer Business Services Philippines,</li> <li>Bosch Service Solutions Inc,</li> <li>Federal Land Inc,</li> <li>IASA Inc,</li> <li>Nezda Technologies Inc,</li> <li>QIAGEN Business Services (Manila) Inc,</li> <li>Seven Seven Global Services Inc,</li> <li>BDO Unibank Inc,</li> <li>Asia United Bank,</li> <li>Denso Techno Philippines, Inc,</li> <li>China Banking Corporation,</li> <li>Stolt-Nielsen BV,</li> <li>Star Appliance Center, Inc (SM Appliance Center),</li> <li>Chungdahm (Phils), Inc,</li> <li>VXI Holdings BV Philippines</li> </ol> <p><img alt="ARCDO holds f2f job fair" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/fCy6Cdc/2023-05-19-arcdo-holds-f-2-f-job-fair.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=Fo%2bzuZDGaBU%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Fri, 19 May 2023 17:51:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=Fo%2bzuZDGaBU%3d DOF-BLGF and PUP partner for Local Governance Reform Project Dr. Jerielyn V. Reyes, News, Institute for Continuing Professional Development <br/><p>PUP signed its commitment with the Department of Finance (DOF) - Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) for the implementation of Local Governance Reform Project LGRP) on May 11, at the PICC Complex, Pasay City. University President Dr. Manuel M. Muhi represented Sintang Paaralan in this major initiative.</p> <p>Dr. Muhi, in his acceptance of commitment speech, thanked the DOF for giving PUP the opportunity to be part of the transformation goal of the government. As the academic partner, PUP facilitate professional growth of local assessors in the country.</p> <p>“We are confident that through this concerted effort and commitment, more can be achieved. This will continue to develop stronger relationships and collaboration,” Dr. Muhi quipped.</p> <p><strong>Statements of support</strong><br /> Hon. Benjamin Diokno, the Department of Finance Secretary emphasized the importance of establishing equitable taxation. He said that this will help in providing effective and efficient services to better serve the Filipino people.</p> <p>Hon. Dakila Carlo E. Cua, the Governor of Quirino Province and the president of the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP) expressed full support of the valuation reform act. He said that there is an urgent need for this reform as local government units are suffering from outdated property valuation which missed revenue collection due to undervaluation. With the service-oriented approach, people will be able to access basic and better services.</p> <p>In his acceptance speech, Baguio City Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong stated that this makes government transactions more transparent, credible, and accountable. Transparency, honesty, and utmost diligence are required for this project to succeed. He said thanks to the national government for its steady support for LGU to be more progressive.</p> <p><strong>Local property valuation reform</strong><br /> Together with the 21 pioneer local government units (LGUs), UP Open University, and other supporting national government agencies, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed to professionalize local government property valuation that would lead to sustainable revenue generation for the country. Also present during the signing were representatives from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), who financed the project.</p> <p>The LGRP is designed to support the development of local government units’ capacity to provide local public service and improve their performance in local governance by enhancing the mobilization of local government revenue. The project is expected to professionalize local assessors, establish a database and information system for property valuation, improve real property taxation in selected LGUs, and institutionalize development and policy support for property valuation.</p> <p>The Institute of Continuing Professional Development (ICPD) under the Open University System (OUS) is expected to develop the local assessors’ competencies with necessary knowledge and skills in real estate management. Meanwhile, the College of Business Administration (CBA) will ensure strategic management of the Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management from curriculum planning and design to implementation, monitoring, and control.</p> <p><img alt="DOF-BLGF and PUP partner for Local Governance Reform Project" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/vYX5PDj/2023-05-17-blgf-and-pup-partner-for-local-governance-reform-project.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=tZg0tOkhJ04%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Wed, 17 May 2023 15:36:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=tZg0tOkhJ04%3d Engineering grads dominate licensure examinations Jimuel Alba, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>PUP remains on top of the engineering field as ten (10) graduates topped three different licensure examinations held last month. PUP Sto. Tomas took the top spot among different schools and universities for the Electrical Engineering Licensure Examinations, while PUP Sta. Mesa secured the fourth place.</p> <p>“Napakalaking karangalan ito para sa ating pamantasan, sa ating mga guro at mga kawani, at lalo na sa mga mag-aaral na nagsumikap at nagtiyaga upang maabot ang kanilang mga pangarap. Ito ay isang tagumpay na hindi lamang natin pinagdiriwang para sa ating mga graduates, kundi para sa buong PUP community. Sa mga bagong lisensyadong Electronic at Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers at Electrical Technicians, nais ko pong ipaabot ang aking pagbati sa inyo,” President Manuel M. Muhi shared in his monthly flag raising address to the community.</p> <p><strong>The topnotchers’ list</strong><br /> Jayron Tayurang Mampusti from PUP Sta. Mesa led the April 2023 Electronics Technicians Licensure Examination, while Angelo Madrinal Floralde from PUP Sta. Rosa took the third spot for the same exam. The fourth place was shared by Joshua Japitana Diaz (PUP Sta. Mesa), Rowin Edward Evangelista Quindoza (PUP Sta Mesa), and John Lester Pernan Umali (PUP Maragondon).</p> <p>Gabriel James Manalo Tecson from PUP Sta. Mesa snared the second place in the Electronics Engineers Licensure Examination. In the field of Civil Engineering, Irvin Lester Dato Binondo from PUP Sta. Mesa secured the sixth spot while Daniello Amoroso Camilon finished in ninth place.</p> <p>PUP Sto. Tomas obtained two spots in the Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination. Troy Fellone Mazaredo placed second, and sweeping the tenth place was his fellow, Joshua Artillaga Abenojar.</p> <p>All exams were held on April 2023, as administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). Complete results may be accessed from their <a href="https://www.prc.gov.ph/downloads-0" target="_blank">page</a>.</p> <p><strong>University pride</strong><br /> As a fellow engineer and product of the same college, the President expressed his admiration for the new breed of professional engineers. He beamed with pride as he told the community that the university does not only consistently top engineering licensure examinations, but also produces the largest number of professional engineers in the country.</p> <p>“Nais ko pong ipabatid sa inyo na hindi lamang tayo nagta-top sa board exams, kundi tayo rin po ang may pinakamalaking bilang ng mga napo-produce na licensed engineers kumpara sa ibang higher education institutions. Kulang-kulang 200 lisensyadong inhinyero – civil, electrical engineer, electronics at iba, ang ating napo-produce kada taon. Number one po tayo!” he exclaimed.</p> <p>There is no doubt that the PUP Engineering community brims with joy for these sustained achievements. The President also specially mentioned the consistent and excellent performance of PUP Sto. Tomas in Batangas. For the past years, the branch exceeded the 80% passing percentage for engineering licensure examinations, making it a viable higher education institution in the province and across Southern Luzon.</p> <p><img alt="Engineering grads dominate licensure examinations" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/72QT1sK/2023-05-12-engineering-grads-dominate-licensure-examinations.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=3EKrlY14AXU%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Fri, 12 May 2023 20:40:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=3EKrlY14AXU%3d OFAD Pride: Student wins stenography contest Jimuel Alba, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>Jobert Boniel, fourth year Office Administration student, won third place in the Machine Shorthand Contest held during the 9th National Convention of the Court Stenographers Association of the Philippines (COSTRAPHIL). The activity was held in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte last April 26-28.</p> <p>Boniel is “the youngest and the only student in the competition working as a part-time court stenographer,” President Muhi declared in his monthly address to the PUP community. He commended Boniel, his teachers, and coach for bringing home this achievement.</p> <p>“Congratulations to our very own, Mr. Jobert Boniel. He raised our flag! It is indeed a majestic moment for all of us. The whole OFAD community is proud of you, Jobert! You are truly an inspiration!” the PUP Junior Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals (JPASAP) shared in a <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pupjpasap/posts/pfbid0nuakNCAB6oxLm7NnHatS5TAKfXDfSNmqQJDbKyEFPyd5wP4PUHHn5URcBVrhqxhbl" target="_blank">Facebook post</a>.</p> <p>Stenography is a writing method in shorthand. The process uses symbols and abbreviations to represent letters, words, or phrases to write quickly. Since its establishment as Manila Business School in 1904, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines has been the premier training ground for office administration professionals, an important skill in the country’s competitive job market.</p> <p><img alt="OFAD Pride: Student wins stenography contest" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/bgs0J7w/2023-05-11-ofad-pride-student-wins-stenography-contest.jpg" /><br /> <sub><strong>Photo source:</strong> OFAD Pride!. (2023, May 7). PUP Junior Phil. Assoc. of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals Facebook Page Post. https://www.facebook.com/pupjpasap/posts/pfbid0nuakNCAB6oxLm7NnHatS5TAKfXDfSNmqQJDbKyEFPyd5wP4PUHHn5URcBVrhqxhbl</sub></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=F%2bwo8bRahss%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Thu, 11 May 2023 17:59:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=F%2bwo8bRahss%3d Ginto: Student-athletes win big in 32nd SEA Games Emy Ruth Gianan, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>Two Bachelor of Science in Exercises and Sports students secured medals for the Philippines during the 32nd Southeast Asian Games in Cambodia. Ahgie Radan took home the gold medal in the Obstacle Race Men’s Team Relay, while Rhichein Yozores won silver and bronze medals in various categories for Kun Bokator.</p> <p>“We are immensely proud of our student-athletes for their strong performance in the SEA Games! Congratulations to Ahgie and Rhichein for representing our country well and also for putting our Sintang Paaralan in the international sporting stage. Talagang nakakataba ito ng puso, at totoong PUP ako, tagumpay ako!” University President Manuel M. Muhi shared in an email interview.</p> <p>Sophomore student Radan joined fellow racers Elias Tabac, Mervin Guarte, and Jay-ar de Castro in the obstacle course competition held at Chroy Changvar Convention Center in the country’s capital, Phnom Penh from May 3-6. The team took home the country’s ninth gold medal, sweeping all top spots in the four events under the obstacle race competition.</p> <p>Meanwhile, Yozores won silver medal in the Women’s Single Bare Hand Form category and bronze for Women’s Combat 45kg of Kun Bokator event during the SEA Games. Additionally, she secured a gold medal for the Women’s Single Bare Hand Form in the <a href="https://www.philstar.com/sports/2023/04/06/2257240/philippine-fares-well-first-try-bokator" target="_blank">1st Kun Bokator Southeast Asian Championship</a>. The competition was held a month before the Cambodian-hosted SEA Games.</p> <p>Kun Bokator is a martial art practiced by Khmers in the battlefield. As one of the oldest existing fighting systems originating from Cambodia, the UNESCO declared it as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. The sport marked its debut in the currently-held SEA Games wherein host countries are allowed to incorporate sports in their favor or those that introduce a new discipline. The Philippines, for example, included Arnis in 2005 and 2019 when it hosted the regional games.</p> <p>SEA Games began last May 5 and it will hold its closing ceremonies on May 17 at the Morodok Techo Sports Complex. The Philippines sent an 846-strong contingent in the bienniel multi-sport event, one of the premier athletic events in the region.</p> <p><img alt="Ginto: Student-athletes win big in 32nd SEA Games" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/NLNsPgt/2023-05-11-ginto-student-athletes-win-big-in-32-nd-sea-games-1.jpg" /><br /> <sub><strong>Photo source:</strong> Ahgie Radan. (2023, May 8). Ahgie Radan Personal Facebook Account Post. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2242293679491428&set=pb.100011324527986.-2207520000.&type=3</sub><br /> <sub><strong>Photo source:</strong> Rhichein Yozores. (2023, April 24). Rhichein Yozores Personal Facebook Account Post. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1711596715924239&set=pb.100012217803392.-2207520000.&type=3</sub><br /> <br /> <img alt="Ginto: Student-athletes win big in 32nd SEA Games" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/rfTp4yY/2023-05-11-ginto-student-athletes-win-big-in-32-nd-sea-games-2.jpg" /><br /> <sub><strong>Photo source:</strong> 9th Gold!. (2023, May 7). Philippine Sports Commission Facebook Page Post. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=617884627041418&set=a.221845543311997</sub></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=5C025aU5%2bSM%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Thu, 11 May 2023 17:48:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=5C025aU5%2bSM%3d