Polytechnic University of the Philippines http://www.pup.edu.ph/ News and articles from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Copyright 1998-2024 Polytechnic University of the Philippines. All rights reserved. en-ph Sun, 14 Jul 2024 15:41:38 GMT https://www.pup.edu.ph/rss/news/ PUPWebSite 10 InfoCore Engine 3.0 PUP Communication Management Office webmaster@pup.edu.ph ITech hosts Research Exhibit 2024 PUP Sta. Mesa, Manila, News, Institute of Technology <br/><p>The Institute of Technology (ITech) successfully hosted a three-day Research Colloquium, Symposium, and Exhibit themed “Exploring Opportunities and Challenges in Emerging Technologies” from June 3-5, 2024, at the PUP Main Campus Bulwagang Balagtas, 4th floor NALRC.</p> <p>Engr. Ramir M. Cruz, Dean of the Institute of Technology, opened the event with remarks that congratulated and encouraged the participants on their research endeavors. He highlighted the DEET students’ creation of a “Solar-Powered Charging Station” situated at the Institute, demonstrating the practical application of science to benefit humanity.</p> <p>This aligned with the insights shared by the first day’s keynote speaker, Dr. Edison E. Mojica, Chairperson of the Electrical Engineering Department, College of Engineering. Dr. Mojica emphasized the power of AI in our daily lives and its intersection with sustainable consumption and production, a theme further explored by Assoc. Prof. Jimmy M. Fernando, the day two speaker, who discussed the environmental impact of technological advancements.</p> <p>The event concluded with an exhibit featuring 27 booths showcasing various research projects and technological innovations. Attendees had the chance to explore these prototypes in detail, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and knowledge. Among the notable projects were LadderEase, Bambuyan, and Interlink. A standout project was the oil filtration method using kapok and hair, which drew significant attention for its innovative approach and practical application.</p> <p>The Technology Research 2024 provided students and faculty to unveil their research and innovation to push the boundaries of technological advancement to address real-world problems efficiently.</p> <p><img alt="ITech hosts Research Exhibit 2024" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/tYMGLQs/2024-07-12-itech-hosts-research-exhibit-2024-1.jpg" /><br /> <sub><strong>Photo source:</strong> Congratulations and Heartfelt Thanks to All!. (2024, June 6). PUP Institute of Technology Research and Extension Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/wUfTcSDKdiBbGhoP/</sub><br /> <br /> <img alt="ITech hosts Research Exhibit 2024" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/4jHPpNR/2024-07-12-itech-hosts-research-exhibit-2024-2.jpg" /><br /> <sub><strong>Photo source:</strong> Congratulations and Heartfelt Thanks to All!. (2024, June 6). PUP Institute of Technology Research and Extension Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/wUfTcSDKdiBbGhoP/</sub></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=jrLFpIyBrw8%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Fri, 12 Jul 2024 11:27:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=jrLFpIyBrw8%3d Grad school and MMDA forge partnership to enhance statistical proficiency Laurence P. Usona, News, Graduate School <br/><p>PUP Graduate School and the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) have officially signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) aimed at bolstering statistical proficiency and leveraging data-driven decision-making to help both parties.</p> <p>The signing ceremony took place on June 4, 2024, at the Danilo Lim Conference Room, 19th floor, New MMDA Head Office Building, Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig City. The event was attended by Dr. Ana Ruby P. Gapasin, Vice President for Research, Extension and Development, and Atty. Romando “Don” Artes, MMDA Chairman. Representatives from both PUP and MMDA were also present, heralding a new era of cooperation in statistical education and research.</p> <p>The collaboration will feature a range of training programs and seminars tailored to meet the needs of diverse audiences, including officials, staff, and researchers. The programs include:</p> <ol> <li>Introductory Statistical Methods</li> <li>Advanced Statistical Techniques</li> <li>Training on Statistical Software</li> <li>Applied Statistics Workshops</li> <li>Research Methodology and Data Management</li> </ol> <p>This partnership highlights the significance of collaboration which aims to advance statistical education and research and promoting a culture of data-driven decision-making, particularly in the field of urban planning and metropolitan development.</p> <p>The MOA includes ongoing evaluation and enhancement to ensure the programs remain relevant and effective. By pooling their expertise and resources, both institutions aim to create a robust framework for statistical training and research, ultimately contributing to more informed decision-making and improved public service.</p> <p><img alt="Grad school and MMDA forge partnership to enhance statistical proficiency" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/4SGCb1K/2024-07-11-grad-school-and-mmda-forge-partnership-to-enhance-statistical-proficiency-1.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=BQoJgXZ1Kls%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Thu, 11 Jul 2024 19:31:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=BQoJgXZ1Kls%3d University inks MOA with Destileria Limtuaco Jan Vincent Lanuza, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) has signed a Memorandum of Agreement MOA with wine distillery company Destileria Limtuaco during a signing ceremony held at the Destileria Limtuaco Museum, Intramuros, Manila, June 13.</p> <p>Led by the Alumni Relations and Career Development Office (ARCDO), the two parties aim to provide more opportunities for student internships for the Iskolar ng Bayan.</p> <p>Under the agreement, both the University and the Destileria Limtuaco agreed to establish “an Internship Program as part of its curriculum… designed to supplement the learnings and to train students to become competitive and technologically innovative professionals through actual exposure to a professional workplace or through the online platform to address the new normal brought about by COVID-19.”</p> <p>ARCDO Director Florinda H. Oquindo noted the similarities of their goals—to help students find their footing and niche in the industry that they are trying to enter.</p> <p>“It is with great pride and joy for PUPians to share common goals and intentions with our industry partners. It is with great confidence that we may be able to achieve the mutual objective of providing quality education that would lead our students into the path of a successful future career. That is our hope for our Iskolar ng Bayan,” she said.</p> <p>Destileria Limtuaco Executive Vice President Aaron James Limpe-Aw hopes that this MOA will bring upon a prosperous relationship and entice PUPians to join the company, particularly on the technical side of business such as in research and development, engineering, sales, and accountancy while expressing his excitement towards working with them.</p> <p>“We have been seeing a lot that PUP is the preferred university for employers. So, we really sought out PUP as a partner in our recruitment. Another reason is because we are well-aware that PUP has a wide range of programs that it offers to its students. So, it is really a one stop shop for our recruitment process.”</p> <p>Destileria Limtuaco & Co, Inc. is the top exporter of distilled spirits and quality leader in the Philippine liquor industry as well as the oldest extant alcohol distillery in the country. With a rich history spanning 172 years, the company continues its commitment to provide services to Filipinos through products such as whiskey, brandy, sangria cocktails, craft spirits, gin, cordial and syrups, rum, tequila-flavored spirits and mixers, vodka, ready to drink alcoholic beverages, herbal wine, and wine.</p> <p><img alt="University inks MOA with Destileria Limtuaco" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/7SgNrfp/2024-07-08-university-inks-moa-with-destileria-limtuaco-1.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=3f%2b1uk4NloE%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Mon, 08 Jul 2024 09:51:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=3f%2b1uk4NloE%3d Biology researchers shine in Manila Health conference Ryan Labana, News, Research Institute for Science and Technology <br/><p>Researchers from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) showcased their expertise at the Metro Manila Health Research and Development Consortium’s (MMHRDC) 8th International Symposium and 15th Annual Scientific Conference. This prestigious three-day event, hosted by Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), featured pre-conference activities and presentations at the OLFU Rise Tower on June 18, 2024, followed by the main conference at Novotel Hotel and Resorts in Araneta City, Quezon City, on June 19-20, 2024.</p> <p>Esteemed scientists and professionals worldwide gathered to share their outputs, focusing on “Synergistic Forces in Advancing Global Health: Leveraging the Interplay of Health, Scholarship, Technology, and Humanity.” The event emphasized interdisciplinary collaboration to advance global health.</p> <p>Guided by Dr. Lourdes Alvarez, two groups of BS Biology students from PUP participated in the mural presentation for the undergraduate category. Laird Kyle Aguinaldo, Jazmine Dana Bote, and Sophia Veron Cruz presented their study titled “Screening of the Potential Larvicidal Activity of the EPF Gamszarea sp. Against Aedes aegypti Larvae,” which aimed to control the spread of disease-carrying-mosquitoes. Their innovative research earned them an impressive 2nd place.</p> <p>Another group, consisting of Kent Jabagat, Angelika Pore, and Cherry Laungayan, presented their study entitled “Microbial Inactivation on Reusable PPE Fabrics Using Gaseous Ozone and UVC Radiation.” This research focused on advancements in personal protective equipment, highlighting critical developments in safety measures for healthcare and industrial environments.</p> <p>In the professional category, Assoc. Prof. Ryan V. Labana represented PUP with his study “Exploring First-Aid Response for Box Jellyfish Envenomation in Southern Luzon’s Coastal Communities: A Conceptual Modelling Approach.” This research provided crucial strategies for addressing jellyfish stings in coastal areas, securing him a commendable 3rd place in the podium/oral presentation (Professional Category).</p> <p>The achievements of PUP’s representatives at the MMHRDC symposium highlight the university’s commitment to fostering high-quality research and contributing to global health advancements. These accolades honor PUP and underscore the significant role of academic research in addressing urgent health challenges. PUP’s ongoing support and mentorship, exemplified by Dr. Lourdes Alvarez, continue cultivating a strong culture of research excellence. The university remains dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting innovative solutions to enhance public health and safety locally and globally.</p> <p><img alt="Biology researchers shine in Manila Health conference" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/p3pPV8W/2024-06-28-biology-researchers-shine-in-manila-health-conference-1.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=1yoXpr2RJSQ%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Fri, 28 Jun 2024 14:19:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=1yoXpr2RJSQ%3d PUP delegates are overall champions in HackFest 2024 Mikaela C. Payong, News, PUP Campus Journalists <br/><p>In a stunning display of technical innovation and creativity, the team “Diwata Overcode” from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) emerged as champion at HackFest 2024: Fusion, organized by Google Developer Students Clubs Loyola (GDSC-L) and Globe Telecom, at the Ateneo de Manila on Saturday, May 4, 2024.</p> <p>Diwata Overcode, composed of Computer Science students Xiang Cheng, Gladwin Ferdz, Infanta DelRosario, Vash Puno, and Arjay Rosel, clinched victory by developing a cutting-edge business education platform with a mobile app interface tailored to teach business concepts and ideas in a way that appeals to Gen Z, encouraging them to explore entrepreneurship as a viable career path.</p> <p>“The primary reason why students struggle to become entrepreneurs is that they lack the fundamental knowledge needed to become business owners themselves. However, it goes beyond that. Our platform provides students with ways to be motivated to continue and persevere,” Del Rosario, one of the members, explained.</p> <p>Furthermore, Del Rosario highlighted that the platform acts as a bridge to the business industry, empowering students to realize their entrepreneurial potential through an engaging interface tailored for Gen Z.</p> <p>Throughout the 12-day competition, which featured 35 teams from across the country, Diwata Overcode navigated team-building activities and learning sessions to develop and present their solution to the hackathon challenge.</p> <p>“The win means a lot to us,” Del Rosario shared.</p> <p>“At first, we were intimidated by the large number of competitors and their schools, some of which had well-known names. But, later on, as we realized the potential of our skills, we were encouraged by the potential of our capabilities. This became our motivation to persevere and continue,” he added.</p> <p>Joining Diwata Overcode in representing PUP, team “Iskode,” composed of computer engineering students Kyne Domerei Laggui, Amado Niño Rei Punzalan, Aira Altis Estur, and Joseph Buhain, secured fourth place.</p> <p>PUP also fielded several other teams in the competition, including HGlarchies, S&T Innovatives, SSTech, and Sobrang Inet sa PUP, each contributing to the university’s strong representation</p> <p>Celebrating their success, Diwata Overcode hopes their achievement will inspire fellow PUPians to participate in hackathons and similar competitions, sharing how their team’s journey from formation to reaching the top 10 highlighted their potential growth and skill development.</p> <p>“When Arjay, Xian, Vash, and I (Gladwin) formed our team, we were just regular members of our organizations who joined for the experience. However, as we progressed to the top 10, we realized that we could achieve more than we initially thought, utilizing both our known skills and gaining new ones along the way,” Del Rosario said.</p> <p>HackFest 2024 featured technical workshops, webinars, consultations, and a hackathon, challenging students to devise innovative solutions to the prompt, “How can we entice Gen Z budding entrepreneurs to join Amway as business owners?”</p> <p><img alt="PUP delegates are overall champions in HackFest 2024" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/mJKGm6Z/2024-06-28-pup-delegates-are-overall-champions-in-hackfest-2024-1.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=5wpLy2KsXjQ%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Fri, 28 Jun 2024 11:57:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=5wpLy2KsXjQ%3d First-ever PUP Rainbow Festival held Piolo Cudal, Aaron Ernest Cruz, News, PUP Campus Journalists <br/><p>Carrying their collective resistance to gender-based violence and discrimination, the PUP Gender and Development Office (GADO) organized the first-ever PUP Rainbow Festival on Wednesday, June 19, to register profound calls for gender equity, diversity, and social inclusion.</p> <p>The festival started with a rainbow parade inside the university campus, joined by BAHAGHARI PUP, KASARIANLAN, WISDOM PUP, and other members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community waving their flags of color.</p> <p>Themed “Sari-saring Kasarian, Mapagpalayang Sintang Paaralan,” the one-day event marked part of the celebration of PUP’s 120th founding anniversary, featuring three major activities: PUP Rainbow Fair, PUP Rainbow Parade, and Queerchella.</p> <p>Vice President for Research, Extension, and Development Dr. Anna Ruby P. Gapasin graced the stage by underscoring the event’s objective—that this is not a celebration but a relentless fight to end discrimination, violence, and marginalization that perpetuates in society.</p> <p>She added by noting the importance of the collective approach of the university, explaining that “Nasimulan na natin ito sa inilabas na Executive Order (EO) No. 7 s. 2023, o ang PUP Gender Policy at E.O. No. 20 s. 2023, o ang PUP Diversity and Inclusion Policy. Ang bawat kulay ay representasyon ng kung gaano ka-diverse at inclusive ang ating Sintang Paaralan. At ang bawat isa ay bahagi ng napakagandang bahaghari, kung saan ang lahat ay ligtas ay malayang maipahayag ang kanilang kasarian at mamuhay ng naaayon sa kanilang tunay na pagkatao.”</p> <p>(“<em>We have started this with the issuance of Executive Order (EO) No. 7 s. 2023, or the PUP Gender Policy, and EO No. 20 s. 2023, the PUP Diversity and Inclusion Policy. Each color represents how diverse and inclusive our Sintang Paaralan is. Each one is part of a beautiful rainbow, where everyone is safe and free to express their gender and live according to their true selves</em>.”)</p> <p>In a solidarity message delivered by GADO Director Jerome Permejo, University President Dr. Manuel Muhi expressed enthusiasm for the university’s commitment to creating a “truly inclusive environment.”</p> <p>“Isang lugar kung saan ang lahat ay nararamdaman nang suportado, iginagalang at may kapangyarihan na maging tunay na sarili. Sa lahat ng LGBTQIA+ na estudyante, tandaan ito: Hindi kayo nag-iisa. There’s a whole community behind you, cheering on you. Be proud, be bold, and keep shining your light,” he said.</p> <p>(“<em>A place where everyone feels supported, respected, and empowered to be their true selves. To all LGBTQIA+ students, remember this: You are not alone</em>.”)</p> <p>Muhi also encouraged allies to use the festival as an opportunity to learn, listen, and be united, creating a PUP that celebrates “diversity” and fosters a “culture of acceptance” for everyone.</p> <p>To amplify the message of rights and genuine freedom, the University Oval was also filled with various campaign booths from partner organizations, advocacy performances, and solidarity messages from allied individuals of people with diverse Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Expression and Sexual Characteristics (SOGIESC).</p> <p><strong>Production collective: ‘Makibeki, huwag mashokot!’</strong><br /> Representatives from different student organizations and formations also relayed their calls, through solidarity messages, for genuine gender freedom that is far from violence and discrimination.</p> <p>Sandro Atillano from Angat Iskolar PUP and the Office of the Student Regent (OSR) highlighted that Pride is a month of commemoration, stemming from the historic Stonewall Uprising protests decades ago.</p> <p>Atillano also asserted that it is a “continuous, relentless, and without an end struggle” for rights and justice, emphasizing the demand for equality, not just tolerance and acceptance.</p> <p>“Ang Pride ay hindi lang tungkol sa pagiging masaya o malaya, ito ay tungkol sa pag-angat ng boses at pagtatahimik, at pinatahimik ng mga taong pinilit magtago at mga taong hindi tinanggap ng lipunan dahil sa kanilang kasarian o sekswalidad...At gaya ng sabi ni Electra, hinding-hindi tayo humihingi ng respeto sa kanila, we will demand it. You will not tell me that you accept me, you will not tell me that you tolerate me, that is not your power, because you will respect me for who I am,” Atillano said in his solidarity message.</p> <p>(“<em>Pride is not just about happiness or freedom; it’s about amplifying voices and advocating for the rights of those who have long been forced to hide and rejected by society because of their sexuality. As Electra said, we are not asking for respect, we will demand it. You will not tell me that you accept me or tolerate me, that is not your power, because [regardless] you will accept me for who I am</em>.” )</p> <p>Closing the Queerchella segment, gender-based and allied student organizations staged a mobilization to reiterate that Pride Month is not all about rainbows and confetti, as noted by BAHAGHARI PUP Secretary-General Ulap Baylon, but rather a struggle—a protest towards genuine freedom for those who have been exploited.</p> <p>Groups also reminded the passage of the long-overdue SOGIESC Equality Bill, the outdated policy of EARIST that further perpetuates discrimination, and the case of Pura Lika Vega that instilled a chilling effect in self-expression, and the murder of Jennifer Laude, all while echoing their calls that justice must be served.</p> <p>“Ito ay hindi lamang sa loob ng ating pamantasan, kaakibat nito ay ang pagtungo sa piling ng maralita sa lansangan, ang mga manggagawa sa pagawaan, at mga magsasaka sa kanayunan. Higit na dahilan kung bakit kailangan magmulat, mag-organisa, at magpakilos ng mga militante at makabayang LGBT,” Baylon asserted.</p> <p>(“<em>This is not confined within our university, this entails reaching out to the marginalized, workers and farmers in the countryside. This emphasizes the need to raise awareness, organize, and mobilize militant and patriotic LGBT individuals</em>.”)</p> <p><strong>Steps toward inclusivity</strong><br /> Through a video message, Senate Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations, and Gender Equality, Risa Hontiveros delivered her solidarity speech, ensuring the LGBTQIA+ community that she will continuously work to pass the SOGIESC bill into law.</p> <p>She also shared updates on the progress of the bill, such as the Senate Majority Leader’s promise to review it, Local Government Units (LGUs)’s initiative to implement ordinances protecting the LGBTQIA+ community from discrimination, and the committee report garnering 18 signatures.</p> <p>Meanwhile, students see the event as a significant contribution to enlightening others about the issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community in today’s society, especially for students within that community. The event also enables them to showcase and embrace their true selves, aiming to establish a safe space.</p> <p>Reynon Alegre, a Broadcasting student, considered the event essential as it calls for action to foster diversity and create safe spaces for individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community, all while advocating for the passage of the SOGIESC bill into law.</p> <p>“SOGIESC kasi it is really a complicated topic and it needs comprehensive explanation, and through this event, I think people would be able to understand what SOGIESC really is and in a way, they would also inspire [everyone] to be resilient,” Alegre observed.</p> <p>(<em>SOGIESC is really a complicated topic and it needs comprehensive explanation, and through this event, I think people would be able to understand what SOGIESC really is, and in a way, they would also inspire [everyone] to be resilient</em>)</p> <p>Jerome Permejo concluded the event by quoting a line from RuPaul’s Drag Race: “In honor of the great tradition of Paris is burning, the libraries [are] now officially open because reading is fundamental.”</p> <p>He encouraged everyone to embrace reading, reflecting on drag artists’ culture of using intellect for commentary and critique, rather than engaging in barbaric acts like physical altercations and unnecessary displays of violence.</p> <p>“Let’s continue na magbigay ng komento, ng feedback because the moment na mawala yung mga bagay na iyon ay mamamatay ang diskurso, mamamatay ang ating kalayaan. Kaya naman I encourage everyone hindi lang ngayong buwan ng Pride sa lagi’t lagi araw-araw mag-continue tayo magread. Let’s read everyone at maging kritikal sa ating lipunan,” Permejo concluded.</p> <p>(<em>Let’s continue to give comments, feedbacks because the moment we lose these things, the discourse and our freedom shall perish. That is why I encourage, not just in Pride month, to read every day. Let’s read everyone and be critical to our society</em>.)</p> <p><img alt="First-ever PUP Rainbow Festival held" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/TK1H037/2024-06-27-first-ever-pup-rainbow-festival-held-1.jpg" /><br /> <br /> <img alt="First-ever PUP Rainbow Festival held" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/cwH2067/2024-06-27-first-ever-pup-rainbow-festival-held-2.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=2f9i1QktFGI%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Thu, 27 Jun 2024 12:02:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=2f9i1QktFGI%3d Global Dominion Financing, Inc. signs MOA with PUP Jan Vincent Lanuza, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>The University has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with financial institution Global Dominion Financing, Inc. (GDFI) in its bid to further its relations with industry partners and to boost the career placement and opportunities of the Iskolar ng Bayan. The signing ceremony was held on June 5, 2024, in GDFI’s office in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.</p> <p>Led by the Alumni Relations and Career Development Office (ARCDO), the MOA states that the GDFI and PUP agreed to implement a Community Partnership Program to “strengthen, improve, and develop a long and lasting business relationship” while also establishing an Internship Program for the 3rd and 4th Year college students.</p> <p>Career-centered initiatives such as Internships, On-the-Job Training (OJT), Student Immersions, Internships, Exchange of Knowledge on Information Sharing, which consist of Trainings for University Students, Faculty, and Staff and Employee Success Stories, will be held as part of the agreement. It also solidified GDFI’s participation at university activities such as Career Talk, Mock Recruitment, and Job Fair.</p> <p>ARCDO Director Florinda Oquindo noted the significance of this moment in helping students in finding and developing their future employment.</p> <p>“Our aim of giving them the support on how we can assist them in their employment, especially OJT, also in the area of sharing knowledge, ang kanilang (<em>their</em>) best practices where we can learn from it.”</p> <p>Oquindo also shared another important factor that resulted from this agreement—the shortening of the gap between the academe and the industry as this partnership allows for lectures that will benefit the Iskolar ng Bayan in the future such as financial literacy to begin.</p> <p>“Part of the holistic development of the students is to really expose them to the different avenues, of the different possibilities to improve their experience and learning activities so that our graduates will become work-ready graduates, not just locally but globally.”</p> <p>GDFI President and Managing Director Patricia Poco-Palacios hopes that this MOA signing will enable the company to welcome a new set of PUP graduates into their ranks as they embody the pleasing characteristics that they are looking for.</p> <p>“There is a signature characteristic of the PUPians that seems to really help them rise the ranks here in Global Dominion. Meron talaga tayong mga patotoo na ang mga taga-PUP ay mahuhusay, magagaling, at malayo ang mararating (<em>There is proof that PUPians are talented, skilled, and will go far in their careers</em>).”</p> <p>Aside from Oquindo and Palacios, Career Development and Placement Services Chief Jane Pulma, GDFI’s Chief Human Resources Officer Godofred “Don” Matias Jr. and Talent Acquisition Lead Jennelyn Pimentel were present in the proceedings.</p> <p>GDFI is a financial company that aids Filipinos achieving their goals “through easy and affordable loan products and services.” Their services include Car Loans for the Original Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR), Car Financing, Truck Financing for Brand New or Old Models, Doctors’ Loan, and Loan of Land Titles for Business Owners.</p> <p><img alt="Global Dominion Financing, Inc. signs MOA with PUP" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/yyr8F46/2024-06-27-global-dominion-financing-inc-signs-moa-with-pup-1.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=r81EUzYa%2faM%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Thu, 27 Jun 2024 11:37:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=r81EUzYa%2faM%3d Charity First Foundation, Inc. reinforces partnership with PUP Jan Vincent Lanuza, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>The University has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Charity First Foundation, Inc. to reinforce the partnership between the two parties, providing more scholarship opportunities to PUPians, most especially to Business, Education, Engineering, Social Science, and Information Technology students.  The said event was held on June 6 at the Silid Lakan Dayang, NALRC Building of the institution.</p> <p>Vice President for Student Affairs and Services Tomas O. Testor spoke of the importance of this partnership, naming the Charity First as its “most committed scholarship benefactors” and expressed his excitement for the future collaborations with them.</p> <p>“We look forward to seeing the scholarship program grow and extend beyond the campus to reach communities that lack access to education. Initiatives like Education on Wheels aim to bring learning opportunities closer to those who wish to study and earn a degree but cannot attend schools. This partnership is invaluable in helping us achieve our mission of providing education for all.”</p> <p>With PUP and the Foundation’s association stemming back from 2002, the holistic scholarship program is expected to continue giving financial support, monthly life skills trainings, motivational seminars, and consultations to its 85 current scholars.</p> <p>Office of Scholarship and Financial Assistance Director Ana Liza R. Publico described the decision on the University maintaining its partnership with Charity First, stating “Inspired by their slogan ‘helping people help themselves,’ we, as their partner office, are motivated to continue this mission. Their dedication and generosity strengthen our commitment to serve our students by empowering our duties for the people and the country.”</p> <p>The Foundation’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr. Richard Alviar reiterated the organization’s determination to help PUP students.</p> <p>“PUP is a state-funded college and university, and many of its students need assistance. The Charity First Foundation Inc. is committed to supporting those in need, particularly in sustaining their education. Since 2002, PUP has been one of the SUCs we’ve partnered with. Our commitment is solidified through the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement, representing a shared mission, vision, and objective of ‘helping people help themselves’ by providing grants to indigent but deserving college students”, he said.</p> <p>Aside from VP Testor, Publico, and Alviar, OSFA Benefactor Coordinator Zuriel D. Aguilar and Charity First Education Program Manager Cristel Q. Trinidad, Trustee Jeff Cheng, and members Martina Tan and Lely Yu were also in attendance.</p> <p>The Charity First Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit and non-stock organization founded by a group of Chinese-Filipino businesspersons in 2001. The organization, evolving from giving natural disaster aids, aims on improving the quality of life of the marginalized sectors of the country through its Medical, Educational, and Dental Programs.</p> <p><img alt="Charity First Foundation, Inc. reinforces partnership with PUP" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/7KxwZxZ/2024-06-26-charity-first-foundation-inc-reinforces-partnership-with-pup-1.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=CkL%2fnRksoOE%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Wed, 26 Jun 2024 16:39:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=CkL%2fnRksoOE%3d Bagong Himig Serenata wins several musical excellence awards Jan Vincent Lanuza, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>The PUP Bagong Himig Serenata (PUP-BHS) of the University Center for Culture and the Arts (UCCA) once again showed their musical merit when they won the Gold Diploma Award at Magnificat 2024 - Musikalinangan: A Harmony of Fellowship and Workshop held on April 7, 2024. BHS Conductor Mark Gregory P. Isip grabbed the Best Conductor Award at the Magnificat 2024 - Musika De Mayo: The Finals Night held on May 25, 2024. Both events were held at the Sancta Maria Stella Orientis Oratory of the University of Asia and the Pacific in Pasig City.</p> <p>The Magnificat event was separated into two phases. The initial phase named Musikalinangan was a fellowship and workshop seminar centering on imparting knowledge and techniques to the choirs and conductors to further their skills that will lead them to the “secrets to the Winning Choral Sound.” The final phase Musika De Mayo, meanwhile, was the culminating activity of the festival where qualified participants showcased all their musical ability that they have learned in Musikalinangan.</p> <p>For their efforts, PUP BHS received the Gold Diploma Award during the Musikalinangan, the highest distinction awarded to the top performing choir for their Musika De Mayo preliminary performance of “Ave Maria” and “Sanctus” that were both arranged by PUP-BHS Alumnus Gerard John Dela Peña and was also named as the Musika De Mayo finalist for their rendition of Dela Peña’s “Ave Maria” and “Umagang Kay Ganda”, as arranged by PUP-BHS Alumnus Mark Joseph Edradan.</p> <p>Fei Angeline Aranas, Alto singer in PUP-BHS and a Bachelor of Performing Arts student, noted that this achievement serves as a morale-booster for the members of the organization as they have proved their great musical talent, especially in front of the esteemed conductors and arrangers of the Philippine Chorale Industry such as Jonathan Velasco, Anna Abeleda-Piquero, Fidel Calalang Jr, Mark Anthony Carpio, Bianca Lopez, Joy Nilo, Maria Lourdes Hermo, and Dr. Ed Manguiat.</p> <p>“Natuwa kami kasi noong time na iyon, medyo nag-struggle po kami. Mababa po ang morale namin. Hindi naman alam ang ie-expect namin. Noong napanalunan namin ito, nagkaroon kami ng hope na may chance kaming ipakita kung ano ang PUP-BHS at ipakita ang talento namin”, she said.</p> <p>(<em>We were happy because during that time, we were kind of struggling. Our morale was low. We didn’t know what to expect. When we won this, we had hope that we had a chance to show what PUP-BHS is and showcase our talents.</em>)</p> <p>PUP-BHS Adviser and Conductor Mark Gregory Isip noted the preparations that the organization made for this event, noting that their priority was never to win awards, but rather to learn to become a better chorale unit.</p> <p>Speaking to his own win, he stated how humbling this experience was and credited the entire PUP-BHS as their presentation was the contributing factor to what the judges described as “<em>the gesture of the conductor reflects and resonates to the performance of the members.</em>”</p> <p>“Malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa members kasi sila ang mas dapat na parangalan kasi hindi ko iyon makukuha nang hindi nila nagagawa nang maganda ang performance.”</p> <p>(<em>I am very grateful to the members because they are the ones who should be honored more because I cannot achieve that without them doing a great performance.</em>)</p> <p>Isip praised the University for their unwavering support to their activities and competitions, stating that the Office of the President led by Manuel M. Muhi, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services led by Tomas O. Testor, the Medical Services Department led by Dr. Ma. Liza T. Yanes, the Office of Student Services led by Jimmy M. Fernando and the UCCA led by Bely R. Ygot helped them the most in ensuring their participation.</p> <p>“Ito ang nagpapatunay sa husay University Artists natin. They see to it na nakakapaglingkod sila sa Sintang Paaralan. Itong mga karangalan na naiuuwi natin at maiuuwi natin sa future ay lagi namin alay sa PUP dahil ang mantra namin ay ‘mula sa iisang himig, para sa Bayan’.”</p> <p>(<em>This proves the excellence of our University Artists. They ensure that they are able to serve the Beloved School. These honors that we bring home and will bring in the future are always dedicated to PUP because our mantra is ‘from one harmony, for the Nation.</em>’)</p> <p>Isip hopes to capitalize on this success to join and perform in more music chorale competitions in both local and international stages.</p> <p>Magnificat 2024 is an annual workshop-festival and choral competition spearheaded by the University of Asia & Pacific (UA&P) OSD-Kultura Kollaborative and UA&P Chorale. Their main objective is to revitalize the choral music landscape in the Philippines to help restore the country’s status as Asia’s leader in the chorale music industry.</p> <p>[Note: All English translations are generated from ChatGPT3.5.]</p> <p><img alt="Bagong Himig Serenata wins several musical excellence awards" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/19dHJmV/2024-06-26-bagong-himig-serenata-wins-several-musical-excellence-awards-1.jpg" /><br /> <br /> <img alt="Bagong Himig Serenata wins several musical excellence awards" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/YhN5nMg/2024-06-26-bagong-himig-serenata-wins-several-musical-excellence-awards-2.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=j3hjMatcRBw%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Wed, 26 Jun 2024 16:24:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=j3hjMatcRBw%3d PUP Culminates Project Sigla: Education on Wheels Advocacy Campaign Angelo Acedera, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>June 11, 2024 – The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Alumni Grants Scheme, held a Partner’s Meeting and Culminating Activity for Project Sigla: Education on Wheels Advocacy Campaign at Pandan Asian Cafe, Quezon City.</p> <p><em>Project Sigla</em> is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to promote the university’s Education on Wheels (EOW). Recently, the team conducted a research to assess the initial impact of EOW on learners, faculty members, and the administration. The research findings helped the team develop promotional materials and a full advocacy campaign for EOW, an equally innovative project of the university. This was then shared to potential partners, culminating in a partners’ meeting held on June 11.</p> <p>Emy Ruth D. Gianan, head of Project Sigla, presented the assessment of the initial impact of Education on Wheels (EOW) on various groups:</p> <ul> <li>Learners <ul> <li>Sense of pride and confidence leads to higher number of opportunities taken. Because of the opportunities provided by EOW to the students, they had this renewed sense of fulfillment, which equipped them to have soft skills that is essential to the workplace.</li> <li>Focused learning. Because they do not have to worry about their food and transportation on a day-to-day basis, they get to focus more on the topics at hand.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Faculty members <ul> <li>Renewed passion for teaching and learning. While teachers are required to received additional industry practice to enhance their pedagogy, they tend to forget that they must also immerse with the community. EOW provides that experience which strengthens teachers’ passion as knowledge providers.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Administration <ul> <li>Develop more innovative ways of delivering education. PUP has been known to be the “People’s University”, catering to the economically challenged students. While this has been evident for the past few years because of the University’s low tuition and enactment of the free tuition law, much is still to be done. EOW’s effectiveness prove that innovative ways can the students farther.</li> <li>Look for more scholarship for students. This research has proven that wholistic approach to education is successful. It is important to increase our efforts in finding partners that support our advocacies in the field of education.</li> </ul> </li> </ul> <p>Rechell Cla-or, a 30-year-old cashier and mother of four, is a third-year learner under the Education on Wheels (EOW) program. She stated that EOW is an opportunity for her and others to improve their lives. Her perseverance to receive a college degree is driven by her desire to secure a decent job that can provide the life her children deserve, “hindi po ito pansarili lamang, kundi para sa kinabukasan ng aking mga anak. Gusto kong maging isang inspirasyon na hindi hadlang ang edad para matapos ko ang pag-aaral.”</p> <p>(“This is not only for myself, but for the future of my children. I want to be an inspiration that age is not a barrier to finishing my education.”)</p> <p>PUP President Manuel M. Muhi emphasized the importance of continued support in his Message of Gratitude to partners.</p> <p>“Ako na po mismo ang humihingi ng inyong support sa pag-sustain ng operations ng program. Fuel, malaking tulong po yan. Books, school supplies, at uniform, ok din po. Pagkain at scholarships, importante po para mahikayat natin ang students na mag-stay sa school. Laptops, steno machines, actual equipment refurbished man po o brand new, big help na po yan sa ating students. Siyempre po wifi kailangan din. Ito po so far ang nakikita naming need ng bus. Tulungan niyo na rin po kami sa promotions dahil mas maraming supporters, mas ok po.”</p> <p>(“I am personally asking for your support in sustaining the operations of the program. Fuel would be a great help. Books, school supplies, and uniforms are also okay. Food and scholarships are important to encourage students to stay in school. Laptops, steno machines, and actual equipment, whether refurbished or brand new, would be a big help to our students. Of course, we also need Wi-Fi. These are the needs we have identified for the bus so far. Please also help us with promotions because the more supporters we have, the better.”)</p> <p>EOW initiatives align with PUP’s core values of a sense of service and excellence, committed to perform duties with an inherent desire to be of service to others, while aiming for outstanding performance in teaching, learning, research, and community engagements.</p> <p>The project grant under the Australian Grants Scheme was provided on July 2023. It will end this June 2024, with the intent of utilizing the advocacy materials for sustained operations and promotions of the EOW project.</p> <p>Every donation counts. Whether in cash or non-monetary educational materials such as books, school supplies, and uniforms. Your support helps learners reach their dreams. For donations and support, please contact us at <a href="mailto:commcenter@pup.edu.ph?subject=%5BEOW%20website%20news%20article%5D%20">commcenter@pup.edu.ph</a> or <a href="mailto:sppo@pup.edu.ph?subject=%5BEOW%20website%20news%20article%5D%20">sppo@pup.edu.ph</a>.</p> <p><img alt="PUP Culminates Project Sigla: Education on Wheels Advocacy Campaign" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/NrHXzCV/2024-06-25-pup-culminates-project-sigla-education-on-wheels-advocacy-campaign-1.jpg" /><br /> <br /> <img alt="PUP Culminates Project Sigla: Education on Wheels Advocacy Campaign" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/Dpvpj1Q/2024-06-25-pup-culminates-project-sigla-education-on-wheels-advocacy-campaign-2.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=mgxSLVNtPzI%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Tue, 25 Jun 2024 19:46:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=mgxSLVNtPzI%3d