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The recognition was given to the schools with 50 or more examinees with at least 80% passing percentage.</p> <p>The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Board for Professional Teachers (BPT) reported that 10,039 primary school teachers out of 20,567 examinees and 7,809 secondary school teachers out of 18,717 examinees passed the March 2022 LET held on March 27 in 24 test centers across the Philippines.</p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=J2Yl%2fusQud8%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Fri, 06 May 2022 14:11:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=J2Yl%2fusQud8%3d PUPian tops April 2022 REELE and RMELE Jovi Mae Gabrentina, News, PUP Campus Journalists <br/><p>Jan Frey Pangilinan Pescasio from PUP-Maragondon has clinched top spots in April 2022 Registered Electrical Engineering Licensure Examination (REELE) and Registered Master Electrician Licensure Examination (RMELE). Pescasio ranked 5th in REELE and 8th in RMELE, with 89.30% and 88.00% scores, respectively.</p> <p>The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 3,029 out of 5,567 passed the REELE, while 1,717 out of 3,712 have successfully passed the RMELE. The said licensure examinations were conducted on April 26-28, 2022, at various testing centers located across the country. The results were made publicly available on Thursday, May 5, 2022.</p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=OmX53zpClVc%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Fri, 06 May 2022 14:11:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=OmX53zpClVc%3d CMO conducts u-wide Complaints Management Training Angelo Acedera, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>A university-wide Complaints Management Training for employees and staff was organized for whole month of April. The Communication Management Office (CMO) facilitated the training which was composed of four (4) batches with morning and afternoon sessions.</p> <p>In her opening message during the third batch of training, Vice President for Research, Extension, Planning and Development (VPREPD) Dr. Anna Ruby Gapasin shared the reason why this activity was held: “This training is a reminder for all of us – we must always be on our toes when it comes to delivering effective public service. It does not matter if we are already experts, we should constantly open ourselves to learning and re-learning especially now that the nature of public service delivery is evolving given digital transformation.”</p> <p>The first batch of trainees came from the Student Affairs and Services Sector and administrative and services staff from different PUP branches and satellite campuses. This was held last April 7-8 through Zoom. Employees from Administration and Finance Sectors were trained during the second batch, held on April 18-19 while members of the Academic Affairs and Research, Extension, Planning and Development Sectors joined the third batch on April 20-21. The last batch, organized on April 25-26, was provided for employees under the President and Executive Vice President Sectors. The newly retrofitted gymnasium served as the venue for the second to fourth batches of trainings.<br />  </p> <p><strong>Ease of doing business as a primary government service</strong></p> <p>Atty. Mariane Celeste L. Carino-Lameyra, from the Anti-Red Tape Authority, was the keynote speaker. She discussed the Adopting the Ease of Doing Business in Answering Queries. Participants were informed about the basic principles and salient provisions of ARTA and 8888 Citizen’s Complaint Hotline, and how these laws affect frontline services.</p> <p>Executive Order 6, s. 2016 instructs all government agencies and units to receive citizens’ concerns through any communication channel and provide concrete and specific action within 72 hours upon receipt. This is consistent with the rules of the Anti-Red Tape Acts of 2018 where simple requests should be acted upon within three (3) working days, and more complex requests should not exceed seven (7) to twenty (20) working days.</p> <p>These laws explain the requirements for efficient and reliable services as well as the penalties in case of violations. The employees were also trained on how to improve their services, especially customer service relations.<br />  </p> <p><strong>Training modules and simulated outputs</strong></p> <p>Trainees would need to complete five (5) modules to receive the Certificate of Completion. The modules were designed to refresh the communication concepts needed for client engagement; provide them with practical tips on writing emails and reports; and understanding client concerns raised in social media platforms.</p> <p>Prof. Buellah May Convento from PUP CreaTV discussed the Principles and Structure of Communication; Atty. Fidel L. Esteban from Collabera Technologies Private Limites Inc. discussed the Purpose of Persuasion; Ms. Lara Danielle F. Cartujano from Fujitsu GDC Philippines discussed the Clarity and Mechanics of Writing Well; Prof. Earl Jaynus Guzman from CMO-External Relations Services discussed the Basic Social Media Communications.</p> <p>After the discussion, the trainees were tasked to draft a standard response for emails based on scenarios given to them, identify their frontline services and actual response time, and audit their existing social media platforms and websites. Offices and units without social media presence were asked to determine whether they would need one to promote their services.</p> <p>Meanwhile, the Vice President for Administration Prof. Adam V. Ramilo reiterated the purpose of being a public servant, “Dapat po ba nating masamain ang mga natanggap nating complaints? Bilang public servant, dapat hindi natin masamain. Kundi, tingnan natin ito bilang constructive criticism upang mas lalong paunlarin ang ating serbisyo. Marahil may pagkukulang tayo o ang client, pero sa nature ng ating trabaho dapat naroon tayo sa diwa ng pagpapakumbaba at makayang serbisyo-publiko.”</p> <p>In a separate recorded message, EVP Alberto Guillo reiterated the same challenge to our officers: “Much as David bravely fought Goliath even if he is bigger than the rest of the Israelites; the same is true for us frontline officers. We have so much work to do, but we know we can always do better and overcome these challenges.”</p> <p>A simulation exercise will be conducted this May to observe enhancements in client engagement among the trained officers.</p> <p><img alt="CMO conducts u-wide Complaints Management Training" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/j3JTfrv/2022-05-06-cmo-conducts-u-wide-complaints-management-training.png" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=aajt%2f7vuO9U%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Fri, 06 May 2022 14:11:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=aajt%2f7vuO9U%3d PUPian EcELE topnotcher: Pray and be positive Jovi Mae Gabrentina, News, PUP Campus Journalists <br/><p>Despite being an overthinker, Engr. Jhon Loyd Ignacio Tenorio of PUP. Sto Tomas Batangas has kept a positive outlook during the April 2022 Electronics Engineer Licensure Examination (EcELE) where he emerged as one of its 7th placers.</p> <p>“Be positive! Though isa akong overthinker na person, I would suggest na ‘wag na ‘wag talagang i-a-attract ang mga negative vibes!” he said.</p> <p>Engr. Tenorio was among the three examinees with a score of 88.70. According to him, he partly expected to be part of the top passers, as he was “kind of confident” with his answers during the exam. Equally, he also had doubts, as he was also afraid that he might “overclaim” and be “overconfident.”<br />  </p> <p><strong>‘From 500 questions a day to Engineer’</strong></p> <p>Due to the postponement of the licensure examinations because of the ongoing health crisis, Engr. Tenorio was among those people who had no choice but to seek employment. Juggling his full-time work and reviewing for the exam has become his great challenge.</p> <p>“Ang pinakamalaking challenge sa’kin on preparing for the ECE board exam ay kung paano ko pagsasabayin ang review and yung current work ko as a System Admin sa isang IT Company. Matinding time management talaga ang kinailangan ko because I will be working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week,” he explained.</p> <p>Meanwhile, when he enrolled in a review center, he said that he relied primarily on recorded sessions as he was unable to attend online courses because of his job. Despite the challenges, Engr. Tenorio shared how he has remained positive. He recounted those two months before his exam, he became frustrated as he realized that there was still much to be done. But instead of being discouraged, he assessed his strengths and weaknesses. From then on, he concentrated on his weaknesses and paid particular attention to those important topics that he “was still uncomfortable with.”</p> <p>“Nag grind ako nang nag grind by answering more than 500 multiple choice questions per day, because I am aware that I really need a lot of catching up to do,” the Engineer said.</p> <p>“Minsan nga nagre-review pa ako 16 hours a day para lang maka-catch up. I know 16 hours a day is a lot, and I won’t recommend it either for future ECEs kasi super unhealthy no’n, but I don’t really have much of a choice during that time,” he added.</p> <p>Engr. Tenorio also shared how prayers have helped him along his engineering journey.</p> <p>“During and after the board exam, I really surrendered everything to Him! I am not a very religious person talaga. I don’t even have a bible verse na pinanghahawakan ko. Pero, I know for a fact that there is a God,” he stated.<br />  </p> <p><strong>‘Mula sa’yo para sa bayan’</strong></p> <p>Meanwhile, Engr. Tenorio advised his fellow PUPian especially the graduating students, to claim the license, to always believe in themselves and to trust God.</p> <p>“Kung meron mang board exams ang program niyo, i-claim na natin ang well-deserved nating license and let us return the favor sa ating Sintang Paaralan, PUP!” he said.</p> <p>“We really do need to return the favor sa ating bayan dahil sa pribilehiyong pinagkaloob sa atin na makatungtong sa ating Sintang Paaralan.” he added.<br />  </p> <p><strong>Moving Forward</strong></p> <p>On the other hand, Engr. Tenorio said he will remain in the company where he is currently working and will try to assess whether it is the best career path for him. He is also considering joining the PUP Academe.</p> <p>“I am also considering taking a master’s degree as there is some invisible force pushing me to part of the academe of PUP,” he said.</p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=VQ%2f7hyf8R%2bM%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Fri, 06 May 2022 14:08:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=VQ%2f7hyf8R%2bM%3d Psychology Department participates in development and launch of PH adapted UTC for substance use disorder Emy Ruth Gianan, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>Globally recognized Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) for substance abuse disorder will be distributed to various universities in the country, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) included. Distribution of this new textbook and curriculum is part of a multiyear program titled “Enhancing Treatment and Prevention in the Philippines” sponsored by the US Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) and in partnership with the Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Program (Colombo Plan) and the Philippines’ Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB). The launch was held virtually last April 14.</p> <p>Noting its significant contribution to ensure a better understanding of substance abuse and addiction in the Philippines, Dr. John Mark Distor and Dr. Aimee Rose Arguelles-Manda of the PUP Psychology Department actively participated in the development of the UTC. They worked on the first chapter in the book, Physiology and Pharmacology. This explained the science of addition, outlined different psychoactive substances, and discussed family systems and social stigma.</p> <p>Dr. Manda, an International Certified Addiction Professional III (Supervisory Level), was also part of the team who wrote Chapter 2: The Continuum of Care. Her 18-year experience in the field of substance addiction helped her extensively contribute and expound on the principles of recovery and the different factors that affect treatment outcome, nature of motivation, and continuing care. Writers were expected to provide local data and contextualize the contents of the book to be more applicable to the Philippine setting.</p> <p>“I have always been keen to adapt Addiction Specialization in our Sintang Paaralan. Other universities have yet to offer this as part of their curriculum, and I believe that PUP can pioneer this. The Treatment and Prevention Curriculum can be integrated in our existing program and be considered as one of the Psychology Department’s niches. Producing graduates with this kind of specialization, who would actively advocate for drug use prevention and treatment, would be a great contribution of our university,” Dr. Manda shared in an email interview.</p> <p>Over the course of the program, a total of 10 faculty members of the University’s Psychology Department joined the 10-day walk-through training of the UTC basic courses. The latest batch of participants, who also witnessed the UTC book launch, include Dr. Pricilla Marzan and Dr. Christopher Sasot. Together with Dr. Manda and Dr. Distor, Dr. Geraldine F. Santos, and Dr. Rodrigo Lopiga also served as first batch of participants in 2018. Instructors Timothy Morales, Elfie Samaniego, Krisette Romero, and Arianne Nachor joined the second batch in 2019.</p> <p>The book covered eight (8) topics. This includes the following: Introduction to the Science of Addiction; Treatment for Substance Use Disorders; Common and Co-Occurring Mental and Medical Disorders; Basic Counselling Skills; Intake, Screening, Assessment, Treatment Planning and Documentation; Case Management; Crisis Intervention; and Ethics for Addiction Professionals. Each topic has been developed by a team of academic experts and professionals, two (2) of which came from PUP.</p> <p>PUP is an active member of the International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction (ICUDDR), while Dr. Manda represents the University as a certified education provider in the International Society for Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP) given her international credential as addiction professional.</p> <p><img alt="Psychology Department participates in development and launch of PH adapted UTC for substance use disorder" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/vsX8Cn5/2022-05-02-psychology-department-participates-in-development-and-launch-of-ph-adapted-utc-for-substa.jpg" /><br /> <sub><strong>Photo source: </strong>Cruz, Kaithreen (2022, April 14). PH universities to receive UTC curriculum from US Embassy. The Manila Times. https://www.manilatimes.net/2022/04/14/campus-press/ph-universities-to-receive-utc-curriculum-from-us-embassy/1839990</sub></p> <p><em>***Note: Dr. Aimee Rose Manda provided correspondence for this article. For more details about this project, you may visit the <a href="https://www.state.gov/bureau-of-international-narcotics-and-law-enforcement-affairs-philippines-summary/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">INL website</a> or read this press release from the <a href="https://ph.usembassy.gov/u-s-embassy-sponsors-new-textbook-and-curriculum-on-substance-use-disorder-for-philippine-universities/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">US Embassy in the Philippines</a>.</em></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=cOU%2fGmCuu5g%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Mon, 02 May 2022 17:29:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=cOU%2fGmCuu5g%3d BSBA-HRM students examine the plight of solo parents in published study Zandro Estella, Ralph Joseph Tuazon, News, PUP Quezon City <br/><p>A group of Human Resource Management (BSBA – HRM) students from PUP Quezon City published a study examining the impact of the Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000 to selected solo parent employees in call center companies. The study titled “Solo ON and OFF Duty: Challenges of Selected Solo Parent Employees in Call Center Companies and the Implication of Republic Act 8972” has been accepted for publication in the International Journal for Research Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) Volume VI, Issue III of the Research and Scientific Innovation and Society on its March 2022 release.</p> <p>The published article describes the saga of the solo parents in relation to the 20-year-old Republic Act 8972. The researchers sought the expert opinion and personal testimonies of the participants in addressing the complex problems of today’s solo parents. Findings of the study served as basis for recommendations in aid of legislation to the local government units (LGUs) with support from the non-government organizations (NGOs) in championing the cause of solo parents.</p> <p>Ralph Joseph C. Tuazon led the group of researchers, with Jessa C. Butiu, Sittie Farhannah C. Natangcop, Jessa Mae L. Lonzaga, and Marie Katrina A. Lim. Prior to publication, the paper was first presented in the National and International Paper Presentation for Students (Project NIPS 2021) and during the International Research Conference in Higher Education (IRCHE 2021) organized by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.</p> <p>The full study may be accessed through this <a href="https://www.rsisinternational.org/virtual-library/papers/solo-on-and-off-duty-challenges-of-selected-solo-parent-employees-in-call-center-companies-and-the-implication-of-republic-act-8972/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">link</a>.</p> <p><img alt="BSBA-HRM students examine the plight of solo parents in published study" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/XbdZMG6/2022-05-02-bsba-hrm-students-examine-the-plight-of-solo-parents-in-published-study.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=cpvKlEGruJA%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Mon, 02 May 2022 16:42:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=cpvKlEGruJA%3d CID organizes webinar on inclusion and religion Louie Montemar, News, Center for Inclusivity and Diversity <br/><p>Allan “Acharya Das” Tibby, a respected teacher of Vedic and yoga philosophy, meditation and kirtan, talked about the inter-related themes of religion and social relations in a webinar titled: “Inclusion and Religion: Understanding Society and Spirituality”, organized by the Center for Inclusivity and Diversity (CID) held last April 27, 2022.</p> <p>The webinar garnered an estimated 700 viewers from Zoom and Facebook live, with Acharya Das offering a profound discussion of diversity in faith-based organizations; religious pluralism, and inclusion; the role of religion in common values, social responsibility, social justice, and ethics; and religion and spirituality. He shared interesting insights on the shared principles of all major world religions especially as they impact on the “modern” concern for inclusion or inclusivity.</p> <p>“Actual religion is better understood as spirituality within the context of Christianity, engaging in living principle that we are eternal spiritual being,” Acharya Das quipped.</p> <p>EMO Director Dr. Rolan Malvar, in his welcoming remarks, underscored how faith-based organizations should be means by which we can unite communities towards development work rather than being founts of misunderstanding, factionalism, and conflict. Dr. Vivencio Ballano of the Sociology Department was a reactor for the main talk. He affirmed the insights of the main speaker while pointing out how Catholic theology evolved to be responsive and inclusive given current social dynamics and concerns.</p> <p>As the university’s advocacy unit related to community extension and outreach work, CID offered this webinar as part of its lynchpin program of sponsoring a series of online educational lectures on key issues that help clarify and promote the various concerns of inclusion and diversity in our university and the broader community.</p> <p>The Webinar is one of the many initiatives and activities of Extension Management Office (EMO) under the Office of the Vice President for Research, Planning, and Development (OVPEPD). It is part of the year-long series of online CID talks on relevant issues borne of inclusion concerns dubbed as the “Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ Inclusion and Diversity Talks” or PUnDIT.</p> <p><img alt="CID organizes webinar on inclusion and religion" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/mGMXWtF/2022-04-28-cid-organizes-webinar-on-inclusion-and-religion.jpg" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=xAZ%2fl4J80jI%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Thu, 28 Apr 2022 15:58:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=xAZ%2fl4J80jI%3d Three CS research projects receive PCIEERD FLAG funding Mary Rose Arce, News, College of Science <br/><p>All three (3) research teams from PUP College of Science received funding from the prestigious Facilities and Laboratory Access Grant (FLAG) Program of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) - Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD).</p> <p>The projects are geared towards developing emerging technologies and exploring innovations in line with the PCIEERD sectoral priority areas. Two (2) projects come from BS Biology students led by Prof. Lourdes V. Alvarez, PhD, and one (1) from BS Chemistry led by Assistant Professor Chester C. Deocaris, MSc.  Funded projects include FunkoBats (Fungal Quinone Batteries), Project Bio-insulation, and Catalytic Zeolite PH.</p> <p>FunkoBats proponents include three BS Biology students: Glenn Christian G. Bamuya, Keith Mariz P. Lazo, and Paolo Nicko M. Lucas. The purpose of the project is to obtain a sustainable energy storage via fungal quinone extraction. Another group of BS Biology students comprised of Jhoana Archel B. Fermin, Gabrielsony J. Mendoza, and Roque B. Porcel will work on Project Bio-Insulation. Using spent mushroom substrate and coir fiber, the project intends to create a low-cost aerogel with heat and sound insulation capabilities.</p> <p>The team Catalytic Zeolite PH is comprised of three BS Chemistry students: Mary Rose L. Arce, Jhune Dominique P. Galang, and Dave Ahsaelle M. Milambiling. The project will attempt to transform the Pangasinan clinoptilolite and kaolin to the catalyst ZSM-5 and assess its potential application to the thermocatalytic depolymerization of polyethylene plastics.</p> <p>Each team was awarded with a ?250,000-worth grant for the use of DOST’s facilities and laboratory services in support for their planned initiatives.</p> <p><img alt="Three CS research projects receives PCIEERD FLAG funding" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/cDpGR0b/2022-04-27-three-cs-research-projects-receives-pcieerd-flag-funding.png" /></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=xnD0PWyvNME%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Wed, 27 Apr 2022 13:29:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=xnD0PWyvNME%3d ABM student finishes 2nd in Kingfisher Cup 2022 Emy Ruth Gianan, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>Aliyah Red T. Cadiz, ABM 12-1, bested 781 participants from 185 schools nationwide in the recently concluded Kingfisher ABM Cup 2022. The finals round of the quiz bee was held last April 1 and was livestreamed via the official Facebook page of Kingfisher ABM Organization.</p> <p>“Honestly, I still can’t believe that I won second place for this is my first time joining a national-level competition alone, with no team or partner. I didn’t expect to win; with that many schools, and unfamiliar and intimidating faces,” Cadiz shared in an email interview.</p> <p>Cadiz hurdled the two rounds of competitions with preparation and clear mindset. She shared her success with the people who tirelessly helped her for this competition: “I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to my family, Sir Noel Bergonia, and Kuya William Dalupang because without them, I don’t think I would achieve this.”</p> <p>Prof. Noel Bergonia, Chairperson of the Department of Accountancy, served as Cadiz’s competition coach.</p> <p>“Ranking in the Kingfisher ABM Cup 2022 shows that our students are well-equipped to attain academic excellence not only in the classroom but also in competitions outside of the school. I look forward to more wins of our SHS students in academic and non-academic events because I know that they will, and they can.”</p> <p>Aside from Cadiz, other PUPians showcased their wit and excellence in the same competition. Jennelyn B. Capino and Carmela Dawn C. Maglantay joined Cadiz in the top 5 representatives for the National Capital Region (NCR), while Ilia Raine T. Santos and Tanya Gabrielle S. Tumambing secured spots as wildcard contestants. The eliminations round was held last March 28.</p> <p>The quiz bee covered Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business and Management I and II, with special topics such as Retail and Gross Profit Method of Inventory Estimation, Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis, VAT Computations, Bank Reconciliation, and Depreciation.</p> <p>The Kingfisher Cup is now on its fifth year. It is organized and sponsored by the <a href="https://www.facebook.com/ABMOrgKingfisherSchool">Kingfisher ABM Organization</a>, a youth-led group based in Dagupan City, Pangasinan.</p> <p><img alt="ABM student finishes 2nd in Kingfisher Cup 2022" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/311qy9q/2022-04-25-abm-student-finishes-2nd-in-kingfisher-cup-2022.png" /><br /> <sub><strong>Photo source: </strong>2nd Place Aliyah Red T. Cadiz. (2022, April 1). Kingfisher ABM Organization Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/ABMOrgKingfisherSchool/photos/pcb.371002764932696/371002214932751</sub></p> <p><em>*** Prof. Michelle B. Sotto, Principal of the Senior High School Department, provided correspondence for this article. </em></p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=N0zGAIVeNJQ%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Mon, 25 Apr 2022 14:01:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=N0zGAIVeNJQ%3d AACCUP re-accredits 9 PUP programs Emy Ruth Gianan, News, Communication Management Office <br/><p>Six (6) undergraduate, one (1) master, and two (2) doctorate programs received re-accreditation from the Accrediting Agency of Chartered College and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), Inc. this month.</p> <p>Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration major in Human Resource Management, Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Cooperatives, and Industrial Engineering are now Level IV re-accredited, while the Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Statistics was awarded Level III re-accreditation.</p> <p>Master of Science in Industrial Engineering also received Level III re-accreditation, while Doctor in Business Administration and in Education Management both got Level IV re-accreditation. A full list of the programs and its duration of validity are seen in this matrix.</p> <p><img alt="AACCUP re-accredits 9 PUP programs" class="image image-full" src="https://i.ibb.co/YpngWRZ/2022-04-13-aaccup-re-accredits-9-pup-programs.jpg" /></p> <p>The same agency commended PUP as top 3 performing SUC last March, receiving six (6) major awards for its academic programs. It has the highest number of Level I accredited and Level II re-accredited programs; two (2) Level III Phase 1 passers, seven (7) Level IV Phase I passers, and nine (9) Level IV certified programs for 2021.</p> <p>Accreditation is a process of evaluation and independent assessment of educational quality among programs offered by tertiary learning institutions. Given its depth and rigor, PUP’s performance over the years and amid the pandemic demonstrates its continued commitment to quality education and academic excellence.</p> <p>The internal Quality Assurance Center (QAC), led by Dr. Sanjay Claudio, spearheads the regular accreditation processes undertaken by various programs from the Main Campus and its branches and satellite campuses.</p> <br/><a href="http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=dQh5A0GaeoU%3d">View this article in PUPWebSite</a> Wed, 13 Apr 2022 15:43:00 GMT http://www.pup.edu.ph/news/?go=dQh5A0GaeoU%3d