Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology

Computer and Office Management Department
Diploma (Ladderized) Program leading to BS degrees, TESDA National Certificate and PRC licensure

The program aims to provide students with a broad perspective of the computer system, as well as the technical skills to manipulate software and hardware systems.

Job Targets/Opportunities

Year Level Certificate/Diploma of Proficiency Job Targets
1 Certificate in Computer Engineering Technology
  • Computer Repair Shop Assistant
  • Computer Technician
  • Computer Operator
  • System Support Technician
  • Junior Computer Service Technician
2 Associate in Computer Engineering Technology
  • Senior Computer Service Technician
  • Computer Peripheral Technician
3 Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology
  • Computer Engineer Assistant
  • Computer System Designer Assistant
  • Senior Programmer
  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Web Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Computer Trainer
  • System Researcher
  • Technical Support
  • Supervisor/Manager

Summary of Units
General Education Subjects (20 units)
Core Subjects (14 units)
Major Subjects (60 units)
Other Subjects (13 units)


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