Admission Overview

The University is committed in giving qualified and talented individuals access to quality and responsive education to support them in the achievement of their dreams and improvement of their lives.

Consolidated Growth through Education is the role of PUP in the educational development of the youth in preparation for their involvement in nation building.  It encompasses the social, economic, industrial, technological, and cultural aspect of life with which individuals synergize themselves to develop an environment necessary to the progress of the nation.

Being a well-educated and skilled individual is the initial step towards one's success and growth.

Incoming Freshman
If you are a graduating high school student or a high school graduate whose academic performance is above-average and has a good moral character, you are eligible to apply for admission to the University.

Transferring Students
For students who are currently enrolled in other PUP branch or another school, and would like to pursue their academic studies in PUP.

Returning Students
Students whose studies in PUP were discontinued for a period of time may be considered for readmission depending on their previous academic performance and availability of slots.

Baccalaureate Degree Holders
Individuals having a baccalaureate degree can further pursue learning through various University post-graduate programs.

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