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Established in June 2008, the PUP Quality Assurance Center plays a crucial role in sustaining the quality outcomes of the University as an epistemic community.  Recognizing that quality is the University’s primary responsibility, the PUP QAC strives to nurture a culture of quality through the development, implementation, monitoring and review of quality assurance-related policies, procedures and projects to meet institutional, national, and international standards.  It also conducts periodic review of curricular offerings, ensuring that academic programs remain responsive to stakeholders and societal needs.

Acknowledging that quality assurance is a holistic, participatory and collaborative process, the Center functions under the direct supervision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and works closely with Colleges, Branches, Campuses and non-academic offices of the University.

Message from the QAC Director

Today is indeed a very exciting and challenging time to be in the Academic Sector particularly in Higher Education because of the many developments and opportunities that are currently taking place.

Dr. Sanjay P. ClaudioThe K-12 Transition which changed the landscape of our educational system aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of our graduates: the internationalization of education which facilitates the mobility of students and faculty, of researches and technology as well as credit transfer; the competition for higher SUC budget through normative financing; the SUC Levelling and the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) standards; the application for Center of Development and Center of Excellence; the employability of our graduates, locally and globally, to mention a few.

Consequently, these challenges inevitably become a challenge also to our educational administrators, to our faculty and students, and to all our stakeholders, to continuously enhance the competitiveness, relevance and responsiveness of our institution and its academic programs.

At the Center of all these is our Quality Assurance System.

Recognizing that quality assurance is a holistic, participatory and collaborative process, the PUP Quality Assurance Center endeavors to better engage the University stakeholders to value, practice, and promote the culture of quality, through various programs and policies.

As we celebrate the Center’s 10th year of productive existence, we wish to develop more champions committed to sustain the culture of excellence that made PUP what it is now and perhaps will secure its future!

Sanjay P. Claudio, DPA

The Quality Circle

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