Open University System

The PUP Open University System (PUP OUS), also known as the "Pamantasang Bayan", is a fresh and innovative system of delivering higher educational services in a manner that differs from the formal, highly structured, and classroom-oriented traditional approach.

PUP Open University System

Institute of Open and Distance Education / Transnational Education

Distance education provides option in terms of where and when you learn. You may study independently, with the guidance of a teacher or a tutor who grades and comments on your work or you may study online, communicating with your teacher and other students in your “online” classroom.

Institute of Non-Traditional Study Program and ETEEAP

Offers practitioners or executives who have shown top-caliber abilities in their fields of specialization, an opportunity to complete their college degrees or graduate programs and earn their diplomas without having to take a leave from the jobs.

Institute for Continuing and Professional Development

Committed on enhancing the individual professional's knowledge and skills through integrated industry-based professional development experiences in collaboration with the Professional Regulations Commission, the Commission on Higher Education, and other government agencies.

OU Sphere

The Open University Sphere, the official newsletter of the PUP Open University, is now online. Read the latest from the country’s leading open and distance education provider.

Open University Sphere

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