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The PUP Logo

The PUP Logo

The star in the logo stands for the perfection of the human person as well as the search for truth, while the five concentric circles depict infinite wisdom.

Both the five-pointed star and the five concentric circles stand for quintessence, meaning the highest form of quality or the most perfect example of creation. The two arcs of laurel symbolize excellence and quality of education as demonstrated by the rich achievements of the University in over a century of its existence.

The star is golden yellow not only because this is a star’s natural color but also because, together with the dark maroon used as background, it is the traditional color of the University.

The five concentric circles are white because it symbolizes purity.

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Here are the former logos of this institution:

Past logos 

Left to Right: Philippine School of Commerce (1908), Philippine College of Commerce (1953), and Polytechnic University of the Philippines (1978).

The Mural

PUP Mural

The sculpture (Cut and welded brass mural relief, 2.5 x 9.3 meters) was built by national artist Eduardo Castrillo in 1974.  The theme of the artwork is Consolidated Growth through Education - the role of PUP in the educational development of the youth in preparation for their involvement in nation building.  The mural illustrates the social, economic, industrial, technological, and cultural aspect of life with which man blends himself to develop an environment necessary to the progress of the nation.

The mural is located at the main gate of the University Mabini Campus.  The brass sculpture depicts the purposeful growth of the Filipino youth.  It also signifies the role and responsibility of the youth in the progress and development of the nation, which the University recognizes.  As an institution dutifully concerned in shaping the lives of the youth, the University pays tribute to the hope and builder of the world tomorrow through this artistic interpretation.

The Pylon

PUP Pylon

The Pylon originally stood for the true, the good and the beautiful.

The Triad of pillars may also stand for wisdom, strength and beauty because there should be wisdom to contrive, strength to support and beauty to adorn any great or important undertaking. 

Since 1987, however, the Pylon came to symbolized truth, excellence and wisdom.

The Obelisk

PUP Obelisk PUP Obelisk

The Obelisk, standing majestic on its base, depicts the strength of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines as an institution of higher learning, promoting educational and moral aims which are fortified by a determined leadership with a clear vision for the Filipino youth and an efficient support system inspired by the virtues of public service.

With a long-standing reputation as a vanguard of truth and social justice, PUP also pays homage to the Great Conscience and Brain of the Philippine Revolution, Apolinario Mabini who reflects everything the University upholds especially its mission of public enlightenment.

On top is the University Star Logo , symbol of PUP’s image as the Light of the Nation. It stands for the perfection of the human person and the search for truth. Its five concentric circles represent infinite wisdom and each point of the star signifies integrity, ingenuity, industry, intelligence and internationalism – the core values of PUP as a Total University.

Dedicated to the future, the obelisk stands here and now as an emblem of strength and greatness that only time can change.

The Centenary Insignia

PUP Centenary Insignia

The Centenary Logo is an emblem of a noble and glorious past, a living testimony to the University population’s adherence to the beautiful traits of loyalty, integrity, love of peace, commitment to service, and undying love of and devotion to God - essential attributes in the pursuit of academic excellence and progress in a span of one hundred years (1904-2004).

Standing for the wheel of life is the circle which moves incessantly to give life to all members of the academic community - the administrators, the professoriate, the non-academic personnel, and the studentry - walking hand in hand, regardless of status in life, looking forward to a resplendent life-giving future. As it is, the wheel of life converges with Information and Communications Technology.

The laurel leaves inside the circle embody good health, peace, harmony, and prosperity within the ambit of PUP and the global village where the inhabitants meet as they communicate the same ideals, ideas, and aspirations.

Within the centenary logo is the PUP logo which speaks eloquently of PUP’s vital role in molding minds, enriching souls, and giving firmer grounds to stand on.

From the circle emanate three big arrows which stand for the rapid growth of high-tech education in all levels. The University is now cited as the Center of Development in different disciplines, especially Information and Communications Technology.

From the Philippine Flag spring red and blue bands - a symbol of the PUP community’s respect for nationalism and Filipinism, strengthened by the PUPians’ role in nation-building, courageous outlook, tenacity and contribution to economic progress.

The rising sun emerges through the yellow color imbibing the vision, mission, and goals of PUP and its endless search for truth, excellence, quality, compassion, efficiency and effectiveness as it tackles the functions of a University - instruction, research, extension, and production.

Ten small arrows spring from the circle to herald the University’s concern for people from all walks of life, through the service and commitment in seven branches and three campuses throughout the nation.

PUP 100

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