Academic Load

  1. In general, one (1) academic unit is the equivalent of at least seventeen (17) lecture hours or the corresponding laboratory hours.
  2. No undergraduate student shall be allowed to take more than the number of units specified in his curriculum except for graduating and academically outstanding certified by the College Dean
  3. In the summer term, the normal load shall be six (6) units. In justifiable cases, however, the College Dean may allow a student to take a maximum of nine (9) units
  4. The College Dean may limit the academic load of students who are employed outside the University whether in full time or part-time basis.

Changing of Classes, Substitution, and Dropping of Subjects

  1. Transfer to another class may be allowed only with the approval of the College Dean concerned, who shall advise the University Registrar's Office for proper recording
  2. No substitution shall be allowed for major and mandated subjects prescribed in the curriculum in which the student has failed, except when in the opinion of the Dean of the College offering the prescribed subject, the proposed substitute subject is substantially similar in subject matter to the required subject
  3. Substitution of subjects may be authorized in any of the following cases:
    • A curriculum has been superseded by a new one and the substitution tends to bring the old curriculum in line with the new one. However, in case of curricular revision, the student follows the curriculum he was enrolled in while in the first year
    • There is conflict of schedule between required subjects of the same number of units
    • The required subject is not offered.
  4. Petition of substitution should:
    • Involve subjects within the same department if possible; if not, the proposed substitute must be allied to the one being substituted
    • Be between subjects of the same number of units
    • Be recommended by the class adviser and approved by the College Dean concerned
    • Be substituted to the office of the College Dean during the registration period or before the opening of classes
    • Be acted upon by the College Dean/Director concerned. In case of petition is disapproved, the student may appeal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, whose decision on the matter is final
    • A student may drop subject by filing out the necessary application form with the University Registrar, provided his case is not covered by a pertinent provision of the University Code.
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