Returning Students

Students whose studies in PUP were discontinued for a period of time may be considered for re-admission depending on their previous academic performance and availability of slots.

Documents to submit

The returning student, in addition to paying the re-admission fee, shall submit the following documents to the Admissions Office:

  1. Duly accomplished Application Form for Returning Student;
  2. Accounts Clearance;
  3. Latest Registration Certificate;
  4. Medical Clearance from the University Clinic;
  5. Academic evaluation based on Transcript of Records or informative copy of grades issued by the Student Records Head of the Office of the University Registrar; and
  6. Receipt of payment of Re-admission Fee.

Re-admission Certificate

The returning student will be issued a Re-admission Certificate by the AROr after completion of all requirements.

Curriculum to pursue

If re-admitted within two (2) years, the returning student shall be allowed to continue their old curriculum; otherwise, they will continue under the new curriculum existing at the time of their re-admission.

Re-Admission Procedure

  1. Secure your Transcript of Records and informative copy of grades two (2) months before the enrollment
  2. Get a re-admission application form from the Admission Services by presenting the following:
    • Transcript of Records;
    • Two (2) pieces 2 inch. by 2 inch. (2"x2") picture;
    • One (1) piece 1 inch. by 1 inch. (1"x1") picture (with college background if you stopped for more than 2 years);
    • Latest Registration Certificates;
    • Receipt of payment (PhP 25.00) for re-admission fee; and
    • Curriculum sheet
  3. Fill-out properly the application form for re-admission.
  4. Secure clearance from the Accounting Office, University Medical Office and Academic Evaluation from the college by presenting the properly filled out form for re-admission and your Transcript of Records/Informative Copy of Grades
  5. Submit the properly filled-out readmission form with necessary clearance from the offices concerned to the Admission Services
  6. If approved, get your re-admission certificate upon submission of the requirements
  7. Go to the College of your chosen course and present the Admission Certificate for your enrollment and the photo copy of the required credentials.
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