Any student must finish the requirements of a college course within a period equivalent to one and one half (1½) times the normal length of the prescribed residence for a course. Otherwise, the student shall not be readmitted into the college in which they are enrolled.

In case a student is officially given permission for leave of absence, the leave shall not be included in the computation of tenure.

Leave of Absence

Any student intending to take a leave of absence exceeding one semester shall file a written petition with the College Dean/Branch Director concerned, stating there in the reason the leave. If the leave exceeds one (1) academic year, the student will lose their status as a student in residence.

Any student who withdraws from the University without a formal leave of absence shall apply for readmission as a new student.

Honorable Dismissal

An Honorable Dismissal is issued by the University Registrar to a student who voluntarily withdraws from the University for purpose of transferring to another school.

Any student applying for an Honorable Dismissal shall be cleared of all accountabilities before a certificate is issued to them.

Any student who leaves the University for reasons of expulsion, dropping due to disciplinary action or suspension shall not be entitled to an Honorable Dismissal.

Any student who was issued honorable dismissal cannot be readmitted in PUP.

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