Procedure in Securing Certificate of Good Moral Character Through Online Request

06/10/2020 Bulletin Board
  1. Please fill out the CASH-DEPOSIT Slip at any Landbank (LBP) branch using the following details below. The cost of certificate is one hundred fifty pesos (P150.00) per copy.
    Account Name: PUP TRUST RECEIPTS
    Clearing Account Number: 0682-1020-47
  2. After payment, the requesting student/alumni should send a copy of the Bank’s Validated Deposit Slip to and together with the following information:
    1. Complete Name of Student/Alumni (ex., Juan Dela Cruz Santos)
    2. Student Number, for current student.  For student who stopped or on-leave, please indicate last semester/schoolyear attended. If alumni/graduated already, please indicate year of graduation.
    3. Program/Course Title (ex., Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering)
    4. Name of College/Graduate School/Open University/ETEEAP/Institute (ex., College of Engineering, College of Law, Institute of Technology)
    5. Type of Document Requested (Certificate of Good Moral Character)
    6. Name of the LBP branch where the payment was made (ex., LBP Araneta, QC Branch)
    7. Purpose of the Request
      • For Graduate Studies (include the name of the school)
      • For Admission to Law School (include the name of the Law school)
      • Transferring to Another School (include the name of the school)
      • For Employment (state the name of company
      • For Scholarship/Financial Assistance (include the name of grantor/benefactor                                                            
    8. E-mail address, FB Messenger Account, or mobile number
  3. Once the email is received, the Cashier’s Office will prepare the official receipt (OR) and send it online to the requesting party. The Office of Student Services (OSS) will be furnished a soft copy of this receipt bearing the OR number. Once OSS receives the copy, the OSS personnel in-charge will prepare the certificate with dry seal.  The soft copy will be sent to the e-mail address of the student/alumni two to three (2-3) working days after receipt of the request. The student/alumni shall be the one to print the certificate. The number of copy/ies to be printed should correspond with the amount paid..

Note:  For safety and health reasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the requesting party who wishes to claim the original hard copy of the certificate from the OSS is advised to do so once the situation normalizes.


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