Invitation to Food and Non-Food Stall Concessionaires

12/15/2020 Bulletin Board

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), through the Resource Generation Office (RGO), is now accepting applications from interested food and non-food stall concessionaires to operate in PUP Main Campus (Lagoon, and outside Lagoon area) and its satellite buildings/campuses (CEA, COC, Condotel, Itech, and Hasmin), Sta. Mesa, Manila.  

Interested parties are required to submit business proposals and documents to RGO, subject to the basic terms and conditions, the following pre-qualification documentary requirements:

  1. Letter of Intent (addressed to the University President through the RGO Director)
  2. Documentary Legal Requirements:
    1. Business Registration Certificate (Valid DTI Certificate for Sole Proprietorship, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration Certificate for Corporations and Partnership, or Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Permit for Cooperatives)
    2. Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit
    3. BIR Registration Certificate
    4. BIR Clearance
    5. Sanitation and Health Certification including those of canteen staff, crew, and handlers
  3. Proof of Billing (electricity bill, internet bill, etc.)
  4.  Bank Statement showing existing Current Account in the name of applicant/business
  5. Clearance from money accountabilities, in case of concessionaire with previous contract from PUP
  6. Photocopy of two (2) Government Issued IDs.

    Additional requirements for food stall applicants:
  7. Submission of a sample menu with corresponding prices per serving.
  8. Location Map of existing food preparation facility (attach photos).

Below are the following basic terms and conditions to guide interested applicants in preparing their proposals:

  1. A Contract of Lease shall be entered by and between the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) and each of the Concessionaire for a period of one year starting 2021, subject to renewal for those with above satisfactory performance review rating.
  2. PUP is looking for reputable, and experienced concessionaires to operate from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM from Monday to Saturday.
  3. The concessionaires will pay approved rental rates per square meter of stall occupied, exclusive of electricity, and water.
  4. Concessionaire must maintain the utmost cleanliness and proper hygiene in the preparation, handling, and serving of food, and ensure the quality of all foods served/sold, complies with sanitation standards prescribed by the implementing rules and regulations of Chapter III – Food Establishment of Presidential Decree No. 865, the Code of Sanitation of the Philippines  (For Food concessionaire applicant).
  5. Concessionaire must ensure that his/her staff have relevant training prior to deployment, secured his Health Certificate, and must provide personal protective equipment (like hairnet, sneeze guard, apron, closed shoes).
  6. PUP, through concerned offices, will conduct weekly sanitation and health inspections, monthly reading of utility meters, and semi-annual performance review to ensure the efficient and effective service delivery to the PUP community.
  7. Subject to post-qualification requirements prior to commencement of operation:
    1. Issue twelve (12) Posted-Dated Checks (PDC) dated every 1st day of each the month covering the duration of the contract shall be issued by the concessionaire in favor of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines to be submitted to the RGO upon the signing of contract.
    2. Pay a Warranty Deposit equivalent to two-month rental fee, and a one-month advance rental fee.
    3. Submit a list of inventories of equipment, furniture, and appliances to be brought in to the stall
    4. Install his/her own electrical sub-meter.
    5. Install his/her own fire extinguisher (specifications as prescribed by Facilities Management Office)
    6. Previous experience as a concessionaire with high satisfactory rating for at least three years as verified by previous or current clients.
  • Scan all documents and send to until May 15, 2021, 5:00 PM.
  • Applications with incomplete documents submitted will not be processed for evaluation.
  • Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.
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