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10/23/2017 Bulletin Board

Federation of Alumni Associations in PUP, Inc.

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I. Rationale
The Notable Alumni Award is given to celebrate the achievements, and to formally recognize the contributions of PUP Alumni Members.  FEDAAPI seeks to strengthen the connection of the entire alumni community through this venture.

II. Fields of Specialization
Awardees are PUP alumni members who are models of excellence, leadership, and innovation in the field of Commerce; Education; Engineering and Architecture; Food, Beverage, Hospitality, and Tourism; Science and Technology; Social Sciences; Languages and Communication; Public Administration and Law.

III. Selection Process

  • FEDAAPI shall solicit nominations from the alumni associations; and PUP faculty members and employees.
  • The selection committee shall consist of the following:
    • FEDAAPI Board Members to be appointed by the Federation President (Dr. Joseph Mercado and Dr. Racidon P. Bernarte)
    • Two (2) faculty members to be recommended by PUP President (Dr. Ma. Junithesmer D. Rosales and Asso. Prof. Edelyn M. Mariano)
    • Director of PUP Alumni Relations and Career Development Office (Engr. Florinda Oquindo)
  • Previous awardees are no longer qualified.

IV. General Criteria

  • Influence (40%)
    ?The nominee’s work must have considerable impact on the lives of the people both qualitatively and quantitatively.
    • Qualitatively (20%) – at least three individuals to be interviewed as to how their lives have been influenced by the nominee.
    • Quantitatively (20%) – number of people who have been influenced.
  • Leadership (30%)
    The nominee must exemplify values, qualities, and competencies of an inspiring leader. This is personal attributes rather than the position/job/title the nominee has held or holding. 

    The nominator shall write a short description of the nominee’s leadership attributes: having vision, possessing integrity, humble, cooperative, courageous, and good in strategic planning.
  • Public Service (30%)
    The nominee must have shown serving people, groups or society outside his/her work. The nominee shall be rated based on his/her community involvement and outreach programs/projects conducted.
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