PUP SHS ADVISORY: Postponement of F2F Extracurricular Activities

03/15/2021 Information Broadcast

The PUP Senior High School office received reports that several individuals use the PUPSHS name to conduct and attend graduation pictorials in various photography studios.  

The PUPSHS has NEVER endorsed or approved any activity related to this matter. The University adheres to the reminder issued by the Schools Division Office of Manila, to quote:  “Adherence to Safety and Health Protocols, still no F2f (face-to-face) activities for learners this school year.  Hence, all academic classes are conducted online, virtually, likewise, the POSTPONEMENT OF F2F EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, like GRADUATION PICTORIAL, GROUP PROJECT – MAKING, REPORT CARDS DISTRIBUTION, etc. which could expose them and their teachers to health risk.”

We encourage our stakeholders - students, parents, and teachers to report anyone who uses the PUPSHS’ name to conduct any unauthorized activities.

Thank you. 

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