CAFA LogoThe logo of the College of Architecture and Fine Arts represents clearly this distinct academic unit in our university. It is basically symbolized by a right-forwarding (this stance denotes dynamism) part of the Ionic capital, the universal icon for Architecture.

From the underside of the scroll, the Fine Arts is represented as three elemental streaks are coming out starting from a point and progressing as it swirls upwards curving to the right. This symbolizes the bristle of a paint brush seemingly in a stroking path which is also evoking a stylized version of the Pylon, the earliest iconic landmark of PUP.

The logo’s color is deep maroon, the international color symbolic of Architecture and Fine Arts which was treated as a progressing hue becoming bright yellow on top, thereby adopting the color of the quintessential five-pointed star of the university’s logo.

The figure 2000 represent the year the college was founded.

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