Graduate Programs

Goals and Objectives


To develop globally competitive students who will play proactive in national and international development.


  1. Quality instruction
    To provide quality instruction responsive to global needs and expectations;
  2. Wider accessibility
    To democratize access to graduate education to all qualified filipinos and foreigners;
  3. Research excellence
    To foster a culture of research excellence in graduate education;
  4. Resilient industry-academe partnership
    To develop and establish mutually beneficial partnerships with relevant industry sectors;
  5. Stakeholder empowerment
    To intensify capacity – building programs and stakeholders;
  6. Strong commitment to community service
    To provide adequate programs for the improvement of quality of life and to encourage acts of volunteerism to serve the needs of the marginalized sectors;
  7. Efficient resource generation
    To vigorously pursue efforts of increasing resources to sustain key programs of empowerment;
  8. Responsive extension service
    To share expertise with those who are most in need and to ensure the same as a source of empowerment;
  9. Quality and extension production
    To publish/produce quality instructional materials, technical instructional materials, modules, technical packages, interactive multimedia software, software innovations, inventions, research and development outputs; and
  10. Effective local and international linkages
    To establish, expand and strengthen opportunities for local and international linkages.

Currently, the PUP Graduate School supervises the following programs: Master of Science in Information Technology

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