Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

Admission Requirements

An applicant for admission to the LL.B program of studies must be a graduate of a bachelor’s degree and must have earned at least eighteen (18) units in English, six (6) units in Mathematics, and eighteen (18) units of social science subjects.
An applicant must also pass the PUP College of Law Entrance Test.

Freshman Enrollment Requirements

Before a qualified applicant is allowed to enrol, the following requirements must be submitted:

  1. Transcript of Records (with notation “copy for PUP College of Law only”)
  2. Certificate of Transfer Credentials / Honorable Dismissal from the school last attended
  3. Original Copy of Birth Certificate from NSO
  4. Two (2) pieces 2x2" Picture with white background
  5. Latest chest X-Ray
  6. OK for Enrollment Slip from University Medical Clinic
  7. Original Copy of Marriage Contract (for married women)
  8. One (1) long brown envelope


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