The College of Law Logo

The College of Law Logo

Eximius Academicus

Excellence in Academics. Academic excellence is the foremost objective of the College. Through academic excellence, the College/University will be able to produce competitive and outstanding lawyers.

Blue Ribbon

The blue ribbon is a symbol of high quality. This means that the College is continuously working to develop the quality of its students. The College/University aims to produce highly-competitive, just, conscientious, people-oriented and responsible lawyers.

Scale of Justice

The scale of justice represents the balance of truth and fairness in the justice system, and the weighing of both sides of a story. This means that all citizens have the same rights and deserve to be treated equally.

The PUP logo is placed behind but at the upper part of the scale of justice to emphasize that the vision and mission of the University are the guiding principles of the College of Law and law students should bear the same in their minds in pursuing their endeavor.


This pertains to the founding year of the PUP College of Law.

Purple Banner

This symbolizes leadership and authority.

Purple Color

Purple is the academic color for law.

The PUP Logo

See the meaning of the PUP Logo

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