Master in Public Administration

General Provisions

If the student has not taken undergraduate courses in a field of specialization, he is required to take eighteen (18) units of qualifying courses to be determined by the Academic Program Chairperson unless otherwise specified in the curriculum;

The student may take more than the prescribed units in any distribution in the curriculum to meet his career objective and professional needs;

Free electives may be chosen from among the courses offered which are outside the required subjects in the student’s curriculum;

If the student has completed courses substantially equivalent to the required courses, he may waive the latter by application to the Dean.

Program Description

The Master in Public Administration (MPA) is a graduate degree program offered to students and professionals whose interest is to work for, engage in and lead towards the development, promotion and advancement of effective, efficient, and efficacious public organizations and administration.

The program is designed to provide excellent foundation for existing and potential public administrators. Students of the program are exposed to theoretical and praxiological understanding and appreciation about the needs, concerns, issues, trends and problems of contemporary public organizations and administration.


Promoting a relevant and responsive graduate program that caters to the requirements and imperatives of an effective, efficient, efficacious, engaging and electronic public organizations and administration or (e-PA).


To produce responsible, committed, progressive public administrators who are proactive, innovative, creative and transformational in managing the affairs of public organizations in particular and in sharing and teaching the discipline of public administration in general.


  • To provide advanced training for professional careers in public service and administration
  • To enhance competencies and leadership in specialized areas of public administration
  • To develop expertise in the utilization of analytical tools and techniques in research relevant to public administration


  1. Foundation/Core (12 units)
    • PA 621 Philosophy and Science of Public Administration
    • PA 622 Public Administration Theory, Processes and Practices
    • PA 623 Statistics in Public Administration
    • RH 600 Methods of Research
  2. Major (18 units)
    • PA 624 Human Resource Management in Public Administration
    • PA 625 Public Policy and Program Administration
    • PA 626 Public Fiscal Administration
    • PA 627 Leadership and Organizational Change
    • PA 628 Local Government and Development Administration
    • PA 629 Trends and Issues in Public Administration
  3. Electives/Cognates (6 units)
    • RH 615 Seminar in Thesis Writing
    • Any subject from allied field of specialization
  4. Thesis (6 units)
    • RH 620 Thesis
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