Academic Policies

Comprehensive Examination

The student takes a comprehensive examination after the completion of his/her course requirements.  A student who fails the examination will have to take another examination.  A second failure will mean his/her taking the examination again but  only after taking the required additional courses of six (6) units.  Failing the said examination will require the student to request a reassessment for a fee of Php 1,000.00.

Dissertation/Thesis Writing and Defense

Before being awarded a doctorate/master’s degree, every candidate is required to write and successfully defend a doctoral dissertation/master’s thesis, which will be the candidate’s original contribution to the existing fund of knowledge in his/her  field of specialization.  

The thesis/dissertation writing and defense come in three stages – the proposal, the pre-oral and the oral defenses.  Prior to proposal presentation, the candidate shall submit to the Program Chair the complete first three chapters of his/her research proposal with the bibliography, research instrument/s and other pertinent appendices, for approval and endorsement to the Dean of the Graduate School.  Upon submission of the five (5) copes of his/her thesis/dissertation proposal, the Dean shall create a Thesis/Dissertation Committee, composed of an adviser and two evaluators, who shall scrutinize and give suggestions for the paper’s improvement.  If the paper is approved by the Committee, the candidate shall submit to the GS Office a copy of the revised proposal and will then be allowed to proceed with the data-gathering and the rest of the writing process.

Once the candidate has completed Chapters 4 and 5, and upon the recommendation or endorsement of the adviser and the Program Chair, he/she now may proceed with the pre-oral defense.  During this stage, he/she shall present the completed research for evaluation by the same Committee.  Five (5) copies must be submitted to the GS at least seven days prior to the pre-oral.  The Committee will go over the paper page by page to determine if the paper follows the format and style prescribed by the PUPGS and if the recommendations provided by the committee during the proposal presentation were incorporated.  In this stage, some other recommendations/suggestions may be provided to further improve the paper both in format and content.

After the candidate has complied with the pre-oral recommendations, he/she must submit his/her revised manuscript to the GS Office together with the Certification signed by the Committee that the paper is now ready for oral examination.  The candidate shall submit six (6) copies of the thesis or eight (8) copies of the dissertation seven days prior to the oral defense schedule.  The Dean shall create/appoint the Panel on Oral Examination who will undertake the final evaluation of the thesis/dissertation.

Time Limit

A graduate student is expected to obtain the degree within a given period of time.

Master’s degree - The student is given a period of five (5) years from the first term of enrollment to finish the degree.

Doctorate degree - A doctoral student must finish the degree within seven (7) years from the first term of enrollment.

A student who has exceeded the time limit but has  passed the Comprehensive Examination is required to take at least six to twelve units of additional courses to be determined by the Dean

A student who hast not taken/passed the Comprehensive Examination, but has exceeded the time limit must have to  take 75%  of the required number  of units  under the new curriculum.

Leave of Absence

A graduate student intending to take a leave of absence must submit a written request to the Office of the GS Dean if he/she cannot attend the University for two consecutive terms (Summer is considered a term). A student returning from a leave of absence without permission must write the Dean an application for readmission.

Honorable Dismissal

  • The Registrar issues an Honorable Dismissal to a student who voluntarily withdraws from the University for purposes of transferring to another school.
  • Any student applying for an Honorable Dismissal shall be cleared of all accountabilities before a certificate is issued to him/her.
  • Any student who was issued an honorable dismissal cannot be readmitted to the PUP Graduate School.

Policy on Non-Thesis Programs

Students under the Non-Thesis Program are required to enroll in two research-based subjects wherein they will present in a colloquium the  policy/feasibility  studies they have undertaken as requirements of the subjects.

Policies on Academic Discipline

Petition Classes

Through a written request, students may petition for a class that is not offered during the semester as long as there are at least ten students in the class.

Tutorial Classes

Graduating students desiring to enroll in a regular course work but do not meet the minimum number  of ten students to organize a class may be enrolled on tutorial/independent study basis if there is an instructor wiling to accept the assignment since he/she will be paid only for 18 hours at the end of the term. The maximum number of students for a tutorial/independent study  is five (5).  If the number exceeds five, a class may be organized and the students will pay for the deficiency of the total tuition fee of the required 10 students.    

Tutorial Class Guidelines

 The following guidelines are to be observed in tutorial classes:

  • A tutorial class may be offered only  in the following cases:   
  1. The student is graduating during the term,
  2. The subject is not offered during the semester/summer,  and,
  3. Cross-enrollment is not possible;
  • Subject  must be a non-board, non-major or non-laboratory subject;
  • Subject which is no longer offered due to the revision of the curriculum shall not be offered  on a tutorial basis but a substitute subject should be  required in its place;
  • A student cannot enroll in more than one tutorial class.  However, he/she may be allowed to enroll in a maximum of two (2) tutorial subjects  if he/she does not exceed the maximum  number of units for the term  as reflected in his/her curriculum sheet.

Crediting of Subjects Taken in Other Schools

Equivalent graduate work not exceeding 30% of the total units in the PUP curriculum and earned not more than five (5) years prior to graduation from the PUP Master’s/ Doctoral degree program may be accepted by transfer from a graduate school of recognized standing   An accreditation fee per unit  for each credited subject will be charged. 

Scholastic Delinquency

A student shall be disqualified from continuing his program of study in the Graduate School if he/she:

  • fails in two or more subjects within a term;
  • fails to maintain the  required  minimum average grade  of 2.0 for  master’s and  1.75 for doctorate;
  • fails for the third time in the written comprehensive examination; and,
  • fails in the thesis/dissertation oral examination.  

Study Privileges of the University Faculty and Administrative Personnel

The University extends 100% tuition fee waiver to regular faculty members pursuing graduate studies at the Graduate School and Open University System.  A 75% tuition fee discount is extended to part-time faculty. (Office Memorandum No. 18, Series of 2008).

Members of good standing of the Unyon ng mga Kawani ng PUP (UNAKA-PUP) are granted 100% free tuition and miscellaneous fees.  These members, however, must possess the qualifications stated in the guidelines for the grant of educational benefits to UNAKA-PUP members and their children. (Office Memorandum No. 20, series of 2008)

Administrative officials and non-UNAKA member-employees are entitled to a 75% discount on tuition fee. Casual employees who have served the University for at least one year, are granted a 50% discount, also on tuition fees.

All University personnel are exempted from the payment of medical and dental fees.


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