Graduate Studies Entrance Examination for College of Education (PUPGSEE-EDUC)

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Note: To be issued an examination permit, an applicant must have a general weighted average (GWA) of at least 2.000 in the Bachelor’s Degree Program completed for Master’s Program or a general weighted average (GWA) of at least 1.750 in the Master’s Degree Program completed for Doctorate Program.

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PUP iApply follows three (3) major steps - Apply Online, Pay Fee, and Claim Test Permit.

Apply Online

  1. Go to the GSEE-EDUC page (, read the information provided and click Apply Now. This will take you to the PUP iApply. Read the terms of use and service agreement then click Yes, I have read... to begin your online application.

    NOTE: Any misrepresentations (or giving false/incorrect information) in your online application will automatically invalidate your admission in the University.
  2. Select the GSEE-EDUC icon and fill-up the online form. Be sure that the data you will provide (particularly your name and date of birth) in the application must be the same as indicated in your PSA/NSO copy of birth certificate, and that that the e-mail address you provided in the application is valid and active.
  3. Type the information required in the form, read the service agreement and confirm by:
    1. Checking Yes, I have read and understood...
    2. Entering your digital signature, and
    3. Typing the characters in the Digital Security image.
  4. Click Review to verify the information you have just entered or if you need to make the necessary changes.
  5. Click Submit Now.
  6. Upon successful submission of your data, click the icon next to the Pay personally at PUP Cashier to generate and download your Payment Voucher. If you cannot print your voucher, you can always go to the PUP iApply Request Voucher page to generate it.
    IMPORTANT:  A printed copy of your payment voucher must be presented to the PUP Cashier when you pay the Examination Fee. Please remember your Reference Number.
  8. Click Done.

Pay Fee

Payment can be made at the PUP CASHIER’S OFFICE (All fees are nonrefundable):

  1. Go to the PUP Cashier inside PUP Sta. Mesa, Manila Campus.
  2. Fill-up three (3) copies of Official Receipt with your COMPLETE NAME, Reference Number, and Amount to be paid (as indicated in Page 1 of this Payment Voucher). Distribution of Official Receipt shall be as follows:
    • Original - Applicant
    • Duplicate and Triplicate - PUP Cashier's Office Copy
  3. Detach the PUP Cashier’s Copy of the Payment Voucher.
  4. Present to the PUP Cashier duly accomplished Official Receipt with your payment.
  5. After processing your payment, the PUP Cashier will give you the original copy of the Official Receipt. Keep it together with the Applicant’s Copy of the Payment Voucher
  6. Read your printed Payment Voucher carefully.

Claim Test Permit

  1. Go to the PUP College of Education and bring the Application Requirements
  2. The Admission Officer will validate your application in their records. (Do not forget to sign your Applicant's Copy of the Printed Payment Voucher)
  3. The Admission Officer will then issue your printed Test Permit. Before leaving the Office of College Registrar, be sure that the picture and all the data printed in your Test Permit are correct and clear.

NOTE: Please read all information printed in your test permit.

The test permit contains the date, time, place, and any other information about the entrance test. You will present this permit to the test administrator when you take the entrance test. NO TEST PERMIT, NO EXAM.

You must also report to the testing room at least 30 minutes before your time scheduled. LATE COMER EXAMINEES are not allowed to take the test.

Release of PUPGSEE-EDUC Result will be announced on the scheduled date of your test. List of Successful Examinees will be posted thru PUP Website and in the Bulletin Board at the specific PUP campus where you took your test.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS to all SUCCESSFUL EXAMINEES will also be posted thru PUPWebSite during the scheduled date of release of PUPGSEE-EDUC Result.

READ CAREFULLY: Keep the following in a safe place:

  • This document
  • Your Test Permit
  • Your validated Official Receipt

PUP will not be held responsible for the loss of these documents that will arise from the applicant’s negligence.


For inquiries, please contact Ms. Teresa V. Mobilla, College of Education Registrar, at telephone number 715-7764.

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