Student Mobility

International Students in PUP


  • Attends to the recruitment and application of international students
  • Ensures that applicant/s meet academic and language requirements in the program applied for and endorses him/her to the Dean of the College

Legal Status

  • Coordinates with the Liason Officer from the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) and Admission and Registration Office (ARO)
  • Facilitates completion of requirements and secures student visa or special study permit thru the Liason Officer


Monitors stay and residency needs of all international students enrolled in PUP

Student Exchange Program

Coordinates and implements academic and cultural exchange activities of students with partner universities abroad in collaboration with colleges

Students’ Travel Abroad

Coordinates with colleges, branches and campuses, student organizations the travel abroad of students for the following purposes:

  • Attend convention/conference/seminar/training
  • Participate in competition
  • Paper presentation
  • Campust visit
  • Industry visit

Faculty and Staff Mobility

Keeps track of travel abroad for various purposes of PUP faculty and staff:

  • Paper presentation
  • Benchmarking
  • Research collaborations
  • Speakership/ as resource person
  • Serving as panelists/judges

Visiting Professor/Lecturers

Partnership, Linkages and Networks

  • Facilitates signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Institution and/or industry partners abroad
  • Coordinates with colleges implementation of Memorandum of Agreement reached with partner institutions/industry partners abroad
  • Represents PUP high officials in international events/activities locally/abroad
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