International Affairs


Promote PUP as a premier institution of higher learning in the Asia-Pacific Region
nderscore productive collaboration with international institutions, linkages and affiliations;
repare stakeholder to meet the challenges of global competition

Offer wider opportunities for educational, cultural and scientific exchange;
ncrease PUP’s international exposure and participation;
ttract a greater number of international visitors


  • Explore, establish and administer the forging of linkages with overseas universities.
  • Ensure the smooth and efficient implementation and execution of PUP’s responsibilities specified in agreements/understandings entered into with international institutions/agencies.
  • Provide information and assist grantees/recipients of academic exchanges, study tours and presentation of papers and researches in international fora/conferences.
  • Facilitate, oversee and monitor entry and departure of international students in coordination with the Office of the Vice President for Student Services and other concerned offices inside and outside of PUP.
  • Coordinate and assist international visits to the campus.
  • Assist in holding international conferences.
  • Provide the PUP president and other executive officials, education agencies and foreign institutions with progress reports, feedback and other pertinent information about international programs, projects and activities of the University.
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