Diploma in Electronics Communications Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology Department
Diploma (Ladderized) Program leading to BS degrees, TESDA National Certificate and PRC licensure

The program aims to prepare students for entry-level, technology-based occupations related to the electrical engineering field and to ready them for entry-level occupations related to the electronics communications engineering field.

Job Targets/Opportunities

Year Level Certificate/Diploma of Proficiency Job Targets
1 Certificate in Electronics Communications Engineering Technology
  • Radio/TV Technician
  • Electronics Assembler
  • Junior Electronics Service Technician
  • Junior Radio/TV Technician
2 Associate in Electronics Communications Engineering Technology
  • Entrepreneur Service Provider
  • Senior Electronic Service Technician
  • Senior Radio/TV Technician
  • Quality Assurance Technician
  • Quality Controlled Technician in Video
  • Electronics Consumer Product Assembler and Installer
3 Diploma in Electronics Communications Engineering Technology
  • Electronics/Communications Technologist
  • Electronics Communications Installer
  • Engineering Assistant
  • Test Engineering Technician
  • Application Engineering Technician
  • Process Engineering Technician
  • Entrepreneur Service Provider
  • Electronics Communications Technologist

Summary of Units
General Education Subjects (26 units)
Core Subjects (13 units)
Major Subjects (26 units)
Other Subjects (12 units)


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