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Posted as of: Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Status: Archived

Company: Egis Projects Philippines, Inc.

Number of available position(s):  1


  • Finance and Administration
  • EPPI office
Working Hours
  • Office Hours
Reports To
  • VP for Finance & Administration
  • No one
Key Internal Relations	
  • EPPI Officers & Employees
Key External Relations	
  • Consultants, Clients, Service Providers
Job Summary
  • Responsible for the administration of company’s system and LAN;over-all management and maintenance of company’s computer hardware and software

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the procurement, installation and management of company’s hardware and software, telephone system, electronic door access (employees’ daily time records)
• Maintaining the standards for server installations and applications

2.Responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software systems that make up a computer network including the maintenance and monitoring of active data network or converged infrastructure and related network equipment.
• Network performance monitoring
• Testing the network for weakness
• Installing and implementing security programs (watch out for security breaches)
• Internet filters
• Roll out of new software
• Network address assignment, management and implementation of routing protocols, routing table configurations and certain implementations of authentication

3.Periodic maintenance of all hardware, software, telephone units, electronic door access units
•Cleaning, refurbishing of servers, desktops, laptops, printers, copiers, scanners, routers, switches
•Ensure that all installed software have valid licenses and updated
•Check effectiveness of the antivirus software installed

4.File administration - grant, delete, update access rights to network drives/files, recovery of files

5.Email administration – creation, update, delete email accounts; setting mailbox quota; email filters

6.Providing technical support - software/hardware trouble shooting, internet connection/email server downtime


1.Graduate of Computer related courses 
2.Knowledge and experience in system/network administration
3.Knowledge and experience in hardware configuration and diagnostics
4.Knowledge and experience in software and hardware maintenance


Clerical, Creative, Teamwork, Self-Management, Critical Thinking, Computer/Technical Literacy, Interpersonal Abilities, Fast Learner

Work Location:
EPPI office

Interested to apply? Send your application letter and CV to:

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