About PUP CreaTV

PUP CreaTV is the online multimedia channel run by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) for its students, faculty members, administrative employees, and alumni. The channel, managed by the Creative Media Services (CMS) department of the Communication Management Office (CMO) under the Office of the University President, aims to highlight and promote notable achievements and milestones of the university, as well as its history and current affairs. PUP CreaTV is considered the first of its kind, making it the first university-based online channel in the Philippines and a trailblazer in the area of student affairs and services. The channel is envisioned to be the university’s “TV network” on the internet that caters to the entire PUP Community.

The Beginning

The concept of PUP CreaTV was created along with the re-organization of the former PUP Film Center, now called the Creative Media Services under the Communication Management Office, which was previously known as the Public Affairs Office. The Creative Media Services of CMO is mandated to be at the forefront of image-building and promotions of the University; to project a positive image of the University to the public, the country, and the world; and manifest the University President’s vision of an “epistemic community”.

In February 2013, the YouTube channel of PUP CreaTV, which mainly houses the online network, was created. PUP CreaTV released its first video teaser which gained hundreds of views after few hours of release. A Facebook page was also created to promote the channel in the popular social network.

It was in March 2013 when its first and flagship program, The Observer Online, was released in YouTube and promoted to the public through the Facebook page. State U and PUP TV: Pinaka Usap-usapan sa Pamantasan followed the release in the next months. The pilot episodes of the first three programs had a few thousand views in a span of days after release.

The Observer Flash Online, a separate flash report version of The Observer Online, was also launched to deliver quick news tidbits.

The First in the Philippines

PUP CreaTV claims to be the first university-based television in the Philippines being carried by an online platform.  In March 2012, the University of California system launched on YouTube the online platform of their pre-existing television channel, UCTV, making it the first university-run online channel in America. The University of New South Wales also launched their online channel, the UNSW TV, which is considered the first in Australia. Both universities believe in the power of their online platforms in finding new ideas, promoting students’ creativity, as well as in communicating to an international audience.

According to the research conducted by CMO-CMS, the first Philippine university to launch a television station was the Central Philippines University in Jaro, Ilo-ilo.  Central Philippines University TV (CPU TV) initially aired its programming in 2001. However, CPU TV is carried by a cable network, Analog 08.  Clearly, PUP CreaTV is a trailblazer in the online platform in the Philippines. 

Moreover, PUP is the first university which maintains an online TV station with a special office and permanent staff who manage its operations; and it has regular programming with permanent creative staff for each program.  The PUP CreaTV functions like any other television station, only that it operates on cyberspace through YouTube and social media.  

Fueled by the Social Media

The channel, mainly housed in a YouTube account, has been gradually increasing the number of its subscribers as well as the videos are consistently getting good numbers of views. With social media serving as the vehicle to promote the episodes of the programs particularly on Facebook, students also engage in an interactive way of exchanging ideas and opinions regarding the news, issues, and features tackled. PUP CreaTV is also present on Twitter and Instagram to make its contents more accessible across popular social media platforms, and to reach wider audience.

PUP CreaTV aims to broaden its reach by studying and evaluating its programs regularly to ensure and maintain quality standards.  PUP CreaTV is also planning to use other platforms such as Roku, iTunesU, Vimeo, and other video-sharing websites and mobile apps to make the channel more accessible and available to its clienteles. 

Many, if not all, of students who have seen the programs expressed their pride and excitement for this new offering from the University. Through the help of social media, the channel has also reached alumni in different parts of the world. A number of alumni have expressed how much they missed the university, and some even showed interest in getting involved in the project.

Training for Students

Every semester, the Creative Media Artists Society and the students involved in the production of programs under the PUP CreaTV are being trained on different topics such as production management, directing, scriptwriting, news writing, news reporting, video editing, photography, graphic design, and cinematography. Industry practitioners and professionals are invited to share their knowledge and expertise.

Programming and Schedule

Originally tasked to release an episode every month, all teams handling the programs struggled to meet the schedule of production. Problems had arisen due to inadequate equipment for production and the varying schedule of student production staff. In 2014, in an effort to stabilize and maintain a regular releasing schedule of programs, it was agreed that programs can release every quarter of the year.

Announcements and messages from the university officials, promotional videos of the university and public service announcements are uploaded for public dissemination when available or when need arises.

PUP CreaTV is starting to manifest its potential to become the leader in alternative and creative education, an effective tool of image-building, and the University’s ubiquitous connection to the world. Episodes of programs of PUP CreaTV can be viewed at www.youtube.com/pupcreatv and www.facebook.com/pupcreatv.

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