The Observer Online

The Observer Flash Online is a news program, originally from the official newsletter of the University, The Observer. Like its print counterpart, The Observer Flash Online is set to deliver straight news about major university and college events, announcements and issues inside, and even outside, of the university concerning the PUP Community. Students, officials, administrative employees, and faculty can also participate as news reporters for the program.


V-PUPian is a series of short films that highlight the values of “iskolar ng bayan” (scholars of the nation, as students of a state university). These shorts films aim to help the university to imbue not only knowledge but virtues as well to successfully prepare them as nation-builders.

Pinaka Usap-usapan sa Pamantasan

Pinaka Usap-usapan sa Pamantasan sets the mood light as it delivers information and entertainment together in one serving. As a magazine program hosted by four, true-blooded PUPians, the program features anything and everything about PUP in a very friendly and witty manner. The program’s features can go as historical as the iconic landmarks of PUP to as simple as students’ summer vacation plans, or quirky ways to survive the first day of school.

State U

State U presents stories of students, faculty members, and administrative employees focusing on their struggles, triumphs and the lessons they learned in their journey in the university. The program intends to inspire the PUP community from the experiences of their fellow PUPians.

LOL: Learn On-Line

LOL: Learn On-Line is an educational program that offers alternative and creative methods of discussing general education courses. Hosted by expert professors of featured subject matters, LOL aims to provide simplified discussions that would help students understand basic concepts of general education courses.

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