PUP Media Wall

The PUP Media Wall located at the 1st floor of South Wing, Main Building is a three-television set that previews videos from the PUP CreaTV, Audio-Visual Presentations presenting the University, and videos from IBEX, the donor of the Media Wall.

The CMO Media Relations Services reserve the right to disapprove requests for providing and editing content if the unit believes that the content would tamper the image of the University.

Submitting the content

  1. Email the request letter, preferably attach the video as well, at  commcenter@pup.edu.ph. Submit the request 15 to 30 days before the expected date of viewing.
  2. For external companies, expect to pay for the viewing fee. CMO-MRS will coordinate with other offices involved for the quotation of the payment.

PUP Media Wall

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