Production Pass

Permission is required for all photo, film, or video shooting for commercial and non-commercial purposes made by external groups in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines campus, with the exception of shootings or tapings done on behalf of the University. A Production Pass is required to shoot, tape or take photographs inside the campus.

To secure a Production Pass, the requesting agency or company must submit in writing detailed information about the proposed activity at least 15 working days before the date of shooting or taping. The details must include:

  • Location/s requested
  • Date and time of shooting
  • Length of shooting
  • Type of activity to be filmed, taped or photographed.

The letter of request for shooting or taping must be addressed to the Director of the Communication Management office, through the Creative Media Services chief.

Once the letter is received, the Creative Media Services of the Communication Management Office will issue a Shooting/ Taping Request Form to be filled out by the requesting party.

The Shooting/Taping Request Form will be routed to the concerned offices for approval (Resource Generation Office and Campus Development and Maintenance Office).

Anyone who request shooting, taping or photography in the campus is required to work with the Communication Management Office, through the Creative Media Services, and the Resource Generation Office to negotiate fees and specific terms of the agreements.

Shooting and taping will be allowed only during weekends to avoid disruption to academic functions and other University processes. In case of special shootings or tapings during weekdays, these will only be allowed after the night classes until 6:00 AM of the next day.

All scripts and/or storyboards must be reviewed and approved by the Communication Management Office through the Creative Media Services. Any changes or revisions in the script and/or storyboard following submission must be brought to the attention of the office.

The name of the University must be used in the material being shot or taped, and should not be named as another school or university. However, the use of a fictional school or university is allowed.

Venue rental and energy (if energy from the university will be used) fees must be settled before a Production Pass is issued. The requesting agency or company must attach to the approved production pass a copy of the official receipt together with the list of cast and crew, a list of production vehicles.

Administrative personnel will be assigned to be present during the shooting or taping. The cost of the personnel‘s overtime duty and provision for snack shall be shouldered by the requesting party.

The University reserves the right to cancel approval of shooting or taping when such activity creates disturbance in the normal operations of the University inconsistent with the terms previously agreed by both parties.

Download Production Pass / Shooting or Taping Request Form

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