Classification Scheme

The books in the library are arranged on the shelves according to the Library of Congress Classification System.  This is a system where the fields of knowledge are identified by letters, which are used in assigning the class number of library materials.  The letters are combined with Arabic number, other letters and author notation, which complete the call number of a book.  The outline is presented below:

Access to Collections

The Card Catalog

The card catalog, which serves as guide to the holding of the library, is available at the 3rd Floor of the NALLRC Building.   It is maintained as backup in case there is a problem in electrical power or in the event that on-line system bogs down. The catalog cards contain descriptive information of a book such as call number, author, and title, place of publication, publisher, copyright date, collation, notes and subject.

The card catalog is always helpful in finding out whether or not a desired book is among the library’s holdings and if it is, where it may be located.

Online Public Access catalogue

The Koha Open Source System is the system that the NALLRC is using. It is designed for better access to its collections and for an improved and faster delivery of services.  The system allows on-line inquiry regarding NALLRC resources. The OPAC is located at the third floor lobby of the NALLRC Building. The satellite libraries have their own stand-alone computer for their own access. 

Electronic Resources

On-line database such as e-books and e-journals by Gale Virtual Library and Academic OneFile as provider are one of the latest Information technology tools that the NALLRC has acquired.

Multimedia Resources

The NALLRC also acquires multimedia resources, which are in various titles for the research needs of the clientele that support its mission, vision, goals and objectives of. The following multimedia resources are audio cassettes, beta tapes, Compact disks, compact disks-read only memory, floppy disks, slides, VHS tapes.

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