Rules and Regulations

Borrowing and Returning Library Materials

  1. Check the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) located at the third floor, Left and Right Wings of the NALLRC to verify if the book is available in the library.
  2. Fill out the borrower’s slip provided.
  3. With an accomplished borrower’s slip as guide, proceed to the section indicated by the location symbol where the desired library material/s is/are located.
  4. Present the borrower’s slip together with the current Registration Card with an ID picture at the Loan/Counter desk.
  5. Present library resources borrowed for return to the Loan/Counter desk. Borrowed library resources shall be the responsibility of the borrower until it is returned to the section where it was borrowed.
  6. Filipiniana, Circulation and Satellite Libraries materials can be borrowed overnight depending on the availability of copies.
  7. General Reference materials, periodicals, special collections, theses, dissertations, and non-print materials are for Room Use Only.
  8. Graduate School and College of Law library materials can be borrowed for two days depending upon the availability of copies.
  9. Fiction books may be borrowed and taken out for a week. The same can be renewed for another week
  10. Photocopying of theses and dissertations is not allowed.
  11. University officials, faculty, and administrative personnel are restricted to a one week loan period only depending on the availability of copies.
  12. All library materials borrowed under the name of a particular borrower shall be the registered borrower’s responsibility.  The borrower should clear himself/herself of his/her accountabilities at the end of each semester or summer session.

Fines and Penalties

  1. Library resources not returned on due date shall be subject to fines until they are returned. A fine of two pesos (2.00) per hour and every fraction thereof is charged to the borrower for resources kept overdue.
  2. Prolonged overdue or persistent failure to return library resources on due date shall lead to suspension of library privileges and the corresponding disciplinary action may be meted out to the delinquent borrower.
  3. In case of loss, the borrower shall l be asked to replace the resources with those of the same kind, and shall be charged the price of the resources as determined by the library based on the current market price, and/or be asked to replace the resources with those whose subject matter is related to that of the lost ones.
  4. Lost library resources should be reported at once by the borrower. Lost library resources shall be either replaced or paid for within two (2) weeks from the due date; otherwise, the usual fine shall be added to its replacement cost. Failure to replace or pay such resources within the given period may result in the suspension of the borrowing privileges of the borrower.

Control Procedures

  1. The PUP ID is required and should be pinned while inside the NALLRC premises.
  2. The library is a place for study and research.
  3. Valuables like wallet, cell phones, calculators, and others should not be left unattended inside the reading area. The NALLRC will not responsible for the loss of any valuables.
  4. Whenever requested by any library staff on duty, all users are required to show their belongings to any library staff  at the counter desk upon leaving the reading area.
  5. Visitors and outside researchers are required to register in the Security Guard’s logbook.
  6. Outside researchers can avail of the services every Wednesday from 8:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m., only upon payment of P50.00 as research fee to the Cashier’s Office.
  7. Mutilation and defacing of book or any other library resources, vandalism and damaging of library property are punishable by suspension or expulsion.
  8. Loud conversations and laughter, smoking, sleeping, eating, playing games, littering, loitering, using of cell phones, and display of public affection are strictly prohibited inside the library premises.
  9. Proper dress code is to be observed.
  10. The NALLRC personnel are empowered to enforce the rules and regulations.  Any discourtesy shall be noted for appropriate action.
  11. Students and faculty who are in need of materials not found in the NALLRC are referred to other libraries. Referral letter is issued upon request from the Office of the NALLRC Director.

Library Clearance

The following are required to secure clearance from the NALLRC:

  1. Faculty and administrative personnel who are applying for sick/vacation/sabbatical leaves, resignation, or retirement.
  2. Students who are applying for graduation, Honorable dismissal, returning students and the likes.

Suspension of NALLRC Privileges

Non-compliance with library rules and regulations is ground for suspension of all library privileges or expulsion from the University.

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