Service Hours

Library Days Hours
NALLRC Main Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
College of Communication
Monday to Friday

8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
College of Engineering and Architecture Monday to Friday

8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Graduate School Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Hasmin Monday to Friday

8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Laboratory High School Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM
College of Law Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Note: Libraries are closed during Sundays and Holidays. Library service stops fifteen (15) minutes before the regular closing time to enable the staff members to check records and the collections in preparation for the next day’s routine.  Changes in library hours are posted in advance at the entrance of the NALLRC.

Office of the Library Director

Office of the NALLRC Director

  • Multi-Media Research Center

Multi-Media Research Office

  • Administrative Office

The management of the Ninoy Aquino Library and Learning Resources Center is taken care of by the Director. Also directly under the Director is the Multimedia Research Center and the Secretary. The chiefs of the different services have direct supervision over the sections/units under their respective areas of responsibilities. They are the following: Readers’ Services; Satellite Libraries, Technical Services; Multimedia Services and Special Services.

Satellite Libraries

Satellite Services
Satellite Library Office
GS Library
CEA Library
COC Library
Hasmin Library
College of Law
College of Law Library
Laboratory High School Library

Reader Services Department

Supervised by the Chief of the unit, the Readers' Services is a part of the library services that directly brings out research and information to library users.  This department exists primarily to meet the research and information needs of the PUP academe.  It operates within the framework of guidelines followed efficiently by the Readers’ Services staff to carry out the objectives, rules, regulations, and policies of the department effectively.  The sections under this department are the following: Reference, Serials, Filipiniana/Special Collections, and Circulation.

Reader's Services

  • Reference
    Encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, directories, atlases, yearbooks, gazetteers and other books on general information are housed in this section.
  • Serials
    This unit consists of periodical collections of foreign and local journals/magazines and newspapers, subscribed to by the University. It offers the following services:
    • Education in the News - To meet a wider scope of research needs of library users, it makes daily clippings of articles on education including PUP News.
    • Newspaper Clippings - clippings are maintained to provide researchers easy access in locating information from newspaper sources.
    • Culture and Arts Updates - clippings on culture and arts for the use of the faculty, students and other library clientele are also maintained.


  • Filipiniana
    The Filipiniana houses the library's Filipiniana collection composed of books and library materials written by Filipino authors published in the Philippines and abroad, and books on the Philippines written by foreign authors.


  • Special Collections
    This unit is tasked to organize and establish special materials appropriate for the research needs of the University. The collections consist of government publications, undergraduate feasibility and case studies, graduate theses and dissertations, Rizaliana, Benigno Aquino, collections of Prof. and Mrs. Dodi Dizon, and Dr. Amy Rosales and other resources from the friends of NALLRC received as gifts and exchange.

Special Collections

  • Circulation
    The Circulation Section supports the instructional and research programs of the University.  It consists of the general collection of the library dealing with different branches of knowledge such as books on Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages, Pure Sciences, Management, Marketing, Fine Arts, Literature, History and other allied subjects.


Technical Services

Technical Services

Supervised by the Chief of the unit, it is responsible in the selection and acquisition, cataloging and classification, organization and management of library resources such as books, serials, multimedia materials, and online databases received whether through purchase, gifts or donation or through exchange programs. Its functions are distributed into its five sections, namely:

  • Acquisition Section
    The basic function of the Acquisition Section is the selection and acquisition of books and other learning resources that were evaluated, selected and recommended by Deans of Colleges, Area Chairpersons, Faculty members, Members of the Library and Learning Resources Committee (LLERECOM) and other librarians who select first hand library materials for inclusion in the library holdings through book fairs and exhibit upon invitation of book dealers and suppliers.
    The Section also handles and maintains purchase request files of resources selected and recommended by Deans/Chairperson, faculty.   It is also responsible for the request of periodical subscriptions and receiving, recording and sending acknowledgement letters for library gifts and exchanges.  Its collection includes books, periodicals, non-print materials and special collections.



  • Classification/Cataloguing Section
    The basic function of the Classification and Cataloguing Section is to organize library resources for effective use of library clientele through:
    • Classification - refers to classification of books received which are represented in a classification scheme arranged systematically on the library shelves.
    • Cataloguing - classify according to categorical system

Cataloguing and Classification 

    • Documentation and Systems - involves processing and providing bibliographic data of library materials acquired by the library and forwarding the same to the EDP/Documentation for data encoding in the Athena Software Library Information System.


  • Materials Processing Section
    This section is involve in the  technical processing of newly acquired resources such as  stamping of ownership, a pockets and date due slips and maintaining bibliographic records of library collection.

Materials Processing 

  • EDP/Documentation Section
    The NALLRC features On-Line Public Access Catalog inquiry regarding books/serials/non-print collections through the public access terminals using the Athena Software Library Information System.  Bulletin of latest acquisitions are also generated automatically under the Current Awareness Service program of the Library.
  • Bindery Section
    This section takes care of the physical preservation of the University Library collections upon proper coordination with the sections/units concerned.  It is responsible in the binding process of loose leaf and unbounded periodicals, and worn out and damaged library materials.


  • e-Library And Multimedia Resources
    The NALLRC Electronic Library and Multimedia Services provides information resources on non-print materials through VHS tapes, slides, Compact discs, CD-ROMs, Floppy disks, slides and other computer files that are general reference in nature. It also includes online searching through Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) and Online database resources such as e-books and e-journals.

Special Services

Supervised by the Chief of the unit, the Special Services provides the archival, museum and special collections needs of library clientele.

Special Services

  • Archives
    This section is tasked to establish useful and relevant information related to the historical development of the University and to preserve the University’s records for present and future activities. It also serves as a repository of relevant documents generated by various components of the University.  The collections include relevant records, manuscripts or printed materials such as University bulletins, student and faculty organizations’ newspapers/newsletters, yearbooks, University catalogs, University research monographs, annual reports, memorabilia, faculty publications, faculty, employees and student files, photographs and University official records and other archival materials of pertinent value.



  • Museum
    The museum serves as the repository of national and local heritage and artifacts.


  • PUP Presidents' Memorabilia
    This houses some memorabilia of PUP Presidents, Officers in-charge, Acting Presidents.

  PUP President's Memorabilia

Multimedia Services

Supervised by the Chief of the unit, the Multimedia Facilities Service provides the PUP community with audio-visual facilities to meet their media instructions and other related activities.  Venues are available to cater to various activities of PUP such as conferences, conventions, convocations, meetings, assemblies, fora, social and cultural presentations, seminars, orientation and other instruction-related services like film showing, video production and documentation, and others.

Multimedia Services Media Equipment Room

All users are accommodated on a first-come-first-served basis.  Outside users can also avail the use of the facilities and equipment by arrangement, reservation, and payment of corresponding fee. The Multimedia Facilities Services has the following venues:

  • Bulwagang Balagtas
    The Bulwagang Balagtas is a multi-purpose auditorium that caters to the educational and cultural activities of the PUP community and outside users such as cultural presentations, film showing, conventions, convocations, social and cultural presentations and other activities of similar nature.  It has 1,000 seating capacity.

Bulwagang Balagtas Bulwagang Balagtas Bulwagang Balagtas

  • Bonifacio Hall
    This hall also caters to a smaller group of activities such as meetings, fora, seminars, workshops and other instructional related activities like film showing, slide projector and Beta/VHS/CD/DVD tapes presentations. It can seat 150 persons.

Bonifacio Hall 

  • Silid Pulungan / Silid Lakandayang (NALLRC Board Room)
    The Silid Pulungan/Silid Lakandayang is a venue for meetings, oral defense, small and intimate concert/tertullia social gatherings and programs and the likes.

Silid Pulungan Silid Pulungan Board Room

Other Services

The NALLRC offers also other special services to its clientele such as the following:

Contains approximately 150,100 materials, which includes books, journals/serial publications, reference materials, annual reports, theses and dissertations, technical and project reports, directories, and non-print materials acquired from local and international sources.

Free Wi-Fi access at the Archives Section
Located at the 3rd Floor of the NALLRC. Students are advised to approach the librarian-on-duty.

Bulletin Board Display
Information regarding library activities for information updates of the library clientele is posted on the bulletin.

New Acquisitions
Copies of lists of newly acquired books for circulation are disseminated to the Deans of all Colleges.  These are also regularly posted in the bulletin board of the NALLRC.

Newly acquired books are displayed in the New Acquisitions Corner of each section/unit of the library.  Students and faculty members are welcome to browse over the collection.  The books are integrated to the general collection of each section/unit after a two-week period of display.  This is practiced to acquaint library users of the new library book acquisitions.

Library Instruction/Orientation
Library instruction/orientation for new students is given at the start of each school year.  Library tours and lectures about library organization and its services are examples of the instructional/orientation programs of the library.

Readers Assistance
All faculty members and students are cordially invited to discuss their individual library needs and their problems with the Librarian on desk.

It serves as the official newsletter of the library. It contains library activities, book reviews, news items on the library and other materials of interest to the University community.

A referral letter is issued to a student/faculty member who wants to avail of the use of the library facilities and resources of other libraries which are not available at the PUP libraries.  The researcher is referred to the library of her/his choice. This service is extended upon request.

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