Senator JV Ejercito holds Railway Economic Forum

Jan Lanuza, News, Office of Senator JV Ejercito

Senator Joseph Victor “JV" Ejercito held a “Student Economic Forum: The Road to Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Growth" at the Bulwagang Bonifacio, NALLRC on November 29, 2018. 

Ejercito believed that acquiring a proper railway system will be the backbone of the economy, stating “The railway system is very vital in the economic development on any given country. Sad to say, [that in] the Philippines, we are one of the first to have a railway system but it has been neglected. My proposal is this, we have to rehabilitate the railway system, we have to establish a modern railway system." 

Ejercito spoke of the importance of pushing the project to its completion as it would lead to generation of 30 to 40 million new jobs.

Moreover, Ejercito said that the planned railway program will now start its construction, starting early January 2019. 

The economic lecture centered on the connection of transportation and economic growth and the role of railway transportation on the improvement of the Philippine Economy. 

Ejercito is the current Chairman of Urban Planning and Development at the Senate, mostly campaigning on Infrastructure Development and having a complete railway system in the Philippines.

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