Professorial Chairholder lecture focuses on Importance of Educ in Society and Politics

Khryzler Myreen Flores, News, Communication Management Office

The essence and significance of education to society and politics were tackled during the Professorial Chairholder Lecture Series in Philosophy and Humanities titled "For Whom and For What is Education?", at the Bonifacio Hall, NALLRC on July 13, 2018.

Prof. Amable G. Tuibeo or "Ka Abe” served as the professorial chairholder lecturer. Prof. Tuibeo talked about the Philippine educational system and its relationship with politics.

"In fact, for people who have wealth, power, and privileges in society, education is for social conformity to end political interest… But for people who have nothing but deprivation of powerlessness, education can be a vital weapon for social change and total liberation," Prof. Tuibeo stated.

He also addressed the colonial legacy of western countries to the Philippine educational system.

This was the second time Prof. Tuibeo conducted a professorial chairholder lecture in PUP. 

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