PUP CL first takers post 100% passing rate in BAR 2016

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Nine out of nine PUP College of Law students who took the BAR Examination on their first time contributed to the 100 % passing rate of first takers of the University. 

The results which were released by the Supreme Court on May 3, 2017, also revealed that 76.19 percent of the retakers successfully passed the said exam. 

Because of these numbers, the University posted a high passing percentage of 83.33, surpassing the national passing rate of 59.06.

The list of the passers from PUP is as follows:

  • Arceo, Adoracion A.
  • Asas, Christian V.
  • Blanco, Reymond C.
  • Casaña, Shiendy Loufer D.
  • De Gala, Maria Connie R.
  • Dillena, Ma. Marinela V.
  • Dimapilis, Glaiza T.
  • Doblada, Glizelle C.
  • Episcope, Khristian Jeff C.
  • Fabregas, Jimmyline S.
  • Fernandez, Sheila B.
  • Gines, Jr. Carmelo D.
  • Guzman, Charalej B.
  • Hizon, John Restie T.
  • Merza, Katherine Rose T.
  • Perez, Katerina Bianca C.
  • Precia, Joselene Joyce H.
  • Prieto, Maricar DG.
  • Rodriguez, Flevie Joie S.
  • Rodriguez, Janine C.
  • Sabas, Mary Raquel Bernadine D.
  • Sarmieto, Sylvia Patricia DC.
  • Servino, Brigette N.
  • Ting, Erich Josef M.
  • Umipig, Paulyn Ann A.

These data were provided by the PUP College of Law Office.

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