NSTP Students volunteer for widescale Clean-Up Drive

Emeteria Perez, News, NSTP Office

Around 8,000 NSTP-CWTS students conducted a massive University Clean-Up Drive for two consecutive Sundays, January 20 and 27 2019 respectively. All the major parts of the campus were cleaned, such as the lagoon area, oval, chapel, ground floor, etc. 

Moreover, on February 10, the students expanded the clean-up drive outside the main campus, cleaning up the College of Communication, College of Engineering, Condotel, Institute of Technology, and NDC Compound including the Basketball court and Tennis court.

This annual project aims to instill the value of cleanliness and orderliness in the surroundings to the students. The Clean-Up Drive was made possible through the leadership and guidance of VPAA Manuel M. Muhi, Dr. Rovelina B. Jacolbia, Director of NSTP, and all 30 CWTS Instructors.

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