Open University System celebrates 22nd year of Tertulia with Trust

Dr. Jerielyn V. Reyes, News, Communication Management Office

In celebration of the 22nd year of the Open University System (OUS) Tertulia, the PUP OUS conducted this quarter's tertulia with the theme “Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything” on June 30, 2021 via the zoom online platform.

Attended by OUS course specialists, PUP employees, and other faculty members from different universities, the Tertulia showcased the talk of Mr. Ed Teovisio, the President of Confluent Learning Career Development Inc. and a proud graduate of OUS under the program Masters in Education Management. 

Mr. Teovisio’s talk focused on Trust from the best-selling book of Stephen Covey.  According to Mr. Teovisio, trust crises or issues are present almost everywhere even in organizations. He said that trust provides dividends that serve as a performance multiplier, thus, improving every dimension of one's position in a relationship, group, and organization. He also tackled building credibility by having integrity, being relevant or capable, and having a good track record. 

On building trusting relationships, Mr. Teovisio gave the 13 behaviors that should manifest. According to him, in building character, people have to talk straight, demonstrate respect, create transparency, right wrongs, show loyalty, and deliver results; building confidence would entail getting better, confront reality, clarify expectations, practicing accountability, and listening first; and in building both character and competence, people have to keep the commitment, and extend trust. 

According to Mr. Teovisio trust in the organization increased value rather than redundancy. He said that trust accelerated growth and not bureaucracy, enhanced innovation more than politics, improved collaboration and never disengagement, stronger partnering instead of true-over, better execution does not churn, and it heightened loyalty instead of fraud.

He also shared his experiences and how they changed his life to regain, earn, and keep the trust, by all means. 

During the open forum, Mr. Teovisio eloquently satisfied all the questions by the participants. When asked about the best solution if there are symptoms of low trust organization, he said that the best way to overcome this is to give avenues that will engage its employees and let them interact with one another even though the virtual platform.  He also responded to the question of which is more important whether the output or its people. He said that it is given that as employees are expected to produce output and relationship is used as a propeller to deliver the output. To become effective leaders, we have to make sure that the trust level is high between the manager and the people by walking the talk. 

This event was spearheaded by Prof. Pamela Grace C. Muhi, OUS Course Specialist under the program Master's in Communication. 

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