PUP community inaugurates ESRC

Hanna Louise L. Casinillo, News, College of Engineering

PUP employees and students assembled for the Engineering and Science Research Center’s (ESRC) Inauguration on January 7, 2019.

PUP President Dr. Emanuel C. De Guzman led the program together with PUP College of Fine Arts Alumna, CEO of Budji + Royal Architecture + Design,and primary architect of the building, Architect Royal Christopher Pineda. "It was a dream of the University to have something ahead on its future, to have something that is progressive, and I think it is important to be very active in pushing the dream," Architect Pineda said on his speech.

PUP community inaugurates ESRC

“It is very personal to me, because I've always dreamt of having a better PUP.” He also expressed his gratitude to everyone on his team that made ESRC possible. When asked about his message to the students who’ll be utilizing the Research Center in the future, Architect Pineda stated: "I would like them to enjoy the facility. I would like the students to understand how to use it, how to be a disciplined student in utilizing the facility, because it's not just for them, it's for the future generations to come."

Pres. De Guzman also showed his excitement for this achievement. "Really, this is a significant step towards reaching our vision. This is a preparation for our, I hope, eventual taking of the status as the National Polytechnic University.” Dr. De Guzman sees the ESRC as the first successful step towards PUP’s structural evolution, to be followed by many more facility renovations and plans for development in the near future.

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