1. Formulates plans and programs towards the development of a curricula in human rights education;
  2. Establishes and maintains linkages with national and international organizations and educational institutions engaged in similar activities to facilitate research;
  3. Assists in the development of curricula and training of faculty and students;
  4. Develops training programs to prepare faculty members to handle courses in human rights education;
  5. Conducts researches to enrich and update human rights program related to education curricula.

Center for Gender Studies

The Center for Gender Studies aims to bring together researchers including faculty, admin and students across the University who are working and/or interested in Gender and Development (GAD). The center intends to establish sex disaggregated data with gender analysis in order to produce gender responsive policies, programs and activities of the University. Through research and public events we aim to understand better and discuss key challenges involving different gender issues. The center aspires to empower the PUP community with the help of knowledge about GAD.                 

Center for Gender Training and Advocacy

We strive for Gender Equality through conducting Gender Responsive Activity. The Center for Gender Training and Advocacy (CGTA) is responsible for seminars, capacity building workshops, and trainings including advocacy activities that are focused with the organization (teaching and non-teaching personnel) and its clients (students and industry partners in extension projects) promoting GAD through gender mainstreaming. The center is also open for collaboration with other Universities, LGU and NGO’s in mainstreaming gender and development.

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